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  1. “Nothing says, “We’re here!” louder than outscoring a tough opponent 11–3 on the road,”

    A very astute statement Paula “Facts Don’t Matter” Weston. Only one problem… the games were at home.

  2. “Nothing says, “We’re here!” louder than outscoring a tough opponent 11–3 on the road,”

    A very astute statement Paula “Facts Don’t Matter” Weston. Only one problem… the games were at home.

  3. Very disappointing weekend. These were the absolutely worst played DU games in the last two years. Sorry Sioux fans but to quote Seinfeld’s George Castanza, “It’s not you, it’s me”. Our special teams were abysmal. There was no cohesion or flow full strength either night, we were just chasing the puck all over the ice. Defense was non-existent, our goalies got not help at all. If Montgomery doesn’t straighten this out, our season will be over quickly.

    • The first game I was amazed at how many penalties DU was giving up. Very sloppy play, and it just had to have been against UND whose first line is looking fantastic right now… Schmaltz, Boeser, and Caggiula are among the top points players for the conference. Johnson looked good in net as well

      • Just as sloppy the 2nd night. Jaillet held the fort for as long as possible. Like I stated, UND is excellent but DU’s wounds were self-inflicted. I think the DU Physics Professors need to teach the team and coaches that a passed puck travels quicker than you can skate. No team play either night, too much helter-skelter. Opposition had NOTHING to do with it, chasing the puck would have been self-fatal to any team we would have played.

        • You and I agree on a lot of things and I am sure that DU didn’t play their best (that is pretty obvious as they are a better team than they were either night from what I have seen of them this year) but I don’t think “it’s not you. it’s me.” is really all that accurate. I think they struggled with UND’s speed and frankly right now UND is doing what we have seen from BC for a lot of years. Fast and aggressive to the puck no matter what and the D for UND is finally not just backing in and giving up tons of shots. UND has had some excellent teams in the past but they have always had a weakness here or there and not saying that this team doesn’t but they seem to be able to hide whatever it is pretty well so far. I am very excited for the UMD series this weekend to see if they can play on the road with the same style and get some much needed points. The top line for UND is going to be an issue if they can stay healthy, they just play so well together right now. DU will be fine this weekend and get at least 3 points from the weekend.

          • I have no problem with respective disagreement. UND is obviously one of the best teams this year and have displayed no weaknesses. It is a long year and injuries, suspensions, leaving for NHL, and an “untested” goalie can take their toll. IMHO, UND’s strength is not speed, it is playing fantastic team hockey. Let me explain the statement you found fault in. I think St. Cloud and UNO might be faster than UND, as far as team speed. If DU plays like this past weekend, they would look just as dominant as UND did. Also, even CC would look good against us, especially on a larger ice rink. I was not knocking UND, just saying they better not take this past weekend as being able to rest on their laurels.

          • Yeah I hope that UND wouldn’t rest of their laurels, they still have a long way to go. The more I thought about it, the one weakness they do seem to have and this could be a real issue at some point is that they need to start getting more balanced scoring. That top line is doing a lot of the heaving lifting. They are getting some from other lines but it seems like that top line is really the catalyst to their scoring and that has to change, it has to get more balanced.

          • Especially at home, having a great 1st line is a huge advantage. “Last change” can be deadly when you can match your best line. I am very puzzled why the UND PP is so ineffective, since Schmaltz, Boeser, and Caggiula usually start first on the PP.

          • Yeah, can’t really figure that out given that line seems to be working so well 5v5. But in the few times I have seen them on the PP, it seems as though they may be just looking to make the perfect play. Often times just getting the puck on net is the best play. Will be interested to see if they get it going at one point.

          • I have seen a lot of NCHC games on NCHC.TV and there are teams (SCSU, WMU,UMD) that don’t have that one great line, that are very successful on the PP. You make a good point of getting the puck to the net, a lot of shots through traffic offer big rebounds. Case in point, Austin Farley leads NCAA in PPG’s and most of his have come on deflections and/or rebounds. I know in the past, DU has had issues on PP by trying to make the perfect passing play.

          • I think it would behoove everyone to calm down on all the
            superlatives, positive or negative, when describing this past weekend of play
            vs DU. Friday’s game may have been one of the best CH games I have seen ND play since 1987. As it so happens, this was also one of the worst performances I have seen by a DU team in just as many years.

            None of us really know how good or bad UND and DU will be at year’s end. If anyone should know this, it would be UND fans. Historically, UND teams have not found their stride until mid-January.

