Splits, Northeastern and UConn

These are the three things I think I learned this week.

1. Split is the word.

“Every point is a tough point,” has been a cliché within Hockey East for years, but this week provided more than ample evidence. Seven league teams played in four series and they all ended in splits.

Home ice didn’t matter. Although New Hampshire and Northeastern both held serve in their home-and-home series, the other three were all played in the same venue on Friday and Saturday. Massachusetts-Lowell, Providence, and Merrimack hosted Penn State, Vermont, and Notre Dame, respectively, and not one of them could manage any better than two points.

National rankings also didn’t make a difference. Fourth-ranked Massachusetts-Lowell predictably defeated Penn State on Friday, but even with the strength advantage on paper and the home crowd advantage the River Hawks still lost 4-1 in the rematch, avoiding the shutout only via a mid-third period power play goal.

Parity is here and it is spelled S-P-L-I-T.

2. Northeastern gets off the schneid.

It took the Huskies ten games, but they finally got their first W. They had tied Lowell a week ago, but otherwise the season had been a nonstop succession of losses. That changed on Saturday.

Tied going into the third period, they surrendered an even-strength goal two minutes in and could have been forgiven if they thought, “Here we go again.” But they rallied with the equalizer a minute later and the game-winner at 8:21.

Will that carry over to this upcoming weekend’s series with Merrimack? We’ll have to see.

3. My enthusiasm for Connecticut may have gotten out of control.

But could you blame me?

When UConn defeated Boston College and tied Boston University (ranked third and fifth, respectively, at the time), it was hard not to let the optimism boil over. If you weren’t going to let loose after those two upsets, when were you?

A Friday night loss to Sacred Heart, however, let some of air out of that party balloon. UConn now stands at 2-5-3, despite its effectiveness at slaying the Commonwealth Avenue dragons.

But while expectations have necessarily been reset, it’s worth noting how well the Huskies have played in their own end. To date, they’ve allowed more than two goals only twice all year, and one of those times was the 4-4 tie with BU.

It’s still tough figuring where they’ll finish in the standings, but clearly this team is no cream puff.


      • Lowell is pretty hot as is Union. Even though it is in Nh, Wisconsin should have a lot of red in the stands. I hope there is a lot of blue from Lowell there. Go Hawks!

      • Bucky better hope it can get past an NHL caliber goaltender. Lowell dominated the last half of Hockey East through the championship game.

      • hey bob, you might want to check out espn3’s or espnU’s website. one of them may be streaming the games live (as well as some rebroadcasts). at least…they did last year. espn3 or espnU had live streams of all the early round games last year. hopefully they’ll do it again.

      • Hopefully, since you stated last night that you are in NH, you will buy tickets and see the event live. You seem to be such a huge UML supporter that you should be there, especially since it’s not yet a yearly thing for them to make the NCAA’s.

        • I will be there it is just that it would be nice to tape it and for friends and family to watch it live who are busy on a Friday afternoon. Lowell-Wisconsin should be the night game. UNH gets a home game and the prime time slot. Stupid.

          • If it’s important enough and only right down the road, the people will make the trip, one way or another. I personally wish UNH had the first game because at least you know when the game will start. If the first game goes to OT, you have a bunch of players sitting around, not going through their normal routine and sometimes not ready when the puck drops. That goes for both teams.

          • And, on your “home game comment.” Tsongas Arena is 2 minutes and 1 mile CLOSER to The Verizon than the Whittemore Center is, so I don’t think it’s a “home game” at all… unless you don’t think UML will travel well enough, a whole 35 miles.

  1. Great job Jason and the rest of the USCHO folks. It was fun to watch, try to predict with the PWR predictor, and watch it all fall into place. Game on!!!

      • Yeah, I’ll bet you are. Again, BC would have some work to do if any of the 6 WCHA teams were in that bracket. That’s right, it’s flat out disgusting to see the BIAS toward BC.

        • So out of curiosity, only one NCAA committee member is from HE, and even then it’s Vermont. What’s the theory for why they care about BC? Or are you simply saying that the current system (I.e., putting teams in regionals that sort of “clump together” conferences) benefits schools like BC?

          • Well this isn’t the first tourney that the regions have been set so the WCHA teams beat up on each other just to get to the big game. The best league in college hockey should have a team in every region. Come on there’s 6 teams and not one team could be placed in that bracket? This tourney is to decide the national championship not how many seats are going to be filled. If that’s a problem on the east coast stop putting the regions out there and find another place that has pure hockey fans!

          • Best league. How about bias against the best league, HE. Six teams and WCHA fans are STILL not happy. Fans from all these schools probably don’t ( In this Obama Recovery ? ) have the $$ to travel everywhere. As a Lowell fan it is nice to not have to travel to Toledo. You think all the St. Cloud fans want to go to NH? I agree that the seeding stinks, but to some extent they need to help the fans out by not making every team travel over 500 miles.

          • Bob….You always spout how “HE is the best league”, ‘WCHA fans are stupid”, “We are better” “blah blah blah”. Nothing is being taken away from BC/BU winning titles the past handful of years, but using your own logic, THOSE DON’T MATTER. The fact is, just because a teams wins the championship, it doesn’t make them the best team, just the hottest team. Yes, Sometimes, like BC last year, the best team DOES win the tourney, but that is why you play the games. Both HE, the WCHA, and CCHA are very strong conferences. The WCHA is usually the deepest conference. HE has some perennially great teams, and no one is trying to take away from that. So get off your high horse for one god damn second.

          • It’s not like the hockey east times have a cake walk either (except BC). We have 2 hockey east teams in the NE regional playing 2 WCHA teams in the first round. WCHA has more teams in. Your complaints would be more legitimate if they had fewer. Granted the host rule kind hurt lowell and unh but still.

          • BC fan pleasantly shocked with their bracket, but on edge with everyone putting them in FF already. Depends if D shows up……

          • You’re joking, right? BC, CC, Michigan, Nebraska vs. BC, Union, Q, Canisius. If I’m missing the sarcasm, I apologize……

          • The first game against CC sure looked easy. And Michigan had to win the CCHA tournament to make the tournament. The only point was that CC looked on paper like an easier game than it was. It looks a lot harder in retrospect.

          • It looked easy? I can assure you, no BC fan I know thought going west to play a 20+ win WCHA team was going to be easy. It’s ridiculous to compare the difficulty of the 2011 St. Louis bracket with Providence this year…….

          • BU, BC, Maine and UNH routinely play each other in the Northeast and East Regional finals. I have trouble remembering a year that BU made the NCAA and did not have a Hockey East foe potentially facing them in the second round.

