Hockey East picks – Nov. 21-25

Last week was good, but not great. My lead stays at three games.

Dave last week: 8-4-1
Jim last week: 8-4-1
Dave’s record-to-date: 58-25-8
Jim’s record-to-date: 55-28-8

Here are this week’s picks:

Friday, Nov. 21

Vermont at Connecticut 
Dave’s pick: Both teams have been very pleasant surprises, but the Catamounts should emerge victorious.
UVM 2, UConn 1
Jim’s pick: Agreed. As well as UConn has played, UVM is the better team.
UVM 4, UConn 2

Boston College at Massachusetts
Dave’s pick: The Eagles win their second straight with style.
BC 4, UMass 1
Jim’s pick: Sometimes this game can be a headache for BC. But I still think BC can win
BC 3, UMass 2

Northeastern at Merrimack
Dave’s pick: Home ice makes the difference in this matchup.
MC 2, NU 1
Jim’s pick: I think this is more than just home ice. Merrimack is simply a better team right.
MC 4, NU 1

Maine at Boston University
Dave’s pick: What a rebound the Terriers have made from last year!
BU 4, UM 2
Jim’s pick: Road. Maine. Enough said.
BU 5, UM 2

Providence at New Hampshire 
Dave’s pick: I keep saying that this is the week that the Friars assert themselves. But if I keep saying it and it still doesn’t happen, pretty soon I’ve got to stop saying it. One more week.
PC 3 UNH 2 (OT)
Jim’s pick: Both of these teams confuse me right now. I feel like Providence is the better team. But I like the influence of home ice.
UNH 3, PC 2

Massachusetts-Lowell at Notre Dame 
Dave’s pick: It’s hard not to pick a split the way the league has been going, but since the Thursday night win is already a done deal, I’m going with the River Hawks to sweep.
UML 4, UND 3
Jim’s pick: I said last week that this was a split series, but Lowell dominated Notre Dame over the second half if the game on Thursday, making it too tough to pick the Irish.
UML 2, UND 1

Saturday, Nov. 22

Boston University at Connecticut 
Dave’s pick: The Huskies took a point in this matchup a couple weeks ago, but it’s really hard to pick against the Terriers right now.
BU 4, UConn 2
Jim’s pick: UConn player BU tough in Boston. Which makes this game ripe for revenge.
BU 4, UConn 1

Providence at New Hampshire
Dave’s pick: I should probably go with a split, but I’m remaining all-in on the Friars. At least until next week.
PC 2, UNH 1
Jim’s pick: Friars get the split at home.
PC 4, UNH 1

Maine at Boston College
Dave’s pick: The Black Bears have to get a road win sometime, but I said that for a long time last year, too. The Eagles get their third straight.
BC 3, UM 2
Jim’s pick: I don’t know what the road anti-magic is for Maine but I don’t see it ending soon.
BC 5, UM 2

Merrimack at Northeastern
Dave’s pick: How can I write in this week’s column about all the splits and then pick so many sweeps? I either have a problem with consistency or I’m just plain dumb. But I still think the 7-3-1 team beats the 1-8-1 team.
MC 3, NU 2
Jim’s pick: Yes, Dave is simply stupid.
NU 4, MC 2

Vermont at Massachusetts 
Dave’s pick: The first-place Catamounts run their record to 9-2-1.
UVM 3, UMass 2
Jim’s pick: I continue to simply love the Cats.
UVM 4, UMass 2

Tuesday, Nov. 25

Massachusetts at Vermont
Dave’s pick: Here’s another pick to sweep. The Catamounts pick up six huge league points in five days.
UVM 4, UMass 1
Jim’s pick: If they win on the road, I am picking the Cats at home.
UVM 3, UMass 1

Harvard at Boston University
Dave’s pick: Harvard has jumped out to a great start, but BU trumps that high card.
BU 4, HU 2
Jim’s pick: If this game were at Harvard it is more difficult to pick.
BU 3, HU 2

Army at Providence
Dave’s pick: I made my picks of the Friars sweeping UNH with considerable misgivings. I’ve got none about this one.
PC 4, Army 1
Jim’s pick: Hockey East teams have had their way with Army in recent years. Shouldn’t change here.
PC 5, Army 1

Rensselaer at New Hampshire 
Dave’s pick: The Wildcats win their “sandwich” game between series against Providence and BC.
UNH 3, RPI 2 (OT)
Jim’s pick: RPI is among the most inconsistent. Which team shows up?
UNH 3, RPI 1