Weekend wrap-up 2/14/11

A shutout sweep by Rochester Institute of Technology over Canisius allowed the Tigers to claim their fourth regular season title in five years. Two other sweeps in the East pod have moved Holy Cross and Connecticut into the driver’s seat for a first-round bye.

To recap:

Canisius scored the first goal of this three-game series back on December 17. RIT got the next four that night and then nine more this weekend to sweep the Golden Griffins 3-0 and 6-0. The shutouts were the 5th and 6th of the season for Shane Madolora.

Holy Cross dominated Army in a pair of games at the Hart Center.  The Crusaders held the Black Knights to just 12 shots on goal in a 5-1 win on Friday, and then Adam Roy stopped all 21 shots he faced on Saturday in a 6-0 win.

Connecticut picked up the final sweep of the weekend, defeating Sacred Heart 4-2 in Milford and then winning 3-1 at Rentschler Field, the first AHA game played outdoors.

Mercyhurst had to settle for a single point last weekend after Robert Morris scored twice in the final two minutes to earn a 4-4 tie on Saturday. The Colonials defeated the Lakers 3-2 on Friday.

Air Force and Niagara split, each knocking out the other’s chance to catch RIT. Both games were decided in the closing minutes, with Air Force’s Scott Koziak getting the game-winner with 1:16 to play on Friday, and Ryan Rashid scoring in overtime to lift Niagara to a 5-4 win on Saturday. Niagara’s Bryan Haczyk had four goals in the series, including a hat-trick on Saturday.

And finally, Bentley and AIC split to keep each team treading water. The Falcons won 3-2 in Springfield on Friday, and AIC turned the favor at Benley, rolling to a 5-1 victory.

How’d I do?

I got smoked by guest analyst Gary Bowles. Gary was 8-3-1 while I came in at 4-7-1. I move to 89-59-22 on on the season; 8-6-1 against my guests head to head.


  1. Debacle in Ann Arbor last night. Abysmal sums up the Spartans season.
    Appalling comes to mind as well. One shot on goal the entire second period. Four (including the B10 Tournament ) more games and this seasons nightmare will end. Then we can start planning for next seasons to begin.

  2. You love BTN’s hockey coverage, Paula? Really? BTN failed to even mention either game of the Wisc-PSU series this weekend. Not on Big Ten Finale. Not even on BTN2Go. I guess if it’s not on TV, it didn’t happen.

  3. Denver looks ahead to #1 North Dakota and gets sweep by Cornell 3-2 and 2-1 in OT as Ivy League continues to exert itself. NCHC way over rated as DU loses to Dartmouth two weeks later after being crushed and sweep by ND.

    • Fact-free Fred the English major is back!!!! He is the one that said eastern teams have better OOC records than NCHC. Too lazy to even look it up (NCHC by far best record at .667) so he makes thing up. By the way FFF, you need to master the English language. Your “gets sweep” should be “gets swept” and “sweep by ND” should be “swept by ND”, you idiot. If ever there were 2 meaningless games by both UND and DU it is this weekend. UND could care less about being #1 in a useless poll, and DU will be emptying the bench playing Cornell. The real season starts next weekend. You really need to attend a college hockey game, or at least watch one on TV, before you start posting moronic statements on a blog where people know what they are talking about.

  4. Despite the 4-1 score, UND controlled that game wholly. Sounds ridiculous, sure, but it’s true. Once UND got the second goal, it was game over. The talent difference was easily recognizable.

  5. It’s pretty apparent that Wisco, liking myself, cheese, hakstool, rodents, nodak pucks and joe blacks are all the same sad person. That’s pretty embarrassing, man. If you need some help or someone to talk to, I’m sure there must be a psychologist there in Wisconsin someplace. Otherwise, here is not really a place to talk to yourself because you’re representing what kind of fans support the Badgers (and I know not all Badger fans are like this, but you’re giving them a bad rep). This isn’t even a Big Ten blog by the way. Anyways, I hope you get some help or at least take this into consideration.

    • The trolls on here claiming to be North Dakota fans are the only embarrassment. The Golden Chocker is the individual spamming this thread. I try to keep him under control, but I’m only his mother. You should talk to him, tea pot.


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