            I think the same happened routinely to CCHA teams as well, even this, the last year of CCHA. ECAC has two teams in East Regional and I for one would LOVE to see Union/Quinnipiac come out of that region, with a proven team taking on a team with something to prove.

            Inter-conference matchups in the second round is the GOAL of the committee for attendance and television purposes. BU/BC/UNH/Lowell/Maine playing in Worcester/Providence/Manchester. Cha-ching. Minnesota/North Dakota/Wisconsin playing in XCEL. Cha-ching. Michigan/Michigan State/Notre Dame/Ohio State playing in Michigan. Cha-ching!

            The Frozen Four sells out just about anywhere it goes. The regionals still need help with attendance, mostly because the teams are selected and placed Sunday night and the games start Thursday and Friday. Three-four days to make travel arrangements? Better make it so the big schools can drive.

          • You are sooooo wrong! The tourney is totally set up to put fannies in the stands (and make money), not to decide a national champion. (NCAA) Not Concerned About Attendance? I think not!

        • So beating Minnesota in Frozen Four doesn’t count? Or Wisconsin in Championship? Or is that why you write posts like this?

          I think someone mentioned, there’s ONE committee member from Hockey East. Get over it. It’s an imperfect system.

    • I love the “let’s make sure BC plays in the Frozen Four” way of doing things. Hey, it worked out great for them last year. That cakewalk through one WCHA team (UMD) to get to the Frozen Four and then that scrimmage against another (MN) in the semis was very nicely set up by the committee.

      • BC had the best team in the country for the last 2+ months last season by a healthy margin and it’s unlikely that it would have mattered where they were sent. There is no such team this season (unless someone wishes to make a Lowell argument).

    • Who cares. Let the best team win. I don’t give a rip if BC walks to the championship, they still have to beat at least 2 great teams along the way.

  2. i am starting to think that either A) moy is the “commitee” or B) the commitee just takes his work, sits around drinking beer for a couple hours, then submits his bracket.

    • It sure seems that way!

      It’s funny/sad to hear all the commenters make negative personal attacks at Moy after his predictions… I agree that many of the bracket placements are bizarre/unfair/biased

      Moy is simply predicting how the NCAA committee is going to act! Take out your anger on the committee! Not Jayson! :)

    • Jayson is really good at figuring out what the committee does, so I vote for B.

      I always respect Jayson’s work, it is much better than the people blabbing about the basketball selections or worse, the BCS.

  3. What is this Western Regional, he speaks of? I have searched the country high and low and can not find a regional played west of Chicago, how about next year let’s have the regional sites west of lake Michigan, that would cure all the worry about attendance, then we could just seed everyone where they belong

    • who the hell would go to Phoenix? good luck filling seats there. and r u seriously suggesting no East Coast? You do realize 4/5 past champions are from Mass, right?

          • The only thing that is important now is what is happening now. The WCHA has the most teams in the field and is clearly the deepest conference. Stop going back arbitrary lengths of time to make ridiculous points, Bob.

          • We both will agree that the WCHA and HE are incredibly strong conferences, no issue there. The problem here is you have been using the “4 out of 5 years” argument….but your response above is questioning someones use of recent history, all the while you are going back 5 years. 5 years, 10 years…it’s all the same. Remember you can do anything with numbers you want. I’m not going to piss and moan about which conference is better, it’s like trying to win a game of tic-tac-toe.

          • Bob, we can agree that the WCHA and HE are incredibly strong conferences. The problem here is you keep using the “4 out of 5 years” argument….while at the same time trying to call someone out for using recent history. So what’s more important? 5 years? 10 years? Whatever is convenient to your argument? You can crunch numbers to say anything. I’m a WCHA’er however I realize trying to win the “which conference is better” argument is like trying to win a game of tic-tac-toe….but I will say, it’s a LOT of fun reading all the banter.

            Edit: original post didn’t initially show up, so I did it again….and then the post below shows up hour later. Sorry for the “double post” I tried to delete it but it came back as “guest”….dumb.

      • Craig.. R u kidding yourself??? No one cares who the past4/5 champs are.. If u r living in the past, look at the NAtty titles.. Mich(west)-9, SIOUX=7, Denver=7… all west.. I (as everyone else who understands attendance) knows that the majority of the regions should be Minny/no dak/colorado every year if the NCAA really is concerned with $$$$ and filling seats.. Thx

        • Haha, wow are you delusional. And ignorant. All they do is seed this tournament to get attendance up. And there’s always multiple regions in the northeast because of the concentration of fans and schools.

          Yea, and you go ahead with your inferiority complex and list championships from 10,000 square mile areas. Boston will take the 12 spanning 3 miles apart.

  4. No one has more right to complain than Western Michigan. How do they fall so far? Niagara, are you kidding me..they lost 10-2 to Colgate(must have had a lot of cavities) swept by a weak Michigan state team, loss and a tie to Bowling Green, they didn’t have 10 TUC games did they? how are they in????????????????????

    • It is what it is my friend. I’m obviously disappointed that WMU isn’t in the tournament and I think they would’ve been a tough match-up for any team, but there were plenty of games this season that my beloved Broncos get away from them. They struggled all season offensively, if they had just been more consistent with their scoring they wouldn’t have been in this position. Despite being on the bubble, they had a great shot at the start of the day on Friday and every single scenario went against them. As bummed as I am about teams like Canisius essentially bumping Western out, I’m happy for them and I hope they make a run. They certainly earned their birth and I have no bitterness towards Atlantic Hockey, good for them. Although WMU didn’t have as much success on the ice as the previous two seasons, the culture has changed in Kalamazoo and I expect to contend for the NCAA’s for many seasons to come. Also, anyone that knows this Bronco team can also tell you that there isn’t team in the country that does more off the ice for their local community. As an alum, I couldn’t be more proud of this team and I especially want to thank seniors Luke Witkowski, Dane Walters, Brett Beebe, Nick Pisellini, Trevor Elias, Mike Leone, Ben Warda & Ben Miller for all of their contributions. The program is where it is today because of them.

    • While the WCHA gets 6 teams W. Michigan gets screwed. Niagara, Canisius and Yale are not deserving. BU, PC, W. Michigan and Michigan deserve it over thoose 3. Quinnipiac gets an easy one first then reality (BC) after that.

      • BU lost 2x to a Harvard team that lost a large number of players. We also lost to last place Northeastern twice and second to last place Umass-Amherst. I can’t say we were deserving of the NCAAs, but I was proud of how my team finished the season.

