WCHA Picks Dec. 17

Last week Theresa: 6-4-2

Season Theresa: 61-41-11

Last week Tyler: 9-1-2 (!)

Season Tyler: 60-26-7

Not a lot of games this weekend, as schools gear up for the holiday break. Therefore, not a lot of insight, either, to make this quick and simple (though we may edit more in later).

Friday, December 17 through Sunday, December 19

Michigan Tech (3-10-2, 1-10-1 WCHA) at Northern Michigan

Theresa: Northern is actually doing pretty well this year and as much as I love MTU, I think I’ve got to go with their CCHA rivals. NMU wins.

Tyler: MTU wins. Tech’s season has gone sour since the Huskies beat NMU in October. The Wildcats have played well since their 1-4-1 start but I’ll take my chances.

No. 8 Nebraska-Omaha (11-4-1, 8-3-1 WCHA) at Colorado College (10-7-1, 7-5-0 WCHA)

Theresa: I’d like to call a Maverick sweep here, but CC has been playing pretty well lately. Therefore, I’m going to go with a split – UNO Friday, CC Saturday.

Tyler: The Tigers are without their offensive cornerstone, freshman Jaden Schwartz, until early January while he plays for Canada’s U20 team in the World Junior Championships. CC doesn’t have the firepower without him. UNO sweeps CC on the road.

No. 3 North Dakota (13-5-2, 11-3-0 WCHA) vs. U.S. Under-18 Team

Theresa: North Dakota has been doing too well this season to think that they’ll fall to the U-18 team this year. UND wins.

Tyler: These are the best hockey players in America under the age of 18, but they face the Sioux, another group of talented players from 18-years-old and up. I’ll take the Sioux in this exhibition.


  1. So, you vote Yale #1, but don’t think Air Force’s win over them is significant? I guess beating a mediocre Clarkson team is more impressive for a New York-based writer. Lamoureux is also the team MVP and Torf is the Top Rookie. But thanks for playing.

  2. Under Canisius, it says that they beat Niagara. I think you meant RIT, because Niagara definitely beat the Griffs the one time they have played thus far. 6-5 OT thriller.
    I like the article, Purps need to get some more love in their new conference. They have the Player of the first half of the year winner in Zanette and two freshmen with a combined 19 goals. Plus without our emerging #1 goalie, they have still faired pretty well.
    Also, people can say what they want about the defunct CHA, but the AHA is being dominated by the former CHA teams. Even without their extra scholarships, they are changing this league for the better.

  3. Yes, the griffs did lose to Niagara, guessing just a simple typo with all the info you had to gather. Not to be bias, but i agree with Purps fan, at the break ex-CHA teams are dominating. I think…as of now, RIT gets waaaaaaaaaaay too much love, and I live in Rochester.

  4. Ahh as for CC 6 in a row..UNO just could not keep out of the sin bin. Congrats to Nick Dineen the CC Junior, and Omaha native on his hat trick in the 5-2 victory.

  5. Just a question for Arlan – was there any particular reason that you didn’t post a game score until it went final? You announced goals when they were scored, and shot totals, but never the actual score at the time.

    • While the blog was live, there was a scoreboard displayed with the score and time remaining. So at the time, it seemed to me like the game status was right there. But I now realize that when one reads back in the archive, there is nothing to say how much time is remaining or the current score. My apologies for the omission. In any future live blogs, I’ll try to remember to include occasional comments with the score and time remaining in the content as well as on the scoreboard. I was kind of learning as I went, so I think there was only a couple of minutes left in the first period when I first remembered to the update the game time on the scoreboard display. Live and learn.

      Thank you for your comment.


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