            Teams that get top talent every year, which DU and UND do most years, will not play their best hockey until the second half of the season. So much can happen between now and the NT, may
            want to hold back on predictions until we see what the lay of the land looks like in March. UND played two great games, DU likely had two of their worst games….end of story.
            Let things play out a bit before anyone starts beating their chest too hard.

          • Completely agree. I can think of at least 4 occasions on the weekend where Nick Schmaltz backchecked and picked clean a DU rush and turned it around for offense. That’s just one player. That’s not on DU, that’s all effort by UND.

          • Yeah, I would never question another teams effort, I just think that of the teams that I have seen play (very limited to CC< UND, DU and a few games on TV with BC, BU, MI, etc) that UND looks faster than I have seen a UND team look. They just remind me a lot right now of what those great BC teams of the last decade have looked like. I think that DU has a good core group, just not sure they have the depth to make a deep run this year but maybe. Lots of things will change in the coming few months.

          • Guess you would say Poganski made a great play to score the SHG at the end of the first period Saturday night. It had nothing to do with 2 DU defensemen watching the puck go between them and neither taking the man or going after the puck. Everything is subjective, was it a great offensive play or horrendous defensive play.

    • As much as you’d like to downplay UND’s domination and tout DU’s failings, your own coach said that UND is “the best team he’s seen in his 3 year of coaching college hockey”

      That statement alone speaks volumes. Obviously Denver played like crap to only score one goal on the weekend but UND is a legit contender this year so downplaying their strengths looks a bit petty when your own coach endorses the notion that UND is a damn good hockey team.

      • Please read my first sentence. There is no doubt UND is one of the best teams in NCAA so far. I was merely stating that if DU played like they did against anyone, they would have gotten beat. Any team would have “dominated” DU this weekend, getting 41 total SOG is simply not competitive. Unfortunately, if we continue to play non-disciplined, helter-skelter, high school hockey, Montgomery will be saying the same about a lot of teams that “dominate” DU.

          • Of course I hope it doesn’t happen but if SCSU does to DU (at DU) what UND did this past weekend, I think Montgomery would say something like, “SCSU is comparable to UND”. Let’s put this in perspective, this was 2 games that UND was close to the best they played all year and DU played the worst they have in at least a couple of years. If UND played all year like they did last weekend, they would probably be 18-0. :)

          • It’s the beginning of December, not too worried about PWR in early December. A young team like North Dakota will have those losses but honestly it keeps them grounded and focused.

    • Very wrong, Pioneers had all to being sub par on their own. Did you see the games? I have had season tickets for 16 years and have NEVER seen DU chase the puck all over the ice, giving up all disciplined team play. We would have gotten beat by CC or WMU this weekend. Don’t start bragging about bringing home your 8th title, there is a long way to go.

      • I haven’t seen DU play that bad in quite a while. Really thought they were going to be a pair of close, gritty games.

        • Now I am hoping we don’t get swept at home this week by St. Cloud. We will see if Montgomery can use practice to force more disciplined play. We played UND as if we were 8 year olds on a soccer field, everyone near the puck and forget about your position. Worst case, I guess I can always watch Valor Christian hockey games.

          • I’m guessing that wont happen on home ice.
            And the Gwoz is always a good choice. Does he do the dasher dance at Valor as well?

          • I think he will be doing it a lot this year. They beat Lewis Palmer (Colorado Springs) 8-2 in their first game under Gwoz.

          • I’m surprised a high school would spend that much on a coach.
            Unless he’s not making a lot.
            It does cost over $16K to go there.

            Still, does Gwoz seem like a good fit at that school? That’s weird.

            He must have liked the Denver area after 20 years there.

          • He and his family love Denver. He wants to mold young men into responsible adults, like he did at DU. Gwoz really hated the travel of the NHL, and VC is building a near-campus ice rink as part of his deal. Since Valor is not a “public” school, I have never seen his salary anywhere. At this point, I would imagine money is not a big issue anyway.

      • Your coach even said that it was more of what UND did than DU did. Yes, DU played poorly, but that was much more of a result with the level UND played at, particularly defensively.

        • Did you really expect Montgomery to say, “our team was horrible in every aspect”? Guess you never heard “coachspeak” before. Wondering if you saw either game?

          • Watched every minute of both games. He also said that your team was horrible. Evidently your superior college hockey mind sees the game the right way. I apologize.

