More CCHA Reaction to Penn State

Since we posted the original group of statements reacting to Penn State’s announcement Friday that it’s adding men’s and women’s varsity hockey programs, a few more have come in from interested CCHA parties.

Here’s one obtained by USCHO’s J. Justin Boggs.

Mark Osiecki, Ohio State coach:

“We’re excited Penn State is starting Division I hockey for both men and women. It’s great for the growth of the sport.”

And here are a couple more that came in via e-mail.

Mark Hollis, Michigan State athletic director:

“Penn State’s announcement is outstanding for college ice hockey. Adding sports programs is out of the norm in today’s intercollegiate athletics world and I commend Penn State for this commitment. It is premature for anyone to speculate on Penn State’s transition process into Division I ice hockey. I look forward to working with Tim Curley and others in continuing to strengthen the sport nationally, a sport that is so important to the State of Michigan. At Michigan State University, we anticipate competitive games against Penn State in the future and look forward to hosting them at Munn Ice Arena.”

Rick Comley, Michigan State coach:

“I think that Penn State is a tremendous addition to college hockey. It is exciting, and a fantastic opportunity for our sport to add a school which will bring a substantial commitment and a national profile. We look forward to assisting Penn State in this process as they prepare for their first varsity season in 2012-13.”


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