      • BU lost a huge lead to Harvard on national television, losing 6-5 in overtime. Then they lost to Northeastern 6-5 in overtime. The BU lost a closer game to Northeastern in the Beanpot opener and then got destroyed by Harvard in the consolation. They lost in the Pairwise to a lot of teams because of the 0-2 to Harvard, plus getting beaten season series by Lowell, BC and UNH. Their most favorable “TUC” was to Merrimack, who they went 5-0 against and thereby pushed them off the TUC cliff.

        Niagara and Yale deserve their at-large bids, because they did the best the way the rules are written. Canisius won an autobid, so no one should complain about their entry in the field. It would have been the same for BU, Brown and Michigan, had they won their title games.

        The Pairwise was setup to prevent smaller schools and smaller leagues from being frozen out of the tournament because they cannot schedule home-and-home series with the most likely TUC teams. Until next year’s Hockey East schedule with 14 non-conference games, HE teams only had 7 slots. BU, BC and Northeastern lose two to the Beanpot., leaving them with five. They schedule games that have big draws for them.

        If the price of having Niagara and Canisius in the tournament is that mediocre BU/Michigan teams have to win their autobids to get in, sign me up. Minnesota-Duluth beat autobid Michigan for their title, in overtime, a Michigan team that had to win the CCHA tournament just to make it in. I prefer this to some “legacy” system whereby teams that have won multiple titles get in for reasons other than their play in the current season.

  5. The real question is why there is not a single WCHA team in the East. I dont buy it that attendance should reign as the ultimate factor in where these teams go. The way I see it there was a legitimate shot at an all WCHA FINAL 4 and I guess that wouldn’t be good for attendance. Ask St. Paul how the gate draw is when good hockey is played.

    • How often doess the WCHA have 2 teams in the Frozen Four never mind 4. Get off your high horse. Here are the facts for you: Even though the WCHA has had many more teams invited to the NCAA over the past 15 years, Hockey East has had more Frozen Four appearances ( 22-18 ) than the WCHA. Since Hockey East started 28 years ago, HE has had more times that 2 or more teams made the Frozen Four ( 13 ) than the WCHA ( 6 ). I believe that HE and the WCHA are fairly equal, but time and time again we here about 4 WCHA teams making it to Pittsburgh. Please. Oh yeah, 4 out ofthe last 5 NCAA champs are from…… Hockey East.

      • Bob – your facts are true to a point. Since HE started the WCHA has won 10 titles by 5 teams. HE has won 8 titles by 3 teams. WCHA is a deeper league, it really is sad that it will no longer be around. I certainly give BC a lot of credit for the last 5 years but all in all the numbers you put out there mean nothing, WCHA has won more titles. 2002 to 2006 was a complete sweep by 3 WCHA teams, not 4 out 5.

        • Certainly WCHA was better than HE when it started in the mid 80’s, but they are fairly even now. Those stats of the last 15 years are telling. WCHA has more teams to draw from. Now in 2 years when HE has 12 teams I believe that HE will be the best conference no question.

          • No question? I question it. The National – despite having fewer teams than HE – will have substantial depth. Half that league is in this year’s tournament (UND, DU, Miami, and SCSU). CC, WMU, and UNO were all TUCs, with CC falling just a game shy of making the tourney and WMU being just on the wrong side of the bubble. Only Duluth was terrible this season.

          • You have to think that Notre Dame joining HE will make a load of a difference. HE was very close in terms of regular season results with 2pts separating 1-5 and with the #4 almost winning the conference on the last day. You could argue that HE was deeper this year than the WCHA. That is not to say it is better but that it was a closer overall race. WCHA clearly had a better overall season based on PWR. We’ll see what conference wins the FF

          • Add UConn in 2 years and HE will really be good. I know that UConn isn’t that good now, but they invested heavily in Football and BB once they decided to go to Division 1. I bet they improve dramatically within 5 years.

          • You apparently didn’t look at the WCHA finish – the closest in the 50+ year history of the league.

          • You are correct, that will be a great conference, but I think the loss of UW and Minnesota will hurt badly. Those programs are very good.

          • the National will be the best conference in college hockey… Duluth was the only bad team this year and they are two years off of a national title… the national next year will be what the big 10 was this year to basketball

        • hey! you take that level-headed reasoning somewhere else. this is a college hockey board. we spout emotional diatribes and twist facts based on and who we root for! get with the program.

      • Yes, BC and BU won – 2 teams. The WCHA has 6 of the Last 11 and 7 of the last 13 with 5 teams. HE has some great teams, but the sheer depth of the WCHA is what makes them great. HE has 2-3 teams each year that are contenders, the WCHA has 4-6 teams. MN, North Dak, WI, Denver, UMD, CC, St. Cloud, to a lesser extent Nebraska, Mankato, and Bemidji. These are all teams that can compete with and beat any team in the nation. The league consistently has 5-7 teams ranked in the top 20. Yes I agree BC has been phenomenal Lately only Michigan and North Dakota can argue that they have been better in the past 20 years (I still would vote for BC). WCHA is by far the better conference

        • By far? Come on. They are a great conference. They also have more teams than HE. Both are deep. 8th place Maine can play with most. Lowell won at CC and UNH swept St. Cloud. Those stats about the NCAA are pretty good and recent. We will see. Lowell plays Wisconsin and UNH plays Denver. I see Lowell-UW even and Denver better than UNH.

          • It would be nice to have a Lowell/UNH regional final in the NE. Then we could complain about how weak the WCHA was for not being in the final. Then again, I’m not bitter.

          • I would love to see Lowell into the frozen four and even winning the entire thing, unless they play the Gophers or SCSU.

          • Don’t really get your joke. At least the humor in it. And are you talking to me the one defending an insult on the WCHA by Bob by pointing out clear facts? or are you ripping on Bob for bragging about the HE?

          • Ooops. Too late now… Not for you, or Neal. High horse. Saddle. ??? (Wasn’t meant to be joke anyway, if you get my drift.) Anyway, your Lowell remark below speaks well of you. I’ll go one further… ND, Miami, Union, and Lowell all have a real opportunity to win their 1st. Minn and UND aside, the other big boys are a little down. Until next year. No better time than now to seize the moment.

      • Bob Neal, I guess you forget that there has been an “agreement” to keep a WCHA free regional ever since the last all WCHA frozen four.

