After the results of March 16

An interesting Saturday of games saw some teams make a nice move.

Notre Dame made a nice move, but mainly based on RPI because of winning, not because of Michigan moving into TUC range. The Irish, though, did pick up comparison wins over Rensselaer and Boston University because of adding four wins against Michigan.

Colorado College is back, not good news for Wisconsin. Boston University disposed of Merrimack — good for BU, but also bad for BU as we mentioned before.

We’ll know a lot about who is on the bubble after Sunday night. Depending on the results, it could be just a few teams fighting for a spot or two. Who will live to fight another day and help its chances to the NCAA tournament?

Let’s take a quick look at Sunday’s games.

Mercyhurst at Holy Cross: Both teams have to win it to get in. I think Mercyhurst is too far down the RPI rung to make it as a TUC at the moment. Holy Cross might hang in as a TUC, but it needs to win it all also. With Air Force dropping out, Niagara is most likely not going to reach 10 TUC games.

Michigan State at Miami: Miami is locked into the tournament. As what seed, though? Michigan State is looking to continue as Cinderella.

Ferris State at Ohio State: Both teams need to win it. Ohio State may drop as a TUC with a loss. Ferris will stay a TUC.

Brown at Rensselaer: A loss by the Engineers and I think their season might be done. Brown needs to win it all to get in. This game impacts the bubble greatly.

Cornell at Quinnipiac: A loss by Quinnipiac will not loosen up a No. 1 seed. It’s just a matter of whether that loss would have Quinnipiac loss the overall No. 1. Cornell needs to win to get in.

New Hampshire at Providence: UNH righted the ship a little bit with the win on Saturday. Providence needs to win to get in. New Hampshire is hanging on right now, but might be safe if it loses.

Nebraska-Omaha at Minnesota State: Minnesota State still has a great shot to get in with a loss. UNO still might drop as a TUC, impacting some teams.

Michigan Tech at North Dakota: MTU needs to win to get in.

Colorado College at Denver:  Did the win on Saturday cement CC as a TUC? If so, that impacts Wisconsin on the bubble.

So, how do I see it right now?

13 Niagara vs. 1 Quinnipiac
12 Minnesota State vs. 5 Yale

Grand Rapids
14 Western Michigan vs. 2 Minnesota
11 St. Cloud State vs. 6 Massachusetts-Lowell

16 Rensselaer vs. 3 Miami
9 Notre Dame vs. 8 North Dakota

15 Union vs. 4 Boston College
10 Denver vs. 7 New Hampshire

See you on Wednesday for the last weekly Bracketology before Championship Weekend.