Let the roller coaster ride continue for Northeastern

BOSTON – When the dust cleared Sunday night at Agganis Arena and sixth-seeded Northeastern moved onto the Hockey East semifinals, the Huskies faithful took a very deep breath. That’s nothing new for the fans from Huntington Avenue.

Northeastern, which scored an empty-net goal to 2:14 remaining in regulation to take a 5-2 lead in game three of the best-of-three series with Boston University, then had to endure a near comeback by the Terriers. BU scored twice in the final 82 seconds to pull within a goal and have one last chance.

The Huskies finally walked away victors in a game that, in a way, became a mirror image of the season this team has endured.

We’ll refresh some memories: A horrid 1-7-2 start was followed by a midseason turnaround that had the Huntington Hounds playing solid hockey heading to the Beanpot. After a heartbreaking loss to Boston College in overtime of the Beanpot final, four days later the school suspended head coach Greg Cronin for recruiting violations.

That probably should’ve signaled Northeastern epitaph. Losing the biggest game of the year, losing your coach and then having to close the regular season with three nationally-ranked teams: Boston College, New Hampshire and Boston University. Write the swan song, this season was over.

But instead of hanging it up, the Huskies hung in there.

Enter this weekend’s quarterfinal series against BU. Northeastern won convincingly on Thursday to take a lead but played horribly the next night giving BU all the momentum coming into Sunday.

Many again thought game over. Write the obituary now, albeit a gentler one that would’ve been written three-plus weeks earlier.

But Sunday was Northeastern’s day, or so it seemed. Every time the Terriers tried to gain control, the Huskies showed they were the dogs with more bark.

That said, the nervous closing seconds kept the Huskies from ever really being able to celebrate until the buzzer went off. And even then, Northeastern was told by the referees to head to the locker room, foregoing the post-game hand shake. That was something neither Cronin nor Parker could understand given the fact that, despite having played five straight games against one another, there wasn’t an impending doomsday.

Regardless, the season of roller coasters now sits at the top for the Huskies. This is a team that hungers for more, which they’ll get Friday at 5 p.m. when they faceoff against top seed Boston College on the same stage in which this whole drama began during the Beanpot final.

After Sunday’s game, Cronin talked about his team’s “mettle” to fight through the final weeks. He compared his team to the Pittsburgh Steelers, quoting Rod Woodson.

“[Woodson] was talking about the locker room and Pittsburgh and he said, ‘You know you’ve got a team when you don’t need the coach to give you direction.’ That’s the mentality these guys have taken on.

“Sebastien [Laplante] was on his own in the worst stretch of games in college hockey period. The team is mature enough to understand that. I knew then that we could do well in the playoffs. Particularly on the heels of the Beanpot which may have been one of the best college games in a long time.”

Now Cronin’s Huskies will have the chance to relive that game on Friday night where, if there is a reversal in outcomes this time around, the Huskies will be playing for the Hockey East title for the first time since winning the school’s only title in 1988. The majority of the Northeastern players weren’t even born when that occurred and those who were likely hadn’t been on skates.

Furthermore, should Northeastern continue their Cinderella/Cardiac Kids/Steven-Tyler-Livin’-on-the-Edge type of season we will be telling the story of the 2011 Huskies for years to come.


  1. This team, as of today, has already met the high expectations many of us had for them entering the season. We knew entering this season that half the roster was comprised of Freshmen and that getting as far as the semi’s would be a success. What we didn’t know is the absolute roller coaster it would take to get here. Now they’ve got this proud alumni wondering just how far they can take it…

  2. “That said, the nervous closing seconds kept the Terriers from ever really being able to celebrate until the buzzer went off.”

    Huskies. Kept the Huskies from ever really being able to celebrate. I realize they’re both dogs, and writing these things gets tiresome after awhile, and BU always tends to win… but the one time they don’t it’d be great if the other team gets credit for the win :)

    • Going to fix that. Thanks! Getting those two dogs straight was a challenge the whole weekend! Thanks for pointing out.

  3. Jim, do you know what happened at the end of the game? I was there but I missed the initial problem, I just saw Parker enraged and the teams being separated. Someone said that Cronin was in the face of one of the BU players and there was shoving. I know it’s academic but I really wonder what went on and whether any disciplinary actions will be taken as a result.

  4. Per Northeastern’s student paper: After the game, there was some confusion when the officiating crew directed the Northeastern players into the locker room before shaking hands with the BU players, who were waiting at center-ice.
    This all according to Cronin: His team was told to leave the ice immediately following the final whistle. While Cronin was sorting it out with the officials, BU’s Adam Clendening skated over and told him to “shut-up.” Cronin grabbed Clendening’s arm (which Parker wasn’t happy about after the game) and explained to Clendening that it wasn’t his decision to leave the ice without shaking hands.
    “It’s too bad [it ended like that] because both teams fought hard,” Parker said. “That was a great series.”

  5. Minnesota can’t take a month off, lose three players to world juniors, and play quality teams in this tournament. Either play a game in Dec. Or schedule cupcakes.

  6. It’s pretty surprising how much of a non-factor the Big Ten has been since its creation. Things seem to only be getting worse.

    • What’s hard to understand is that the three schools that traditionally had good programs (MN, WI, MI) seem to have actually become weaker in the BI6.
      What explains this?

      Is the spectacular culture of the WCHA/NCHC/HEC so potent as to be a sort of self-sustaining organism, apart from which, programs languish into an enervated, moribund state?

      I fear these once-great programs have lost much of their life-blood.

    • Imagine you are a recruited college player trying to decide where to enroll. It is just not that exciting to play Penn State, Ohio State and Michigan State 4 times each during the season. So, better players opt for other leagues. After a few years, it is just not that exciting to play Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan. And it won’t help to add Nebraska, Iowa, Rutgers, etc. There are alot of “Itoldyousos” being said.

      • It’s been two years in and the big ten has played in a national championship game and the nchc hasn’t correct?
        A big ten team which by the way beat Saint Cloud state and scored a game winning goal vs North Dakota shorthanded with .6 seconds left to put their season to bed. The nchc has shown their two years they dominate October and November. Come April, not so much.

  7. There is little I dislike more than Lucia and Gopher hockey. However, in the interest of CH on the national stage, we need the “big schools” to be competitive. It is a hard truth to accept, but CH needs the big schools in the thick of things. Schools like WI, MI, MSU, etc.. need to be playing top-level hockey for the interest of the sport. There is no question the B10 talent level has dropped off. I have not seen MI play, but MN, WI and MSU, as a group, have the least talent I have seen in 30 years. Maybe USCHO can do some research on this topic?

    • The Big 10 has earned their place in the landscape. Their move was all about arrogance. They got what they deserved. On another note, they seem to be fine on the estrogen side of the rink. Oh wait, they are still in the WCHA there.

      • What was North Dakotas move about when they ditched anchorage, bemidji, tech, and Mankato? That wasn’t arrogance?? That’s the most hypocritical post I’ve ever read.


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