      • Wow, great response for what I think is a great question. Just look at any sport’s playoff format, does this seem like an equitable way to split teams up for a playoff to crown the champion?? If you are a true college hockey fan you will say NO. You should probably go find some more stats to post to support your poor theory and incinuate I am on a high horse. I am a pure college hockey fan! True fans show up at the rink to support all teams and watch great hockey. If there is an “agreement” to keep one bracket free of WCHA teams, they are way too involved in crowning the Champ. Since the WCHA will explode after the season, maybe HE will be the next conference to be affected. They have to have an all HE final first!

    • Attendance. Read the top, Moy explained why. Seed-wise it was either UND or BC swapping. No Big Deal. Would UND fans prefer flying to Providence instead? You may have the $, but I don’t. Great post Bob! Said it better than I did. Only word of caution, everything goes in streaks. WCHA ruled from 2000-2006.

      • hey it gets me out of Grand Forks… plus I rather enjoy the east coast… attendance is never an issue for Sioux fans they travel well anywhere so that logic that they draw so much better in Grand Rapids is kinda crap

        • Different strokes for different folks… but it isn’t about you or me. Question is does BC or Union travel well to Grand Rapids… I seriously doubt it. As you can read, many fans are fed up with the WCHA superiority crap (not necessarily you), and surely soon to be NCHC superiority crap (why else invite BU and BC to join before settling on WMU). People get it, they’re just so tired of having it shoved in their face, year after year. As an ex-coach, I live by one rule… When you lose say little, if you win say less. Or vice versa, it works either way. In more simple terms, bragging is for bushers. Enough said.

          • Read it on one of the college hockey sites (not sure which one) last summer as it all started to go down. Notre Dame and Miami invited, too… all before WMU. If the info is somehow incorrect, then I will gladly apologize… I’m not one for making this kind of stuff up. I’ll just say that it’s very strange how those teams split and ran… but in the end, it created another conference and solidified the one they abandoned. Which is a plus for college hockey.

          • I heard it too, along with the laughter from Jerry York, Jack Parker and Joe Bertagna that was not reported.

          • Chrisgal, some confirmation on the NCHC’s strategy to create a “super-conference” in answer to the formation of the Big Ten Conference. Goggle NCHC Conference creation 2011 and sites will come up. In several instances the articles no longer exist, but… For what it is worth, an excerpt from one (July 2011) that may convince you…”According to the Eagle Tribune’s Mike McMahon, the schools that would eventually call themselves the NCHC offered BC and BU the opportunity to join the new “super-conference. They declined that opportunity.”

          • I’m not disputing it, I had just never heard it. And I can’t imagine they would have seriously thought either BC or BU would have accepted……..

          • Obviously the goal was to create s superconference of only elite teams to rival the superconference status being accorded the new BigTen (with Minn, Wisco, Mich, MichState). The Big Ten took the heat for starting all this because of BTNetwork $$$, but NCHC really drove the conferences to completely breakup. WCHA lost just 2, CCHA just 3… not enough to break-up two major conferences in my mind. I’m not fooled, the NCHC is not as lily-white as they want you to believe.

          • The response was the expansion of the super conference known as Hockey East. BU and BC were never going to leave HE. But I think ND belongs in the NCHC. And U-Conn has no place in HE. I would have liked to see Miami and RPI join.

          • Exactly. I simply stated a fact that they were both invited… with the intent, in my view, to form a superior conference of elite teams. I would have expected them to decline. With ND coming, HEA will be that much stronger.

          • UConn has a place in Hockey East. Consider that the following New England public universities are in Hockey East: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, UMass, UMass Lowell. URI has no DI or DIII hockey.

            Is UConn’s program and arena up to Hockey East standards today? Nope. Do they have a large alumni base, knowledgable fans, good recruiting area and instant name recognition for people tuning into NBCSN when playing Notre Dame or BC? They sure do.

            Will they become a top notch program? If they spend the time and money, then I would not bet against them (or Penn State) in the long term.

          • I will be the first person booking my trip to West Bend when UML takes on ND. But I they are just too far away for some of the teams whose resources could be better spent elsewhere, other than travelling to Indiana potentially twice a year. Re: RPI over U-Conn, I think the program should be proven before joining. RPI engineering also competes academically with Lowell engineering so there’s some potential for a rivalry.

        • UND fans may travel, but others do not. Providence is relatively close to most in that region, but I bet there will be a lot of empty seats there. College hockey doesn’t get enough publicity even in Minnesota and Boston. I heard very little of the HE title game and it was at Boston Garden. A joke.

          • TD Garden
            Capacity: 17,565
            Friday paid attendance: 14,855
            Saturday paid attendance: 13,738
            Had to work on Friday, but looking around on Saturday night, there were a lot of empty seats up above.

          • Correct. I hate to say it, but if UNH and Maine are at the Garden attendance goes up. BC and BU have more support at the Beanpot. You would have thought BU and BC would have had more fans than Lowell, but they certainly did not. PC doesn’t have a large fan base so their turnout was as expected.

          • Agreed. I was at the Regional games in MN last year and even though attendance was good, you would expect people to be scrambling to get tickets. We picked a couple up at the gate lower level for the MN game to advance to the Frozen Four. I heard nothing on TV or the radio to get people to the games. The WCHA tourney is packed yearly, due to advertising and consistency of location. NCAA does a bad job advertising no matter where you are. If Boston and Minnesota struggle to sell out there is a problem.

      • Jake, again attendance is just a poor excuse. Good hockey will attract real hockey fans. The NCAA should not go back to the cities that don’t support the product. There are many towns both east and west that will be happy to host these events and draw huge year after year.

  6. Speaking as a resident of NH I wanted North Dakota to be in our Manchester region, because they send a large number of fans to their playoff games, wherever they are played. Geography doesn’t effect the turnout much since North Dakota is far away from everyplace. The only schools (in my limited experience) which send more fans to away games are Notre Dame, Michigan and Cornell.

    • As a HE fan I would say Wisconsin is up there with UND traveling. Most don’t travel well that is why the committee tries to keep teams somewhat close to home. Minnesota or Wisconsin should host a region every year.

      • Agreed, placing the west regional site east of Lake Michigan makes travel on short notice difficult for the WCHA fan base. And we fill some big arenas regularly in Minneapolis, Madison, and Grand Forks.

      • You are totally wrong, Bob. Wisconsin fans travel decently but NOBODY brings more fans than UND, not even close. Any fan in the WCHA will attest to this! I agree there should be 6 permanent rotating sites. Would suggest Pepsi Center (of course), Excel Arena, The Joe, TD Gardens, MSG, and Pittsburgh/Philadelphia. I would have suggested The Ralph but now they are staying away from Olympic ice surfaces. These cities all support hockey and would have no attendance issues, no matter who makes the Regionals.

