Hockey East picks: Jan. 20-26

Neither Dave nor I had stellar weeks, but at least I picked up a game on the old man (finally!)

Jim’s last week: 5-3-1
Dave’s last week: 4-4-1
Jim’s record-to-date: 71-51-13
Dave’s record-to-date: 75-47-13

Friday, January 20

Providence at BU
Jim’s pick: Love the way the Terriers are playing right now. Providence, not so much.
BU 4, PC 2
Dave’s pick: No offense to the Friars, but this is the easiest pick of the week.
BU 4, PC 2

New Hampshire at Merrimack
Jim’s pick: With two wins last week, UNH seems back on track, but I have a feeling I should be going with Merrimack on home ice.
MC 5, UNH 3
Dave’s pick: UNH did have two wins, but Merrimack took three of four points from a very hot Maine club. So though I hate to agree with Jim, I’ve got to also go with home ice.
MC 4, UNH 3

Boston College at Maine
Jim’s pick: Can’t totally figure this Maine team out but the same goes for the Eagles of late. Head for BC, tails for Maine. Heads it is.
BC 3, Maine 2
Dave’s pick: The Eagles have been killing me lately, but I’m staying on their bandwagon one more week.
BC 4, Maine 3

Vermont at Massachusetts
Jim’s pick: The Minutemen continue to roll at the Mullins Center.
UMass 4, UVM 1
Dave’s pick: The second easiest pick of the week. UMass goes to a stunning 8-0-3 at home.
UMass 3, UVM 1

Northeastern at Massachusetts-Lowell
Jim’s pick: Northeastern will be under the assult of the River Hawks and 40 or so barking dogs (it’s bring your dog to the game night!) Don’t see that working favorably even for the Huskies
UML 5, NU 2
Dave’s pick: Home ice is the deciding factor as the River Hawks move to 6-1-0 at the Tsongas.
UML 4, NU 2

Saturday, January 21

Boston College at Maine
Jim’s pick: Look at that. It came up tails this time. Guess the 50/50 odds of a coin are pretty accurate.
Maine 3, BC 2
Dave’s pick:  I don’t believe in either team’s goaltending right now, so I’m staying on the Eagles bandwagon but moving to the seat next to the door.
BC 4, Maine 3

Massachusetts-Lowell at Northeastern
Jim’s pick: Can’t see NU losing four in a row, particularly given they are at home.
NU 3, UML 2
Dave’s pick: Yup, home ice rules during this home-and-home series.
NU 3, UML 2

Boston University at Providence
Jim’s pick: Even with a solid home record, I don’t want to pick against BU right now.
BU 4, PC 3
Dave’s pick: This will make it seven wins for the Terriers in their last eight.
BU 4, PC2

Merrimack at New Hampshire
Jim’s pick: Will UNH play like the UNH of old at home? My pick says yes.
UNH 3, MC 1
Dave’s pick:  Another home-and-home where home makes the difference.
UNH 4, MC 3 (OT)

Tuesday, January 24

Massachusetts-Lowell at Providence
Jim’s pick: Yet another tough pick, but I’ll go with the River Hawks here.
UML 3, PC 1
Dave’s pick: I don’t want to agree with Jim, but I must. The Friars go 0-for-3 over the extended weekend.
UML 3, PC 2


  1. You Guys only disagree on one game!  I think you guys nailed it though, the Maine – BC game is going to be pretty good!  

    I wouldn’t count the Friars out though over BU, it’s a bold pick but I would throw some money on it!

  2. BC-Maine is a coin-flip?  Really??  Let’s see, BC is sitting 4th in the pairwise and 2nd in HEA.  Maine is what 24th PWR and 6th in HEA.  Not to mention Tim Whitehead is 2-9-3 vs BC the past 4 1/2 years.  That’s .250, not.500.

    Good grief you guys are clueless.  Exactly how do you have a job at

    • BC is 6-7-1 in their last 14 games. That is not good. On the year they may be 4th in the pairwise, but in the last 2 months they are mediocre. I can’t believe people are still picking them. I expect a split between them this weekend. This is a huge weekend in HE. The games should all be very exciting.

    • How clueless are they now!?!?! I guess your rankings didnt really help your…why am I wasting my breath…wonder what the PWR’s will be like now?

  3. I have to say, tonight’s game was exciting!  Ended with Maine winning in overtime.  I think tomorrow night’s game will be just as exciting.  

  4. I think ppl are going a little overboard with how bad MN is this year. First of all, there is nothing l appreciate more than seeing the Gooph’s near the bottom. However, Minny still has talent and is capable of beating anyone on any given night. There is too much parity in CH, largely anyway, for a program like MN to be “that bad”. It is hard to know just how much they have improved because their recent wins are the result of playing in the much-depleted B10. I watched one period of the Wiscy game, the only thing that was evident was that Eaves has lost what little coaching ability he may have once had. Wisconsin has good players, I cannot believe they lose so many games. MN has young, quick, and bright forwards. Their defensemen are average at best. I have not seen enough of their GT’ing to comment.
    I was pulling for Wisconsin because, well, nobody likes the Gophers. MN will be a team to deal with next year. Wisconsin will be back after a HC’ing change….whenever this happens..??


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