Hockey East picks – Quarterfinals

Jim gained a little on Dave in the final week of the regular season, which at this point is like insult to injury.

Dave last week: 5-3-2
Jim last week: 6-2-2
Dave’s record-to-date: 100-36-30 (.692)
Jim’s record-to-date: 111-33-28 (.726)

Here are this week’s picks for the Hockey East quarterfinal series (series days listed in parenthesis; all games 7 p.m. unless listed):

#8 Massachusetts at #1 Boston College (Friday-Sunday)
Jim’s pick: Even though these two teams played close games a couple of weeks ago, I can’t see anything but a BC sweep here.
G1: BC 5, UMass 2; G2: BC 3, UMass 2; G3 (if played): BC 4, UMass 2
Dave’s pick: I have to agree with Jim and said as much in this week’s column. A BC sweep.
G1: BC 4, UMass 1; G2: BC 3, UMass 0; G3 (if played): BC 5, UMass 1

#7 Vermont at #2 New Hampshire (Friday-Sunday)
Jim’s pick: This entirely depends on which Vermont team shows up. The team that lost twice, 6-1, to UNH will get swept easily. But if the Catamounts come ready, this could be a test. If this is a sweep, it’s UNH. If it goes 3, it’s UVM.
G1: UNH 5, UVM 3; G2: UNH 2, UVM 1; G3 (if played): UVM 2, UNH 1
Dave’s pick: Here’s where I have to start making picks counter to Jim’s to give myself a chance to catch up. I fully expect the Wildcats to sweep, but officially I’m going against Jim in two games.
G1: UNH 4, UVM 1; G2: UVM 2, UNH 1; G3 (if played): UNH 3, UVM 1

#6 Northeastern at #3 Boston University (Thursday, Friday, Sunday)
Jim’s pick: This is my biggest upset of the weekend. I think the Huskies are playing well enough to advance. Will take three games, but they’ll end the season for the Terriers.
G1: BU 3, NU 2; G2: NU 4; BU 2; G3: NU 5, BU 2
Dave’s pick: Drat!  I was strongly considering going with the Huskies in three, but Jim beat me to it.  I don’t mind at all, though, because I can also see the Terriers advancing despite their inconsistencies.  I certainly see this going three games.
G1:NU 4, BU 2; G2: BU 4, NU 2; G3: BU 5, NU 4 (OT)

#5 Maine at #4 Merrimack (Friday-Sunday; all games 7:30 p.m.)
Jim’s pick: I love the way Maine is playing, but I’ve said it all year and will say it again: Don’t pick against Merrimack at home.
G1: MC 5, Maine 4; G2: MC 3, Maine 2; G3 (if played): MC 6, Maine 2
Dave’s pick: I can easily see this series going three games and don’t at all anticipate a lopsided third game.  If I weren’t behind Jim, I’d pick Merrimack but I’ve got to gamble here so I can pick up two games.
G1: Maine 5, MC 4; G2: Maine 4, MC 3; G3 (if played): Maine 3, MC 2 (OT)