        • The Ralph is NHL size… I’m biased because I am a UND fan but I don’t think Grand Forks hosts regionals because of the NCAA Native-American nickname battle. The arena is also technically “too small” based on NCAA standards. However, 11,500 people to capacity is better than a 20,000 capacity rink that has 5,000 seats filled.

          • My mistake, was thinking of World Arena, Mariucci, and Kohl Center (which is hybrid). Think the nickname battle is over, and agree a full 11,500 looks a hell of a lot better than 6,000 in a 20,000 arena, especially on TV.

          • yep the nickname thing is settled and we, I say we because I’m a student, are allowed to host post season events again. Besides shouldn’t one of the nicest arenas anywhere get to host a regional?

  7. The East bracket is just too weak. Way too weak. I know it has the overall #1 on paper but anytime that lost to Brown, AIC, and Harvard isn’t good.

  8. lets all start complaining about the locations and then blame the NCAA and selection committee when our teams lose! there’s no way our infallible hockey teams would lose if we gave them ideal conditions to win every game! And because the team i root for and their conference is better/more important to me, they should do everything they can to appease that and make it easy for them to have the national title.

      • just a few years ago BC was forced to go out west to Colorado as the #1 overall seed because UNH was hosting Manchester as the #4 and I think Yale was also hosting as a #1. And they got crushed by Colorado College. Real favorable.

          • I’m pretty sure travelling from Denver to Manchester is about the same distance as going from Boston to Denver. Manchester and Boston are separated by less than like 50 miles and have a direct highway connection.

  9. UNH might be the weakest 2 seed i’ve seen in the tournament. they had a losing record after christmas and couldn’t even eclipse 20 wins (when they already had 12 or 13 coming off the break) The other teams with less than 20 wins are all 4 seeds.

    • You do realize that BC is a higher #2 seed than UNH, right? Granted, they did reach the 20 win mark, but also have more losses. Going into the HE tournament (and UNH played fine and easily could have come out on top of PC), UNH was 7-7-5 and BC was 8-8-3 in the second half. If we had Vermont at home, I am willing to bet we win that series.
      In the CCHA, Notre Dame was under .500 (7-8-3) in the second half before getting hot in that tourney… and they are a ONE seed! North Dakota was only 11-7-4, granted over .500, but nothing to write home about.

      Bottom line is there are more than just a few teams that struggled in the second half of the season and it goes to show that ALL games count and having a good non-conference schedule and a 5-1-1 record solidified them a bid. I am not trying to minimize that UNH struggled, because they did, but so did many others.

      • UNH had an easier schedule coming down the stretch than BC did though. They should have stomped all over UVM, UMass and Maine, and could only manage a 2-2-2 record against them.

        • You can make that case for any team though, choosing any games you like. After BC lost to Minny, they tied Yale, split with UNH, lost to UMass, beat NU and was swept by UMaine. That’s 2-5-1 with all games they “should” have won on paper.

  10. Are all of you WCHA defenders going to complain next year when Ferris State and Minnesota State get sent to the same regional?

  11. I’m not complete happy with the brackets but it is what it is. Boston college got it a bit easy quinni gets to prove they are as advertised.. My mavericks got a tough team in miami but doesn’t matter they have to win 4 in a row no matter where they go.

  12. Atlantic Hockey Champ. Game Attendance: 887
    Proves that scheduling a location for attendance is a farce, as is bracket integrity, as is the NCAA.
    BTW, Jayson, Congress called, they want you to plan the next budget, you stud prognosticator!

  13. “The only time when you have an intraconference game in the regional semifinals is when you cannot avoid it at all” But be sure to set up intraconference games in the regional final wherever possible.

      • Im a Sioux fan, but they could have protected the number two overall seed in Minnesota a bit better… Rivalry games always sell well but what they could have done is move UND to say New Hampshire’s region and move Denver to Minnesota’s then switch Denver and Union? I like that bracket a whole lot more and it protects Minnesota, plus sets up a potential Minnesota/UND matchup in the Frozen Four which would be a HUGE draw

        • The NCAA would not consider Gopher/Sioux “huge” draw in Pittsburgh. Especially since they would put them in semi-final matchup, forcing their “ideal” east/west final.

        • Not following you. Minnesota is getting the #8 seed instead of the #7 in the second round as bracket integrity suggests they should. Or look at it another way: most of you WCHA guys think Minnesota should be the #1 overall seed: therefore they should get the #8 in the second round. Or are you subtly saying UND should be higher?

          And not following move Denver to Minnesota’s then switch Denver and Union?

          And the last time North Dakota went to New Hampshire the fans complained in these blog comments about how unfair it was.

          • what I am saying is its a rivalry game… seeding is garbage there… especially since North Dakota will be out to prove something since that would literally be the last meeting between the two teams due to Minnesota not wanting to schedule them any more. What I am saying is lets work some bracket magic here and allow UND and Minnesota the opportunity to potentially play in a Frozen Four… think of the story lines. as for Denver to Minnesota’s then switch Denver and Union I was trying to figure out how to explain my rationale step by step.

          • I was with you until you threw out the “Minnesota not wanting to schedule them any more…” silliness.

            These programs set their schedule at least a year out, and usually more. (The Gophers schedule is booked for the next 3 years.) Meanwhile, the Regents of the U of Minnesota stipulated that Minnesota should not play teams with “Native American nicknames or mascots.” And as you know full-well, as does most of the college hockey community, the University of North Dakota and North Dakota Legislature fought the mascot change away from the Fighting Sioux. And when they stopped…a private citizens group continued with an additional lawsuit. It wasn’t settled until JUNE 2012. WAY too late to schedule some games with Minnesota. North Dakota (and Minnesota) fans who will be missing this rivalry (and I will be one of them) have the University of North Dakota, the North Dakota Legislature and the private citizens group that brought the lawsuit to thank for that.

            Let’s be real. Was Minnesota just supposed to sit around and wait to see if UND would drop the name? And if UND didn’t…? Then Minnesota gets to fill out their NC schedule with the leftovers. The American Internationals and Sacred Hearts of the hockey world. Yeah, not happening.

            So sorry, but the reason Minnesota and UND aren’t going to be playing a regular season game for at least 3 years is because UND dragged this process out for 7 YEARS. They had plenty of time to come to a sensible conclusion before the end of the current incarnation of the WCHA. But that never happened.

