An all-cliche’ edition

Welcome to a cliche’ edition of Three Things I Learned. Note that I said “a” cliche’ edition and not “the “cliche’ edition because I reserve the right to do it again.

“Ya gotta play 60 minutes.” - After Robert Morris lost to Michigan State 6-3, allowing three goals in the third period, Colonials coach Derek Schooley tweeted: “Had two really good periods. Unfortunately, the game is 3 periods long.” In Rochester Institute of Technology’s 2-1 loss at Mercyhurst, the Tigers allowed both goals in a two-minute span late in the second period, a period in which RIT outshout the Lakers 16-6. And finally, Air Force let a two-goal lead over Canisius slip away in the final 94 seconds of its game on Saturday. “The game is 60 minutes, not 58,” Air Force coach Frank Serratore said after the game. “We needed someone to dig in and win a faceoff, or someone to make a play or make save and we didn’t get any of them.”

“Ya can’t win if ya can’t score.”– RIT got a goal from defenseman Nolan Descoteaux 4:19 into its game with Canisius on October 20. The Golden Griffins would get the next three and win 3-1. The Tigers were also shut out 5-0 by Union two days later and on Friday didn’t score until 4:52 left in their game at Mercyhurst, for a school-record shutout period of 170:49. Descoteaux also scored that goal.”We tried to get pucks to the net, had plenty of traffic, and fired 50 shots, but couldn’t get a lot of puck luck,” said RIT coach Wayne Wilson.  ”Mercyhurst blocked a lot of shots, but we still had our share of chances, just couldn’t get the puck in.”

“Ya gotta have good goaltending.”  - As Wilson mentioned, RIT fired 50 shots at Mercyhurst senior goaltender Max Strang, but Strang stopped 49 of the them for the win. In Colorado Springs, Canisius goalie Tony Capobianco helped his team to a 3-3 tie despite Air Force outshooting the Griffins 48-24. And finally, Niagara rookie goaltender’s Colby Drost’s collegiate career got off to a good start with a 42 save performance in a 2-1 win at Colgate.

Ya gotta love it.


  1. At the end of regular season play in Hockey East, BU’s power play rated # 8 of the 10 teams at 12.8%. They were 1 for 9 tonight. OUCH; that’s not going to get the job done.

  2. Jack Parker’s refs did a good job trying to help the Terriers tie it up in the 3rd, but the Huskies played very well on the PK

  3. On one hand, you have Jack Parker still getting some good old wink wink nudge nudge calls from the officials. But he doesn’t even have to work too hard for that, just his past reputation earns him these calls.

    On the other hand, he’s completely lost the ability to get his kids up for these games (2009 notwithstanding, and we all know a monkey could have coached that team to a national title) and he can’t relate to these kids anymore.

    It’s a sad state of affairs but I hope he coaches there forever!

  4. We brought an “impressive visiting crowd” at a ridiculous $30 a ticket I might add. Good thing we have jobs.. (poke at BU, I think so)

  5. Not a fan of either team however NE will win the series because they are hungier and also because Cronin is a better bench coach. His ability to make changes during the coarse of the game will prove NE the series winner. Not to mention NE 1st line is as good as any in HE.

    • Really? I agree Cronin is a good bench coach. I am also happy to see NU doing well, with wins over BC and BU lately, but I think there are 4 other HE teams that have a better first line… not to mention lines 2 through 4. They may work as hard or harder, but they don’t have that talent.
      This is in no way a shot against NU, they have played a good team game and goaltending has been a bit sporadic, but come up big at times, like most good teams do.

    • I love the Huskies. Plus, Matthews Arena when the dog house is packed is one of the best venues in college hockey. BUT, I need to agree with “After Further Review”; my pick for the BEST first line is the UNH trio of Paul Thompson, Phil DeSimone and Mike Sislo.

  6. Okay, so this is just an opinion, but the way these two teams have been playing in recent weeks, I don’t really see this as an upset. I actually expect NU to win this series.

    An interesting element to this is that NU is close to becoming a TUC (RPI .4978). If that happens, BC picks up two wins, a loss, and a tie in the PWR TUC comparisons. If I am doing the calculation correctly, this would drop BC’s TUC percentage to .675 (13-6-1) from .6875 (11-5), making it more difficult to overtake Yale and increasing the chances of being passed by UND. So, it is in BC’s best interests that BU take the series and prevent NU from becoming a TUC. It might also be in BC’s best interest to not get NU as a semi-final opponent. :)

    UNH has a win and two ties against NU, so it would also benefit UNH for NU to not become a TUC (since ties lower the “win %” – really a “not-lost %”). Maine, OTOH, is 2-1-0 against NU (so far). If NU becomes a TUC, Maine improves to 8-9-2 against TUC, or .4736, up from its current .4375. This would give Maine a couple more PWR comparison wins, Dartmouth and Ferris State.

    Assuming I have done this right, I don’t know if this would be enough to get Maine into the NCAA tournament, but it can’t hurt. A couple wins against Merrimack would go a long way toward HE getting four teams in.

    Of course, I could have this all wrong!

    Perhaps I am missing something, but when I go through the individual PWR comparisons that Maine loses, the team’s record against TUC is not consistent from one comparison to the next. ??

    • Oh my gosh! You actually understand this arcane stuff?
      My system is that I cheer for the teams I like; let’s go Huskies!!!!

