Peeking at the PairWise: Friday night edition

Looking for an incisive breakdown of your team’s PairWise potentialities?

Well, if your fan isn’t from ECAC Hockey, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

Here’s how things are looking for the ECAC:

Rensselaer is eliminated. This drops the maximum number of ECAC representatives to three, but all four teams that are playing today are eligible.

Union and Brown must win tomorrow to play on. If there is a set of results that will land either team in the NCAA Tournament despite a Saturday loss, I haven’t found it.

Quinnipiac is a lock… and not only that, but a lock for the very top seed. Got a problem with that? Take it up with the NCAA.

Yale is on good footing, but has yet to seal its NCAA invitation. A win, and it would appear the Bulldogs are in; a loss, and the Blue will be rooting against anyone behind them in the PairWise.

If you’re looking for as many ECAC Hockey participants as possible, root for Brown and Yale in Atlantic City. Root for Miami or Notre Dame in the CCHA, Massachusetts-Lowell over Boston University in Hockey East, and Wisconsin in the WCHA. Atlantic Hockey has minimal implications at this point.


  1. I love the column every week Paula, but your statistics are wrong in the first section. LSSU had 36 shots to the Chargers 22 in the first game. LSSU also out shot the Chargers Saturday 50-25.

  2. I don’t really like talking up uom, but just a few weekends ago against NMU the wolverines scored three goals in the 3rd period on Friday to tie the game and send it into overtime and on Saturday scored 2 goals to draw within one in what had been a three goal lead by NMU. The Saturday game against MSU was largely over going into the 3rd, the Spartoons leading 5 – 2. Besides that game was an anomaly after uom had pretty much dominated on Friday 5 – 1. So, Notre Dame scored 3 unanswered on Friday, maybe the “self-destruct” trend began then…not that I really care.

  3. If brown wins, union is out, right? That will make three leagues w autobids outside the T16 (ECAC, wcha, and AHA), bumping Union off, since it’s in the 14th spot. So the max is three, then

  4. Go back to ONLY 8 Teams make the Playoffs…or to add a little spice have a play in game between #8 & #9 to face the #1 Team.


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