ECAC Northeast/MASCAC wrap: Nov. 28

Charging Castleton
Castleton just keeps rolling. This past week, Castleton’s path stormed through the ECAC Northeast and the MASCAC. The Spartans entered last weekend’s game as the No. 3 team in the country in the latest Division III top 15 poll. (Disclosure: I voted them No. 1) and they’re 9-0 so far this season. Castleton has opened the season with the nation’s longest winning streak.
If we want to get into semantics, Division I Merrimack, at 9-0-1, has the nation’s longest unbeaten streak since the start of the season.
Castleton combined for 15 goals against their two nonconference opponents from the ECAC Northeast and MASCAC. Castleton defeated Plymouth State, 5-2, last Tuesday (November 22), then defeated Becker 10-0 Saturday at the Rutland (Vt.) Invitational, outshooting the Hawks 43-18 and forcing the Hawks  to use three goalies in the loss: Jake Rosenthal (11 saves), who was pulled early in the second after giving up five goals, in favor of Tom Natoli (15 saves), who was pulled early in the third for Shaun Millerick (seven saves) after giving up three goals. Rosenthal, by the way, took the loss.
However, Castleton’s early-season dominance brings up this: So far, there hasn’t been a lot of dominance in the ECAC Northeast or in the MASCAC, which might be a good thing. It’s a long season — one made up of ebbs and flows for any team.
Only one team from either conference has been ranked in USCHO’s top 15 poll so far this season: Curry, the No. 15 team in the country in the preseason poll. However, the Colonels have seemed to find their form, as they’ve opened conference play 3-0.Ryan Barlock has averaged nearly a point a game in Curry’s first five games, including five points on the power play, as Curry has scored 27 goals in its first five games.
And consider Johnson and Wales. The Seahawks are 4-1-1 and 1-0-1 in conference to open the season, and have scored 32 goals in six games, including seven from Danny Kaufmann, while allowing an average of two goals a game.
Plymouth State has had the strongest start of the MASCAC teams, going 4-1-0 and 2-0 in conference play. The Panthers’ only loss this season? It came at the hands of Castleton.


  1. It is too early to make accurate comments. However, had one been at Achilles Center to watch the Union- BU game, the Dutchmen’s W was impressive!

    • great win but that was just a case of classic union – tough against the rare high level opponents but mediocre at best against every one else – i know union – i have followed them as closely as anyone – this trend started last year when no could pick up the slack if ciampini wasn’t scoring – when they were champs they has multiple threats – but i don’t see anyone out there really buzzing and causing a lot of trouble for defenses – last year they had ciampini but the defense struggled – this year if they do not get stellar goal tending they will lose a lot of otherwise low scoring games unless a dominant defensive force like a ghostisbehere emerges quickly

      • or any player who scores prolifically – for god sakes 3 players had hat tricks last night – must be nice to have a sniper like that

    • one more thing about the BU game – when in the world is union going to build an adequately sized facility – they’re not playing plattsburgh state anymore

  2. i do not agree with union starting someone other than sak – if a goalie has a great game you ride him – all great teams have great goalies who play almost all the games

    • If Lowell shows up for each game like they did tonight, they will be in Chicago for the Frozen Four.
      Since you can be Lowell’s biggest critic on this discussion board, exactly, what part of their game did you not like tonight?

      • Well, I’m in Florida (as of game time), so aside from following online and looking at the stats, I can’t comment.

      • As much as I wish this was true, I’m not convinced that UNH is the right barometer here. I’m withholding my judgement until after Friday’s game – they’ve got as good a shot as any to win the HE tourney but I think ND is the toughest opponent of the group. The math doesn’t seem to show any way of Lowell getting on the 1-line in the NCAA and that’s going to be a killer in trying to get to Chicago. In my opinion.

        • Will be hard to beat BU and their last minute power plays in regulation or OT. You’d think Jack Parker was still coaching. Would like to have a drink with the NU coach and hear HIS thoughts……

  3. UNH got Umile-ated tonight. I wonder when they actually going to release him as a coach. His top line did nothing in any of the 3 games and his goalie got eaten alive today.

    • UNH will not release Umile. He’s on the last year of his contract anyways and he can (and may) retire, as they have pretty much already hired Souza to replace him, but they won’t release him. UML always does a great job shutting down top lines. Bazin says they don’t focus on that, but they absolutely do. Tirone is the national saves leader (by a lot), for a reason. he won’t be caught unless Notre Dame makes a long run in the NCAA’s. They leave him hanging out on his own quite often, defense is horrible. Most of the goals UML scored, there isn’t a UNH defender near him. I can maybe blame him for the first and last goals, the others are on the rest of the team. He’s a fierce competitor and could/would be a very good goalie on any team that had a real defense. That said, good luck in Boston and the NCAA’s.

    • It’s the choice of the highest remaining seed. If they are playing at 5:00, it’s because they picked that game time.

      • Actually that’s what we always thought to be the case but we learned last year to be false as BC (#1 seed) was put in the late game for TV purposes. Lowell (#4) and PC (#2) had that triple OTer in the early game….

        • Maybe it has changed just in the past year or two, but it was always this way. I haven’t heard that it changed, but it certainly could have. Being at some post game press conferences, the question always came up. The top seed had choice and usually they picked the first game because they knew when the game would start and the players could go through their regular routine, just a couple hours earlier. The players in game #2 didn’t always know how to prepare properly because of the multiple OT possibilities.

      • In Providence we always thought the highest seeded coach chose the time and Jerry usually picked the 5pm game assuming BC would win and not have the short turn around. That 3OT game was excruciating and messed up NESN as well as the 2nd game start time and fans leaving times. It was a late hoarse ride back to RI that night.

    • Nah, I don’t see this as the short end of the stick. If they win, unless it goes 3OT again, they get a few extra hours of rest. Plus the fans get to start pregaming a bit earlier too!

  4. Best of luck River Hawks; annihilate those shiny helmeted posers who never belonged in HE anyway. I sincerely hope you take the Championship and auto bid and are seeded in Providence or Manchester so your loyal fans can attend.

    • Viva L’Alliance! Unfortunately it looks like Fake Hockey East will be representing Hockey East in NCAAs. Lowell will do their best to keep them from the tournament title after BU kept them from the regular season title.

      • That would be perfect for both our teams. I’ve always liked the Chiefs oops River Hawks going back to the division II pre HE days with McT. Only times I don’t root for them naturally are head to head v Providence!

  5. Lowell looked great all weekend except the goalie, Wall. If they come out and attack and Wall plays just a decent weekend, they should take both games. BC shocked most people including the 2 picking games on USCHO last Friday. BU has the most talent so they are dangerous. ND is very solid and have a lot of motivation to end their HE tenure with a Championship. I like ULowell’s chances to get back the LL trophy. Love that 1st line. Joey G would be a nice addition to the Bruins as he could play on their 3rd line now. Go Hawks


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