            So while I am sad to see the rivalry lose steam for a few years, I have no doubt (now that the mascot issue is FINALLY settled) that we’ll see UND and Minnesota back on the regular season ice. And I can’t wait.

  14. I’d love to hear from the Quinnipiac faithful which scenario they think sounds better: You can travel to Providence and possibly play either Union or BC in the regional final OR you can travel to Manchester and possibly play UNH or Denver

  15. It seems to make no sense why Minnesota, North Dakota or Wisconsin wouldn’t have a regional every year. Looking at the top attendances in the nation, WI, ND, and MN are always at the top

    • if attendance truly is as important to the NCAA as moy has pointed out in his bracketology posts (and i have no doubt he’s correct), then that would certainly help improve attendance. final five & FF attendance at the X in st paul—even when minnesota isn’t involved—certainly support that assertion.

      it would seem the NCAA is trying to have it’s cake and eat it too. trying to maximize profit while feigning fairness with the current hosting/bracketing system. it’s the mushy middle.

      it seems the NCAA either needs to:

      1) embrace the neutral site mentality—even if it shakes out that a team gets a game close to home sometimes (e.g. michigan this year if they had won the CCHA tourney)—and just let the seeds fall where they may. (e.g. this year, keeping BC out west)


      2) pick sites based on attendance, as you suggest.

      and on a side note, perhaps somebody smarter than me can explain….what constitutes this vague “atmosphere” the NCAA considers that moy also references. that sounds REALLY subjective.

    • You are making way too much sense for the NCAA committee, and Jason Moy. This would leave only one regional in the East, something they would never stand for. See my suggestion below, in answer to Bob Neal, who mistakenly thought Wisconsin fans travel as well as Sioux fans.

  16. with BC’s lackluster play lately (5-4-2 since the beanpot (inclding: loss to merrimack, tie w/vermont, collapse vs BU)) and all the Q naysayers…I’m picking quinnipiac to make the FF—with an enormous chip on their shoulders.

    yeah, yeah, yeah…you’re certainly welcome to ridicule the pick (and I know many of you will (I can barely believe I picked Q myself)), or say “I told you so” later, but hey….at least I’m putting it out there.

    mark it down. Q makes the FF.

    Minny vs Quinnipiac for the title.

    • You are not far off. Why would people ridicule your pick? Q is playing better than BC right now. Parker Milner does not look like the 2 time Nat Champ goalie that he is. Your logic is very much on point. I am a HEA guy as you know but call em as I see them. QU is tough. Do not discount Union. Seriously. BC has D issues. Their Fans will understand your thoughts. They do have elite forward talent and heart / experience of Champ. Don’t underestimate CCHA teams. Just my parting thoughts. Good Luck.

      • I just know there’s not a lot of love for Q on the uscho boards—especially, I might add, from my fellow WCHA fans. but you’re right. oddly enough, I’ve found the BC faithful to be the most realistic about BC’s chances this year. guess that just comes w/watching them struggle a bit as of late. that being said…if there was money on the line, I can’t say I’d ever bet against BC. (well…I certainly wouldn’t feel good w/the pick anyway.) Thanks man. Enjoy the tourney. I can’t wait!

    • I applaud the intestinal fortitude with which you make your pick. Please finish: who will win, Minnesota or Q? NOTE: I respect your pick and an not ridiculing at all. It is just really bold.

  17. WCHA =Weak College Hockey Assoc.
    To compare the depth of the HEA TO the WCHA is a joke .You can replace the WORD WEAK WITH WHINERS also Maine had a down year but would beat the bottom 8 WCHA teams a man down all game.Same teams that nobody wanted when the BIG 10 announced they were coming.Those teams look like Div 3 schools most nights including SCSU. With BC limping into the tourny they are not a lock for the frozen four but stay tuned .I have the Sioux Notre Dame Union and Wisconsin winning .Lowell Wisconsin game is a toss up .Picking the Badgers .

    • Another thing, Pigeon. The last time Maine was in the championship game, we beat them 1-0 despite Maine having a 3-man advantage (6-3)for almost 2 full minutes. Fly back to your coop.

      • We’re you one of the 300 Denver in the fans in the Boston Garden in 2004? If so then u saw a UMaine team that was clearly superior. Weak call early in that game taking a goal off the board for UM. They even changed The “in the crease rules” the next season. That would have been a different game if that goal stands as it should. It changed momentum in the building quickly. Jimmy Howard let in a uncharacteristically / relative weak 20 foot wrister for the only goal. Maine hit 9 post and cross bars in the final 1:47.

        That was not a UMaine fan commenting so don’t take shots @ UM. I have been to Magness at least 20 times. Love the arena. Like the program. No sure about you tho. I am an HEA fan who absolutely respects and enjoys Western Hockey. Stop responding to Eagle. He is just trying to get under your skin. He does not speak for knowledgeable East Coast

        Good Luck in NH. I think the Shores can be unstoppable @ times. I would like to see DU bring their A game. I want to see if people truly recognize the talent you guys have.

        UMaine has a Shore Cousin and we are truly ecstatic about the Devin’s future.

        • I was at the Garden in 2004, and you stated a lot of “ifs” and alibis. If you want rules to be grandfathered to the previous year, then the victory would have been taken away from DU and a 1-1 tie would have been declared. How you can say “weak” call, is beyond my stupid thinking, since it was reviewed thoroughly for about 4 minutes. Your major omission, amongst your “ifs”, was the fact that Adam Berkhoel was outstanding, outplaying the much-more-hyped Jimmy Howard. BTW, DU played the both games at the Garden with the fans against them. Those BC fans that used their tickets were rooting for Maine.You overestimated the DU fans there, more like 150.

          I am the first to admit DU has a terrible time getting fans to games. There a few of us that travel to watch them play but not many do. Even our 3 home playoff games this year was an abomination with about 3,000 people to see our rival CC. Even realizing students were on Spring Break, it was a crime. I will be in Manchester with 6 others, and expect less than 100 to show up according to ticket office. I don’t know why this is the case, but it is.

          I am glad you have been to Magness, sincerely honestly hope you enjoyed it. I have had season tickets since 1996 but started watching college hockey as an Army fan. You will be able to figure out my relative age by the fact I had a Winter Pass for Army sports when the original Reilly was coach. He is/was the grandfather of the current coach. The games were held at Smith Rink with canvass walls. I am a Western hockey fan, but more important, a college hockey fan. Last year I was back east and caught the Beanpot when BC beat BU in OT, super exciting game. I did see empty seats, thought that odd condsidering the rivalry.

