T’s regional picks

First of all, 3/5 last weekend at the Final Five. Thursday games hurt, but Saturday ended out the way I predicted, so whatever. I’ll take it. *grins*

We’re officially done with picks (YAY), but I figured I’d toss out my regional predictions just for the heck of it.

1. I’m not offering insight behind my picks.
2. Picks are partly rational, partly emotional.
3. If what I pick actually happens, I’m buying Powerball for Wednesday.
4. It’s a bracket … I’m of the opinion that it’s best to have fun with these things. Thus why I haven’t entered an official pool (either a pay one with friends on Facebook or a non-pay one with my colleagues here at USCHO). But harmless picks here? Why not?
5. These will ONLY be regional picks. I’ll do later Frozen Four ones before that comes around. I’ve predicted the Frozen Four outcome correctly once on my own back in college, in 2004 … although that was more of a, “I hope THIS happens” type of thing.

East Regional:
Air Force over Yale
Union over UMD
Union over Air Force

Northeast Regional:
Merrimack over Notre Dame
Miami over New Hampshire
Merrimack over Miami

Midwest Regional:
North Dakota over Rensselaer
Western Michigan over Denver
North Dakota over Western Michigan

West Regional:
Michigan over Nebraska-Omaha
Colorado College over Boston College
Michigan over Colorado College

So my picked-out Frozen Four here is … Union, Merrimack, North Dakota and Michigan. Probably unlikely, but meh. I’m going with it.

Edited at 3:40 p.m. MDT: Obviously I know what I’m talking about as one of my proposed F4 teams has been knocked out. Since they’re out … Air Force all the way! Woo! (that’s purely an emotional pick.)