WCHA Picks Oct. 29

Last week Theresa: 4-7-1
Season Theresa: 14-12-3

Last week Tyler: 7-5
Season Tyler – 7-5*

*Since Tyler picks ties … because I told him we don’t do that here … I did some fuzzy math. So if he picked a tie and a team got a tie, that’s a win. If he picked a tie and that didn’t happen, that’s a loss. If he didn’t pick a tie and one happened … that’s a tie. Bear with the confusion.

Friday October 29 and Saturday October 30*

North Dakota vs. Denver:
Theresa: This is the tricky series and it’s been discussed a lot already this week. If UND sweeps, I won’t be surprised; if DU does I will be; if they split, it’ll be what I expected. UND Friday, DU Saturday.

Tyler: The Fighting Sioux occupy the penalty box as much as anyone and that cost UND last week at Maine, but it shouldn’t matter this week. Denver’s 6.2 percent power play is third worst in the nation which makes it safe for the Sioux to play its patented physical style and push the Pioneers around all weekend. UND bounces back and stays unbeaten in the WCHA. Sioux sweep.

Colorado College vs. Minnesota
Theresa: The Gophers have proved they can actually win; the question is, will they be able to sustain it? Given Rylan Schwartz’s suspension Friday as a result of last weekend’s game disqualification, the answer is yes … partly. UM Friday, CC Saturday.

Tyler: Two teams with a lot to prove. The Gophers need to take advantage of CC leading scorer Rylan Schwartz’s game disqualification and consequential absence from Friday night’s game. The Tigers don’t score a lot the way it is (2.33 goals per game) and CC will likely be more punchless without Schwartz. Minnesota wins 4-2 Friday but CC exposes the shaky Gophers defense on Saturday. Split.

Bemidji State vs. Minnesota-Duluth
Theresa: I wrote earlier this week that this is a big weekend for the Beavers to prove themselves. The question is, do I think they’ll do it? The answer? Well, sure, why not. I’ll go for it. UMD Friday, BSU Saturday.

Tyler: The Beavers are a couple weeks behind in the games played column and want nothing more than to get that first win in the new building. I’ll give BSU its first-ever point at the Sanford Center but a “W” will be tough to get with UMD’s explosive offense coming to town. The Bulldogs have scored five goals per game and the Beavers allowed five goals in each loss to UND earlier this season. UMD takes three points.

Wisconsin vs. Michigan Tech
Theresa: You know, I’m happy that Tech has done well so far this season and this weekend will be their first true test. I think they do have the chance to get some points; however, Wisconsin returns home smarting after a tough series against Denver and is looking to rebound in this one. Since I don’t call ties, I’m sorry Husky fans … I’ve gotta go with a UW sweep.

Tyler: Wisconsin reminds the Huskies what it’s like to play a team that can win, how difficult it is to win at the Kohl Center and of Tech’s place in the WCHA. Their record looks nice so far, but until the Huskies beat a decent team and continue to win, Tech hasn’t proven anything. Wisconsin sweep.

Alaska-Anchorage vs. Minnesota State
Theresa: This weekend is a perfect opportunity for both teams to pick up some points early  in the sesason … which I think they’ll both do. MSU Friday, UAA Saturday.

Tyler: MSU captain Rylan Galiardi will miss this series with a lower-body injury but the Mavericks get scoring from a lot of different players. I’m going to call a split.

St. Cloud State vs. Quinnipiac
Theresa: This weekend is the perfect opportunity for the Huskies to finally find their groove … and I think they will. SCSU sweep.

Tyler: After the annual slow start to the season, a visit from an ECAC team is perfect opportunity for the Huskies to get rolling and reverse the slide in the polls. SCSU sweep.

* Yes, I checked; no silly Saturday/Sunday series this week. Oops.


  1. Really going out on a limb there Tyler, how about picking each night. It’s pretty easy to pick splits and such when you don’t say which night goes which way.

  2. Tyler, Tech’s place in the WCHA
    What happened to unbiased reporting.
    Your writing leaves a lot to be desired.

    Go Tech, shut these idiot writers up…

  3. I said it before I have respect for BC…The officals had nothing to do with the game..End of that story. Next i said watch out for this CC team they are a really young team and they have gotten hot late. Now SCREW BLUE..Atleast they wont have the same officcal that called the game the GLI tourney to Michigan. Becareful scUM you barely beat us with out JS….and Howe not playing that good at all….GO TIGERS beat scUM..It is 10:50 and Michigan still sucks

  4. UMD elected the refs MVP. They did a nice job insuring the result.

    And for you Sue #1, you don’t last year so well, do you.

  5. if you werent at this game then shut it down. Yale’s hottest player of late gets a goal to bring it to 3-1 then next play lays out a UMD player. no call till twenty seconds later, which they then said was a five minute major and kicked him out of the game. yale guy gets back checked into the UMD goalie and penalty is on Yale. another guy gets back checked and hits wall while falling over and the UMD guy trips over him, penalty? oh you got it, only the ref on the far opposite end of the ice called it on the yale guy who got back-checked first.

    one play usually doesnt cost a team a game…unless that play is a crazy call, kicking out the hottest player on the ice for a call that even barry melrose on espnu said, should have only been a two-minute minor.