          I know Eagle is an idiot, hope he is not representative of many fans back east. I did not mean to demean HE or ECAC hockey or fans. Something, however, needs to be done with the selection process. The “committee” is extremely biased, know you don’t want to hear it. If you see the member make-up they are from Quinnipiac, Vermont, Air Force, Notre Dame, and Bemidji. There needs to be decisions made by those that have “no dog in the hunt”. Another answer I don’t have any ideas about, but something unbiased needs to be done for the teams and fans.

          • I agree that DU stepped up big time in 2004. I lived in Colorado Springs during that season and went to Denver games and adopted them along with my kid Brother (Major in Amy @ 33 with 4 Iraq tours) and he was stationed at Carson. We went to more games @ Denver than World Arena. We liked to Drive bout 80-90 mph up 25 to DU. Even tho we appreciated that premium adult libations were served @ both great sports venues. There was a Christmas Tourney that year and UNH came into Magness and won 6-1. So we could not figure out what Denver was that season. Loved Connor Jackson. Magness has that NHL game feel and we like it. Including turning lights off with spot lights for starting lineups and the players not wearing their helmets. It was different from HEA and it was a lot of fun.

            I also edited my post before your response. I felt it harsh so I appreciate your response and not making it personal. I just find that stuff to be stupid. We all love the game and true fans appreciate all conferences and regions.

            Back to FF in 2004. The Semi vs. UMD you had a lot of support from UMaine fans so it was not 2 games. It was just Sat night. Another quick correction. That was all Maine Fans that night. If you recall the UMaine v BC game UM owned the building that night as well. It’s hard to understand but UMaine has very large fan base. I would say there are actually more UM alums in the greater Boston area than BC. So extra Kudos to Denver for that win. 19,000 Crazy UM fans @ the Garden. To come out of that environment with NC is pretty impressive. Jimmy Howard was the real deal. Still has the best numbers of any goalie of all time. Including 5 straight shutouts vs. top 15 teams. DU earned it and I agree I was adding a lot of ifs and buts. Did you see the replay of the disallowed goal? Todd Jackson’s toe was on the crease line and the play was on the opposite side of net. Had absolutely nothing with that goal. I will say you earned that NC if you agree it would have been interesting to see the outcome if that goal is allowed. I think that is fair.

            If you are a West Point Graduate let me please pay my sincere respects. My brother teaches a few classes. My dad went to Annapolis. I have tremendous respect for West Point. I have never met a West Point Member that is not extremely impressive….no matter their path in life.

            Thank you and good luck.


          • Nice posts guys, the way it should be. I was 2 rows behind the net that UMaine peppered that last 2 minutes in ’04. Amazing that one didn’t go in, but an excellent game.
            DU Fan, see you in Manchester. I guess if there are only 7 of you, I can probably pick you out.
            Take care guys and good luck Denver. Though I do have to admit I hope the outcome is similar to when they played around Thanksgiving.

          • Getting Closer to the weekend. I have been in touch with my UNH friends today to discuss their feelings about this year. I trust your resume and being true fan of you program I wanted to get your thoughts on a few items.

            1.) Is Casey DeSmith an elite goalie? I happen to think he might be the most underrated net minder in the nation. What he did last season was earily similar to what Hellenbyck did for UML this year. I realize his last 10 games were not his best but he squares up to the puck and controls rebounds so well. He is quick like Felix Potvin and is bigger. Gillies and Hellenbyck got all the press. But Casey and to lesser extent Marty Ouelette are just as good and deserve more attention. I think Casey has a chance to be the UNH goalie to break through. Ty Conklin was amazing and if you know him you would not believe his size. He is not big at all but has to be one of strongest people I have know especially for that size. I am 6’3″ and 225 and played BBall in College so I fancy myself an athlete in my mid 30’s but when I am home visiting my family hanging out at the lake he is just a tough S.O.B. It made me realize what it takes to be a professional athlete. But Michael Ayers is the all-time gamer. He scared UM fans. The night he played @ Alfond after a UNH defender skated over his wrist and severed a tendon was remarkable. He was awesome that night stopping 110mph slap shots from the point from Colin Shields and Dustin Penner with his glove with that wrist injury. He went on to stone UM in HEA finals with 40+ saves with 20+ of the Grade “A” variety. Like your thoughts on Casey and any memories on UNH’s best goalies.

            2.) Can Austin Block and Grayson bury enough pucks to break through. I also think these two get no love from media. I watch UNH as much as UM and these two are great.

            3.) Does little Van Rdyke leave after the season. Rumors are abound. You are close & seem to know more than my boys and girls who on back 2 back NC’s in 1999 and 2000. They still all play together in MA. They are awesome people and great friends so impossible for me to be a UNH hater.

            4.) It is nice to have that “we have 2 how how bout you” chant or University of No Hardware to hold over your heads but its kinda lost its luster. I feel it would be better for UMaine and the rivalry if UNH got that off their backs. It would force us to sharpen our focus and bring in an Alum to come save the program. I.E. Jim Montgomery. I wish you a sincere good luck. I like all the teams (ex Wisconsin) in Manch Vegas but its time.

            5.) Does the 200×100 ice surface hurt you guys come tourney time? It’s a fun ice surface to watch. I like speed and great goaltending and The Whitt does show those two aspects. Great Building…You guys fill a big building even hen students on break. I love going to games there.

            After further review I am cheering for my neighbors. Good Luck!!

          • Yes, the weekend is finally within sight and I can’t wait.

            As for DeSmith, he definitely did what Hellebuyck has done and put the team in a situation that they could win every game. The only down thing I can say about Casey is he tends to let in the soft goals, which we saw a number of this year. That being said, I think he is solid and the second half of the year, the defense went away. I wouldn’t blame a lot of those goals on Casey at all. I hope he is that guy that can put together 4 huge games when it’s needed most. Oullette had a super 2nd half of the season and definitely made UMaine a team nobody wanted to play late in the year. Ty is one of the players I never got to meet in person, for some reason. I definitely remember the Ayers being skated over, it was not a year I made it to The Alfond, but was listening and it’s amazing that he was able to play the next night. As far as best UNH goalies, that I have seen, you hit 2 of them there, I think Conklin #1 and Ayers #2. Ayers obviously has proven his skills, as he is the USNTDP goalie coach now. Kevin Regan was not far behind either and back in the very early 90’s there was Jeff Levy, who only played one year and the team was awful, but he was very, very good. So many good memories, but they always end in frustration.
            I think Downing is a super player, he was compared to Jason Krog with the hands he has, but hasn’t had quite the talent around him. I think Henrion is the guy that should really be stepping up the scoring, but hasn’t. I have been very happy with Block’s output this year, but he (as Goumas) has a tendency to take dumb penalties out of frustration.
            I honestly think he stays one more year. Just a gut opinion, but I think he knows he has a ways to go to become the elite defenseman. I only hated UMaine when I was young, growing up, I have learned they are a great rival to have. When both teams are playing well, it takes some of the BC/BU talk away and it’s nice to see such a group of passionate fans. UNH fans could learn something from you guys. It amazes me how many fans are not going this weekend because they think we are going to lose. This should be the chance to put 10,000 blue and white shirts in the stands and make it home ice advantage. UMaine certainly would. I am 43 now and have learned a lot about respect and how to be more classy over the years.

