ECAC Hockey playoff update: six points left

Not going to steal burgie12’s thunder, so here’s his updated Fan Forum post.

If you’re too lazy to click through, here’s the gist:

Team – potential final point totals – [potential final seeds]

Union 2834 [1-3]
Cornell 2632 [1-4]
— Bye Lock – >26
Colgate 2329 [1-7]
— Home Lock – >21
Harvard 2127 [2-9]
Quinnipiac 2026 [3-9]
Clarkson 2026 [2-9]
St. Lawrence 1925 [3-9]
Yale 1723 [4-11]
— Bye Eligible – 22
Dartmouth 1521 [5-12]
Princeton 1319 [8-12]
Rensselaer 1319 [7-12]
Brown 1319 [8-12]
— Home Eligible – 17


  1. What an absolute terrible conference….sorry for the hatred but the fact two of these teams are ahead of my squad is a travesty.

  2. Clarkson is the team on the rise … Don’t underestimate what a hot goalie can do for you and how far he can take a team into the tournaments …

  3. SLU was playing good until the Official’s came to the before you all go and say well the refs weren’t at fault, well think again..The ECAC has the WORST officials in the Country….A goal reviewed at the protest of cornell, and its waved off…second one they got waved off this weekend…Almost the same play at the other end, the goalie pleads with the officials to review it…no chance in hell…A player pulled down on a breakaway to end the game and no call…I have seen games all over the league and it’s the same every year…They want the Ivy league schools there and if they have their way, they will…

    Austin Smith is a good player, but as evident on friday night he tried to do it all himself…But my hats off to him for having a great year…Regardless of the loss to Cornell, SLU is playing some hot hockey….Power Play was at 30% over the 5 game winning streak and the PK was at 87 percent…A very dangerous and streaking team right now…


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