    UMD-goalie played sick, and they took care of their chances. im not trying to take anything away from them, they played great all weekend but people who are just bashing yale and have no clue what even went on need to stop

    • ECAC got their ASSES kicked by the WCHA. Finally this Yale garbage is over. They finally played a legit team and backed up what everyone was saying for a long time. I still want to know who the 1 person was that gave Yale a first place vote the last few weeks. ECAC is garbage as is Yale. This shows how flawed the pairwise can be. Yale would not have hosted a playoff series in the WCHA. I feel bad for teams like Wisco and Minnesota that don’t get to play the schedule the ECAC does. This is why they play the games and why we need to refigure how we pick teams for this tournament. If you beat up on nobodys all year you should not be rewarded like Yale was.

      • i guess they dont teach people how to read in the west…i said UMD played great and i even thought they outplayed yale. if you read you also would have read about the absurd second period call that halted any chance at yale winning. take the best player off an team and then give the other team a five minute man up, a lot of teams are gonna lose if that happens to them

        • Seriously? do you think if you either Connelly for UMD off the ice they would have lost? I don’t think so. That’s the difference between a good team and bunch of posers like Yale. Good teams have more than 1 guy and no team wins with 1 guy. I’m a diehard UMD fan but UMD isn’t even that good compared to the UND or Denver. UMD is highly skilled but not as deep as the other WCHA teams. The O’Neill kid isn’t even that good! The reality is that UMD tallied their goals off those power plays early so it didn’t matter whether the kid got a 5 minute major or a minute minor. I agree the kid shouldn’t have been kicked out but it was clearly an interferrence call based on the game these East Coast refs were calling. Brady Lamb got called for interference for the same thing except the Yale kid was actually touching the puck when he got hit (which is not interference – ask your buddy Melrose). These teams (Yale and Union) wouldn’t finish in the top 8 in the WCHA. No offense but this is reality. As much as I hate the Gophers and Badgers (I do respect the
          Badgers program), they got screwed by the NCAA allowing these types of teams into the NCAA tournament. Unless the committee is trying to create some type of “Miracle” moment where one these teams somehow “shock the world” and win 4 games in a row, they shouldn’t if you want the best 16 teams in the country. And don’t give me the “ya, well Yale beat UND last year!” because anybody can be beat in a single game format. These teams (ECAC and Atlantic Hockey) should move down to D2.

          • people like you are why EVERYONE hates the WCHA. i said umd outplayed yale but you just sound dumb saying they should move to d2. oh of course beating und is a fluke, god forbid a team should outplay a wcha team. umd was the better team tonight but you cant say that call didnt change the game. oh ya yale cant hang with the big boys…they beat colorado college 5-1 AT Colorado College earlier this year, swept the series with Quinnipiac who BEAT UNO TWICE THIS YEAR beat UND last year, fell by one to BC who would go on to win the championship: all tournament teams. All i was saying in my first post was how bad the refs were and that they played way too big of a part in this game. Would UMD have won anyway? probably. You guys just ruin these things because when your team wins you bash the other team. And actually thanks for bringing up the “anybody can be beat in a single game format” from your post because to be honest i feel like thats what happened tonight. I hope UMD plays well in the Frozen Four, they have a great goalie and just great team chemistry but just stop bashing everyone else because thats why everyone hates on the WCHA on here, because of people like you.

          • Wait and how can you say the five minute major didnt matter, they scored their goals early? Yale just scored and had the momentum, whose to say they get a few more…when you have your best player on the ice for a full game crazy stuff like that actually happens. Im not saying it would have definitely happened, but it could have.

      • Perhaps you can explain how Yale beat Colorado College (at Colorado Springs) 5-1 during regular season play??? If they beat up on ‘nobodys’ as you say, then what does that say about the WCHA?

  6. Referees ruined the game, gifted it to UMD in the first and second period. No call for tripping Broc Little in the first period, leading to the first UMD goal? Ejecting O’Neill for a perfectly executed check? Disgraceful.

  7. Couldn’t sleep. Spent the night trying to figure out how someone can blow a whistle when their head is so far up their butt they must be trying to see the game through their navel! Just sayin’!

  8. ECAC hockey is so weak… Unfortunately you got to see what happens when a team only has 1 good player. It was a terrible call but the real Bulldogs were up 3-1 already… If UMD lost Fontaine at that point other guys step up period. I hope all you east coasters enjoy the Frozen Four with all WCHA teams basically lol

  9. Yale was a good team, it didn’t go their way last night, Union was a good team, same result. Eastern refs call things very close. If it was WCHA officiating it would have been a much different game. I still think UMD would have won but Eastern refs ARE DIFFERENT. The game is 60 minutes and good teams are resilient and make the most of their opportunities, Yale failed to convert, as did Union, on numerous chances in the first, UMD got a shorty.
    Which conference is better….well year in and year out the WCHA send 5 -6 to the NCAA’s. 13 titles in the past 30 years, (CCHA-8 & HE-7), 36 since 1951.
    14 Hobey Baker winners, with most likely the 15th in Matt Frattin this year.
    Has a Boston team won the last 3..yeah but Minnesota won 2 in a row followed by Denver a few years back with Wisconsin mixed in…a 5 year dominance (as well as 6 Hobey’s in a row). No other conference has placed 4 in the final, which really ticked off the NCAA and eastern apologists. Are there good teams throughout the country yes…but numbers and history speak for themselves. Maybe UNH can carry the banner this year…maybe not.
    I ilke watching great hockey and this years tourney has been fun to watch.
    Good luck to my Dog’s and to Michigan, and the other 2 yet to be decided.


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