    • It would not hurt UNH though… their TUC winning pct is .5000 (8-8-1)… add in 1-0-2 (.6667) vs, NU would make them 10-8-3, which is .5476.

  7. Matt, Miami got “back on track” because UNO played the Friday night’s game against Miami with a hand tied behind it’s back.

    First of all, UNO played both games of this series without the services of sophomore defenseman Joel Messner, who has started every game this season for UNO. Even the Omaha World Herald’s own beat writer, on Twitter, on Friday night, wondered why he wasn’t on the ice despite the fact that he definitively made the the trip to Oxford. Nobody has, as yet, addressed the issue as to where he was and why he wasn’t on the ice.

    Additionally, UNO freshman starting goalie Evan Weninger did not start in goal on Friday night, and the (Miami) TV broadcasters of the game said that Weninger did not even make the trip during their broadcast. After the game, nobody then asked for an explanation of Coach Blais as to why Weninger wasn’t in goal during his post game news conference or why he supposedly didn’t make the trip, the same news conference at which Coach Blais then also said that Weninger would be in goal on Saturday night.

    Matt, you can’t cover NCHC Hockey in any definitive, comprehensive way living in Bottineau, ND. Your comments about this game and this series are ample evidence of this.

    • Welcome to the real world, RBTGT. You do realize it is not the job of Mathew, nor Candace, to alibi and make excuses for UNO’s losses. They simply report the outcome, and flow, of the games. You make it sound like every OTHER NCHC team plays games with their complete roster. Saying UNO played Friday nights game “with one hand tied behind their back” is ludicrous. You do know that Saturday night’s game also went into OT, even with Weninger, don’t you? What excuse is there for not winning in regulation with your “star” goalie. I watched both games and UNO did not outplay Miami in either game.

      • My comments are more directed at the lack of Matt Semisch, who is from Omaha originally and is a UNO fan, not covering either of these story angles.

        UNO ended up getting out of there with 4 out of 6 points. That is secondary here. I’d have made the same comments whether UNO had been swept, or, if UNO had swept Miami.

        What I care about is that he missed the bigger picture(s). Those being why didn’t Messner play (he was there) and why we were told Weninger didn’t even make the trip (and, he didn’t play Friday night) and then, lo and behold, he is all of a sudden available and in goal on Saturday night?

        For example. If Will Butcher made a road trip, didn’t play, and nobody told you why he didn’t, wouldn’t you be wondering why not? It’s just about the same thing.

        My post was about obvious story lines being completely glossed over, not about the outcomes of these games.

        • Why in the world should Matt cover every UNO “inside story”? If he did, NCHC fans would expect him to do the same for EVERY team, EVERY game. You don’t see the problem this would cause? If Will Butcher did not play, even though he traveled, I would think he was either hurt, not feeling well that night, or was on disciplinary punishment. The one thing I wouldn’t do is make his absence an EXCUSE for DU losing. I didn’t use LeLeggia’s 5 minute major as an excuse why DU lost to Providence in he Regionals last year because these are things a team has to overcome.

        • You are the angriest D1 hockey fan I’ve ever seen, where does that chip on your shoulder come from? I’ve been on this site for 8 years, have witnessed some bitter m effers (many of whom are fellow NoDaks), but you take the cake! You’re like a person scorned! Just waiting to pick apart every single commentary bout UNO. Your guys split with a good team, something that tends to happen in a league ripe with talent and parity.

          • Amen. He/she thinks the world revolves around Omaha. Apparently, he/she does not care about our conference, only about UNO. Maybe Dr. Sauce (a knowledgeable UNO fan) should start a UNO blog.

          • Not all of us think the hockey world does/should revolve around UNO. I realize we are a relatively young program, especially to the national spotlight. The NCHC is really deep and to be in the hunt at the end is an accomplishment for any team. I’m hoping we’re there. But certainly don’t think that the hockey world owes us anything, especially conference writers covering all the teams.

      • This is a player who has started every game for UNO this season, has won an NCHC Defenseman of the Week award, and is one of the best players on the team. Omaha World Herald reporter Tony Boone, the beat writer for UNO hockey at the paper, was even tweeting during the game wondering about the whereabouts of these two guys.

        • WOW, an Omaha local reporter was concerned!!!! What a shock. Has UNO ever lost a game legitimately? You have made an excuse for almost every game they lost. It is a real shame that UNO is the only team that has had to play a person short this year. If a team has to depend on one or two players they don’t deserve to win. Ever hear the expression, “next man up”?

    • Bro, where do you come up with this stuff? You’re giving Omaha fans a bad name. Every team has healthy scratches at the discretion of the coach. Weninger and Thompson have split weekends for the majority of the year (5/6 weekends) and a future hall of fame coach doesn’t have to explain his decisions to reporters, much less fans.
      Aside from potential injury or illness, it’s perfectly conceivable that Dean wanted to trade size for speed in the d-corps in one d-pair this weekend. Also, Messner has not started every game this season. We was a healthy scratch on Saturday at Vermont.
      If you’re going to complain about regular starters scratching, why didn’t you complain about the Peterson scratch Saturday? He’s started more games than Messner, is former Mr. Hockey and is NHL drafted.
      These decisions are made at the discretion of the coaches who know the team better than all of us.


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