A pro for one night

Former American International goaltender Tom Fenton got to suit up for the Phoenix Coyotes last night. You can read about his experience here.


  1. Thought the Goph’s would play better than they did. It’s the last season after all. Who would have guessed that the last season it would be CC and Wisconsin playing for the trophy. Both teams playing really good right now. Should be a great game!

  2. Check me if I’m wrong Sandy, but if UND and SCSU split this weekend and both are swept on the final weekend of the season, wouldn’t Omaha or Western Michigan have a chance to win the Penrose by winning their last 4 games and the 12 points that come with it? An outside chance for sure, but seems to contradict your statement above that UND and SCSU are the last 2 teams with a chance to hoist it.

    • I think they meant a realistic chance. I mean yeah Omaha or WMU could get it, but that would involve North Dakota dropping both of their games to WMU at home, or St. Cloud dropping two to CC… neither of which is likely


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