Hockey East picks: Oct. 18-20

Q: When is a record of 15-3-1 a disappointment?

A: When your competition goes 16-2-1.

Dave last week: 15-3-1
Jim last week: 16-2-1
Dave’s record-to-date: 15-3-1
Jim’s record-to-date: 16-2-1

Here are this week’s picks:

Friday, Oct. 18

Wisconsin at Boston College
Dave’s pick: This ranks as the Game of the Week, the number two team in the country against number seven. I’m going with number seven, BC at home.
BC 3, Wisconsin 2
Jim’s pick: I agree with Dave that the margin of this selection is narrow but home ice wins out for BC.
BC 2, Wisconsin 1

Northeastern at Holy Cross
Dave’s pick: Holy Cross played BU tough last weekend and Northeastern has struggled against Atlantic Hockey teams in the past.
HC 4, NU 2
Jim’s pick: I think Dave is underestimating the ability of Northeastern. The offense clicked last weekend and I see more of the same this weekend.
NU 5, HC 3

Mercyhurst at Merrimack
Dave’s pick: Don’t let the records deceive you. These two teams may be 0-5 between them, but I expect both to be at least middle-of-the-pack in their conferences. This should be a good game with home ice helping the Merrimack cause.
MC 4, ‘Hurst 2
Jim’s pick: I like Mercyhurst’s team but think that Merrimack will be very fired up to play at home.
MC 4, ‘Hurst 1

Michigan State at Massachusetts
Dave’s pick: After two tough road games last weekend, UMass breaks into the win column at home.
UMass 4, MSU 2
Jim’s pick: Good test for UMass at home but I think that the Spartans are a probably a better team.
MSU 3, UMass 2

Quinnipiac at Massachusetts-Lowell
Dave’s pick: The Woulda-Coulda-Shoulda national championship game from last April. I don’t feel terribly confident in this pick since the River Hawks have typically started slowly under coach Norm Bazin, but I’m going with them at home anyway.
UML 3, QU 2
Jim’s pick: After last Friday’s loss for Lowell, I feel like I should be picking QU. But I like Lowell at home in this one.
UML 4, QU 2

Rensselaer at Boston University
Dave’s pick: This clash of Top 20 teams is another one where home ice is helping me decide.
BU 3, RPI 2
Jim’s pick: I think RPI is a little bit over-rated. We’ll find out on Friday night.
BU 4, RPI 2

Michigan at New Hampshire
Dave’s pick: Ditto what I said about RPI and BU. With almost every nonconference game in Hockey East barns, I’m turning into Homer Hendrickson.
UNH 4, UM 3 (OT)
Jim’s pick: Tough one to call. I believe Michigan will earn a win. Questions is which game.
UM 5, UNH 3

Michigan Tech at Notre Dame
Dave’s pick: The Irish aren’t number four in the country for nothing. They easily put away their long-time Western foe.
UND 4, MTU 1
Jim’s pick: Agreed. Irish will roll.
UND 5, MTU 2

Saturday, Oct. 19

Wisconsin at Boston University
Dave’s pick: If BU wins this one over the second-ranked Badgers, it’ll make a lot of people sit up and take notice. But I don’t see it happening. The Terriers have played at a level belying what will be a 3-0 record.
UW 4, BU 2
Jim’s pick: Can’t agree more. This is a great test for BU, but I see the Badgers coming away with the win.
UW 3, BU 2

Mercyhurst at Merrimack
Dave’s pick: The Warriors go from being winless without a goal scored following Week One action to .500.
MC 3, ’Hurst 2
Jim’s pick: Another tough one to call but I think at home Merrimack has what it takes.
MC 3, ‘Hurst 2

Holy Cross at Northeastern
Dave’s pick: The Huskies salvage a split to go to 3-1 on the season.
NU 3, HC 2
Jim’s pick: I see this series as a Northeastern sweep, though a high-scoring series.
NU 5, HC 4

American International at Providence
Dave’s pick: The Friars should have an easy time with this one.
PC 4, AIC 1
Jim’s pick: If Providence can avoid a let down, they will win going away
PC 6, AIC 2

Massachusetts-Lowell at Quinnipiac
Dave’s pick: The River Hawks can’t finish off the tough end of a sweep.
QU 3, UML 2
Jim’s pick: This series is close enough that home ice will matter.
QU 4, UML 2

Michigan State at Massachusetts
Dave’s pick: This two-game set has “split” written all over it, but I’m sticking with home ice as a deciding factor. That plus a big weekend for Branden Gracel.
UMass  3, MSU 2
Jim’s pick: I’m going with the split that Dave predicted but wouldn’t call.
UMass 4, MSU 1

Michigan at New Hampshire
Dave’s pick: These two teams are so closely matched, I’ve got to go with a split even though I could go oh-fer picking it the wrong way.
UM 3, UNH 2
Jim’s pick: If Dave goes “oh-fer,” I go 2-for-2
UNH 4, UM 2

Bentley at Maine
Dave’s pick: If the Black Bears don’t get into the win column with this one, the sticks might start getting gripped a little tighter.
UM 4, Bentley 2
Jim’s pick: Maine will get into the win column on Saturday.
UM 5, Bentley 2

Sunday, Oct. 20

Michigan Tech at Notre Dame
Dave’s pick: The Irish sweep to move to 4-0 on the season and in the process, inch closer to a number one ranking.
ND 4, MTU 2
Jim’s pick: If they haven’t grabbed your attention yet, start considering Notre Dame a legit contender.
ND 3, MTU 0