            Oh, I definitely hear you, that it’s time to get that first one. Then you can come up with a new chant to use against us, which is part of the fun.
            As for the ice surface, I used to think it hurt them. They closed the corners in a couple years ago and the road play has improved. They have actually played very well in arenas like Merrimack, so I think the smaller ice surface is a little overrated. Obviously, UNH prefers the skating and breakout game, but they can play the more physical style now, if they need to. I do think The Whitt is a great building, but it’s getting tougher and tougher to sell the place out with the economy and ticket prices. I still love The Alfond too, I love the fact that the fans are right on top of the players. great atmosphere.
            Thanks again, for the luck, hopefully it will finally happen. Maybe the struggles and adversity of the 2nd half can work in their favor.
            Take care and see you in Pittsburgh. Maybe over a beer or two.

    • You do not represent the Eagles fans I know. You discredit Boston College, Hockey East, New England and hockey in general with your use of pejorative language and inflammatory tone.

      I know that they teach logic courses up at Chestnut Hill, perhaps you might audit one of them. My fellow posters might even take up a collection to defray the costs.

  18. I think we, as a college hockey community, needs to be concerned regarding the make-up of the Committee. Looking at the names and affiliations of these gentlemen, it is hard not to think that there might be conflicts of interest. This is not accusatory by any means, as the bracket (this year) appears to be as true as possible. However, would it not make more sense to have a Committee that had NO stock in terms of competing and winning the Championship? Why not have the make-up of the Committee be: current NHL/AHL/USHL coaches or GMs, writers, College Hockey, Inc, US Hockey execs. It just makes MORE sense to have a representatives of these organizations rather than those directly involved with the Universities that are participating.


    • The committee members are from Quinnipiac, Vermont, Air Force, Notre Dame, and Bemidji. Agree we need a selection process from people that have “no dog in the hunt”.

  19. It is sad that “attendance” aka $$ means giving one team a huge edge vs. another. As a Union fan I would much rather be in Toldeo vs. Miami than in Providence vs. BC – the building is going to be 90% BC fans – its a joke.

    • You had more fans in Tampa last year. Feel good about your matchup. I am a HEA fan and respect the BC program but they will not own the building. If Union plays like they have over last 6+ weeks it will be a great game. Your goalie is a stud and BC’s D has holes in it right now. Have faith. Union was a bad period against Ferris St away from giving an awesom BC a real game last year in FF. I think the matchup has Karma going for Union. Good Luck.

    • BC/BU get breaks every year, what difference is it if they’re in the east or northeast, 1 is 50 miles from them, the other 40

  20. If they would just match them up by rankings then no one could complain. But instead they invite all this crap when they are biased in placing teams in different areas. Just like the BCS they are all about the money!! Real hockey fans will show up to watch hockey no matter what, shouldn’t have to bribe people into watching their team.

  21. Two things jump out at me… 6 WCHA teams being forced into THREE brackets? Fearful of another all WCHA Frozen Four? If they have the four best teams why not let them do it (maybe cuz you East coast folks are afraid?)… Secondly, I see another (potential) early matchup between No Dak & Minn. Easily THE BEST rivalry in college hockey! Both teams are good enuf to make a run, I think it would (could) make for one of the best Championship games ever (history of programs and the utter HATRED between the two schools!). BUt no ONCE AGAIN east coast haters made sure that cant happen AGAIN!

    • A No Dak and Minn championship game would be awesome to see, however what I’m looking forward to seeing is UND preventing UM from making it to the frozen four, and then UND finally beating BC in the NCAA tourny, they are always our road block in the NCAA

  22. I think more effort should have been made to desperate the clearly weaker teams. E.g. Canisius shouldn’t be in the same region as QU. Switching them with St Cloud might have made some sense to me at least. The Northeast is stacked while Providence is really weak.

    • P.S. thanks for all the work and thought that you put into this every week. It’s a great column that’s always fun.

  23. Jayson does a great job. My issue with the bracket in general is that once you have a team traveling > 15 hours they are flying anyway. Championship atmosphere only applies if you are sending North Dakota to the Excel Energy Center. Once you make their great fans drive 20 hours, you might as well send them to Providence or Manchester as they are flying anyway. The Providence bracket is unbelievably weak, plus I think the fans out there deserve to see a big name team on the list outside of BC. Not that I hate the UND-Minnesota matchup, as it is very rich and will be a great game. My problem is that UND is better than that, and shouldn’t have to drive 20 hours and then play a team it has seen already when it could play Quinnipiac and see if that conference is really as good as the Pairwise says it is. I prefer bracket integrity to atmosphere, particularly when you are choosing atmosphere that requires a flight anyway.

  24. Great thing the WCHA had six teams,,,,what a joke !! a list of teams that got shafted:

    1. Michigan
    2. RPI
    3. Providence
    4. BU

    Alll four teams were a better fit than Minnesota State,,Denver, even St Cloud who will be done tomorrow..

  25. Not sure what was going on with UML on Saturday, but they looked awful. No hop what so ever. They looked hungover, or sick, or completely disinterested and Bazin did little to rally the troops. Penn State didn’t look particularly amazing either, just waaay more determined.

    Smith (G) was fairly solid but got absolutely no help, I looked at only one of the GA as marginally soft. He made a nice stop on a breakaway that I thought might turn the game around, but it didn’t happen. UML’s D looked confused and tentative in their own end with both D-men frequently playing the same puck and no spread, leading to confusion and turnovers. The forwards lacked the puck pursuit we’ve seen in most of the previous games and the puck support in both ends was spotty at best, leading to a possession edge for PSU. I’ll have to say that the first period of Saturday’s game was as bad a period as I’ve seen in the Bazin era. Hopefully, they got it out of their systems.


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