          • No apology needed. Everyone that knows college hockey, as you do, has a valid opinion. Like I said, was it great offense or miserable defense? It is the eye of the beholder.

      • Hey DUfan my comments are unrelated to
        anything posted above by others.

        In my 30+ years of watching CH, I have to
        tell you this might be the least impressive DU team I have seen. Now, there is plenty of talent on this team, and I really like the freshmen
        defenseman…think his name is Hillman..? I think DU’s GT’ing was average at best. But, what struck me the most (and it could have been an anomaly this particular weekend), was the lack of team play. Not sure I can be any more
        specific, I just never felt like DU was able to put together any kind of sustained offensive threat. I have to tell you, the issues I saw with this DU
        team looked more like a coaching issue; do you think Montgomery is a good HC?
        Just so you know, my comments are based on these two games I was able to watch
        DU play. I am interested in what your thoughts are based on other games the
        Pios have played this year.

        Also, correct me if I am wrong, but is this
        the smallest team in DU’s history? DU used to bring these huge kids to UND…..that could skate and were as talented as anyone. Matter of fact, DU is the only team I have ever seen that came to UND and actually intimidated the Sioux (albeit, this was a little while ago). Many of the “western” teams have recruited speed/talent over size the past decade, but DU’s size (or lack thereof) was noticeable….quite alarming when I think of past players like Ed Beers, Dave Shields, and Pat Wiercioch. I think DU’s lack of size actually hurt them at times this past weekend….but this is just my take. Again, wondering what your thoughts are DUfan.

        • I think you are 100% accurate, and very observant We are much smaller this year and certainly not as quick as we have been for a while. You can see by my previous posts about our lack of teamwork and discipline this weekend. Playing an excellent team bought out these weaknesses. You can’t chase the puck around against any team and expect to win.

          You can add Tyler Bozak, Paul Stasney,and Matt Carle to the recent list of those with size and quickness. I totally agree that this is a coaching problem and anxious to see how/if Montgomery addresses it this week. I think the book is still out on him, this week will be his first real challenge
          We have managed to play decent hockey against fairly good competition, and I hope we can get straightened out before SCSU. Our league is really tough, very hard to win away games, especially if you don’t play team hockey. I “invested” in the NCHC.TV package for about $90 and have seen a lot of conference games. I would recommend it to all NCHC fans. It works great by hooking an HDMI cable from my computer to my 60″ TV. You can’t tell the difference, just like watching any other live game.

      • Uh, the team with 3 whole wins against teams ranked higher than 31st in Pairwise? You know, the one that thinks a home New Years weekend series with UAH (57th, currently, in Pairwise) is worth dubbing the “Subway Holiday Classic”? The special at the concession stands at the Ralph on those two game nights is the 12″ turd sandwich with a side of head coach that has never, ever, been one before for 5 bucks.

        Mortal locks for the title, they are.

        • Holy crap, are we going to have to get a knowledgeable UNO fan to put you in your place, and correct your “facts” again. You have become a disgrace, to your own teams fans.

          • I don’t know what you’re talking about DU_Fan…we happened to schedule POWERHOUSES for our nonconference. You know, like ASU next week. And some really, really, really good Canadian team. Trinity Western….that powerhouse. I, for one, would rather stay away from DU or UND and continue to play teams like Western Michigan. Oh, wait.

  4. Please quit calling them the Hawks, No one like the name it only one because Rough Riders was already taken by high school in Grand Forks and the other options Kelley approved of were ****. The Fighting Hawks nickname is to UND what the middle name is to most people, their embarrassing and usually unnecessary, the people who insist on using it to describe you are either close family or jerks. Don’t be a jerk say no to Fighting Hawks, just UND or North Dakota.

    • 1. It’s the nickname of the team whether you like it or not and will be used by all college hockey entities to describe the team.
      2. The only thing embarrassing is your ability to write in english.

      A UND staff and alum.

      • buggyboy . . . Is that professor Buggyboy or Dean Buggyboy? Stop playing at conviction if you won’t use your real name.

    • Completely disagree, the fact that they are 14-2-2 with a middling powerplay and penalty kill is impressive. It shows how dominant they are playing 5 on 5 hockey. The PP #s will improve over the year too with 11 freshmen on the team.

  5. Matt didn’t acknowledge the fact that Thompson was in net Friday and pretty much ruined any hopes of a UNO sweep? Come on Matt. You should know these things and report on them (There are some SCSU fans that hopefully find that humorous)…


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