Feel the noise

Three things I learned this week:

– 10,556 people can make a lot of noise. Rochester Institute of Technology sold out the Blue Cross Arena, site of the Atlantic Hockey Championships, on Saturday and won a thrilling 6-5 overtime game against St. Lawrence. It’s the only non-conference win for the league so far, and game in dramatic fashion with the Tigers scoring the tying goal with nine seconds to play in regulation, and then the game winner just 14 seconds into overtime. The crowd’s volume seemed to peak when Adam Harley got the equalizer, but found a Nigel Tufnel-esque “11” on the meter when Adam Mitchell got the game-winner.

– Teams that I suspected would be in rebuilding mode have looked that way so far. Mercyhurst dropped both games in the Alaska Gold Rush tournament to fall to 0-4. The Lakers have been outscored 18-6 so far this season. Sacred Heart is also off to a rough start, opening 0-4 and managing just two goals so far this season.

Canisius, with 12 freshman on the roster, opened its season at Quinnipiac and was swept, outscored 11-1. “It’s the same feeling every year for first-time players adjusting to the speed of Division I hockey,” said coach Dave Smith. “When you have a lot of young players like we did today, it is tough to establish the needed momentum.”

– Air Force can survive the loss of goaltender Jason Torf, who, according to coach Frank Serratore , “Tore out his groin,” and will be out of action for several weeks. He suffered the injury late in a 3-2 loss to Michigan State on October 8. This past weekend, senior Stephen Caple was in net for a pair of wins against Niagara and Robert Morris. Caple allowed four goals on 38 shots, which, while unspectacular, was good enough to win 3-2 in overtime against the Purple Eagles and 4-2 over the Colonials. The Falcons outshot both opponents by healthily margins.


  1. Seems like the worst part would’ve been spending the time-off thinking about the mistakes that you made. I guess arrogance really is bliss.

  2. Nice assessment of the weekend in the B1G. There does seem to be a lot of parody this and it will be interesting to see the final standings. I sure it felt good for Michigan not only to get a convincing win against Penn State, but any win as Penn State has had more success against Michigan than anyone else in the B1G. Side note, If teams keep playing they way they have the first couple of months we may see Penn State on the middle of the pack instead of at the bottom. Wisconsin, what can you say? I can say I am glad the Gophers don’t play them until the middle of January. You never want to play a team on an extended loosing streak. We all know Bucky is due an apt to break out anytime and with 8 home games coming up, it would likely be sooner rather than later. The old hockey adage, your never as good as your winning streak and never as bad as your losing streak applies here. While Wisconsin is likely not going to turn into a great team in the second half, I sincerely don’t think that they are an O fer team either.

  3. (Because I know y’all care) My picks for the league: 1- 50 pts, Minn. 2-35 pts, UM. 3- 27pts, PSU. 4-25 pts, WIS. 5/6 OSU or MSU. Can’t decide on whose going to finish last.

    • I agree with you on Minnesota and PSU. Michigan will need to improve significantly or PSU could be second. Hard to pick the lower half at this point. They all have goaltending, but not much scoring.

      • I think UM will pick it up. And I agree about the bottom half. Goal tending, but no scoring. MSU is actually scoring at a pace to equal last years ‘magnificent’ output. 2.18 goals per game.

          • Hey Noke! Good to hear from you. I like your optimistic view. Delusional, but optimistic. No, MSU doesn’t have the scoring again this season. The defense is good. But they are asking the ‘Tender to win them games. and around mid to late January, Jake is going to run out of gas. 5th or 6th place in the B10 I’m afraid.
            And Noke, I wish you and your family a very nice, and blessed Thanksgiving.

  4. The Target Center is not a great venue for hockey but Minneapolis is a great venue as a city. So is St Paul. They don’t call Minnesota the state of hockey for nothing. One of these years UND, St Cloud, and Duluth will all make it and then attendance will be ever better. Unfortunately though, UND at some point will not make it and attendance will be a train wreck.

          • Better leaving than to never have had……like you. And wisco wishes he was me. But he can hold his own…..kind of like that new commentor….#1Wisco Sports Fart.

          • I’m happily married, but it looks like I’ve struck a nerve…

            It’ll get better… Hang in there, buddy.

            Edit: *one of your nerves. I thought you would know what I meant. I’m sorry. I know you’re a little slow. I’ll make sure everything is crystal clear.

          • Why are you so unhappy? What happened? You can tell me. I want to help you.

            I’m waiting for a flight and I have time before I leave.

          • Doesn’t change much, Chockes. I thought you were after the my nerve, your nerve part. You need to be more clear with your wording. Everybody needs a decoder to understand you.

            Do you live in Minneapolis? I’m on my way to New York for a couple days, but I go there on business twice a year. I’d love to grab a Pepsi with you and WIsco.

          • Is that a yes or no on a Pepsi with Wisco?

            Thanks for entertaining me while I wait for my plane. :)

  5. I think you meant to say UND will be in the west regional, not the midwest. I guess I shouldn’t expect anything less from the USCHO writers. GO SIOUX!

  6. St. Cloud played an OK game, but dumb luck sealed the deal. If the ref hadn’t called embellishment on Tech (which it clearly wasn’t) late in the 3rd, SCSU would not have had the chance to pull to goalie and go up a man to tie it. Then they lucked out on a Tech D-man falling down leading to the 2 on 1 break and game winner. Tech outplayed St. Cloud and deserved to win.

    • Poor Ron, want some cheese with your whine? It was refs fault, and/or was either ice surface or team manager in charge of sharpening blades fault Tech D-man went down and they lost. Was not the fact you got beat by a better team that just “played an OK game”. Count yourself lucky they even got in to regional. If it was “old” WCHA from 3 years ago, Tech would have had a worse league record than Colorado College and been watching from home.


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