Atlantic Hockey Picks, Dec. 5 – 6

Last week:

Dan: 3-4
Chris: 5-2

On the season:

Dan: 53-33-12 (.602)
Chris: 56-30-12 (.633)


This Week’s Picks:

Friday, December 5 and Saturday, December 6
Mercyhurst at Army
Dan: Army’s had some major issues over its history with the Lakers, but surprisingly none of those issues are at Tate Rink. Mercyhurst’s lost only nine games in its history to the Black Knights – eight of which are in West Point. Call me crazy, but after two games earlier this year, I find it incredibly hard to knock off a team four times in Atlantic Hockey. Mercyhurst wins on Friday. Army wins on Saturday.
Chris: Not crazy at all and I’m thinking along the same lines. Both teams have played better the second night of weekend series, but I’m going with Army at home to be the difference there. Mercyhurst wins on Friday. Army wins on Saturday.

Air Force at Bentley
Dan: Get ready for a good, fun match between two young goalies if Jayson Argue plays for Bentley and goes head-to-head with Air Force sophomore Chris Truehl. Despite Bentley’s successes in Colorado, nobody on the team’s taken more than one point at home. Air Force is slightly ahead of Bentley right now, especially in light of the injuries and scattered lineup in Watertown. So while I think a tie is in order for Friday, I need to pick the team that’ll win on Saturday. Since I can’t pick ties at all for these purposes, I’ll call it an Air Force sweep.
Chris: These teams have played some wild games, especially at Bentley.  Games like this. And this. Bentley needs these points at home, because they won’t be back to the JAR until the end of January. I’m picking the Falcons to win each night. Yeah, I mean Bentley on Friday and Air Force on Saturday.

American International at Canisius
Dan: AIC hasn’t won in over a month, compounded by playing only four home games to this point. Two of those home games came against Canisius, who swept the Jackets back in October. Canisius sweeps.
Chris: Canisius got into the winning column at HarborCenter last weekend with a split against Air Force and and I think they’ll have even more success this weekend with a sweep.

Holy Cross at Niagara
Dan: Great test for the Crusaders out in Western New York. Niagara’s suddenly hot, having won three in a row with last week’s sweep of Army. If Holy Cross can end that streak, we’ll know they’re for real. Holy Cross sweeps.
Chris: This should be a highly competitive series in which I could make a case for zero to four points for both purple-clad squads. As Dan said, Niagara has won three in a row, and Holy Cross has just one loss in its last eight contests. I too have become a believer in the Crusaders, and am going with a Holy Cross sweep.

Sacred Heart at Robert Morris
Dan: #20 RMU enjoyed a weekend off last week, returning to the national polls by not playing. But they come back by drawing a Sacred Heart team battle tested by a 3-1 record in one or two goal games. I like the Pioneers here to take one game. Sacred Heart wins on FridayRMU wins on Saturday.
Chris: Sacred Heart has been a pretty good road team so far (4-2-1), but RMU has the extra motivation to stay in the Top 20. Robert Morris sweeps.



  1. Not only is Jack a better player he also out played Abbott in there game, so Jack hands down should win the Hobey! 

  2. “[I]ronic, given that Miami was the first team to declare its intention to leave the CCHA after the formation of the Big Ten Hockey Conference was announced”

    Give me a break, Paula. All season you keep painting Miami as the villain for the break-up of the CCHA instead of acknowledging that the whole thing came about thanks to the Big Ten teams jumping ship, even if that decision came from the ADs and not the hockey programs themselves. Were it not for them, we’d still have a CCHA.

    While I’m just as sad as the rest of us to see the CCHA go, the teams did what they had to do to survive – unlike the Big Ten teams, Miami only really has hockey for its national exposure, so why sit around and not be proactive about landing somewhere that would benefit us from a hockey standpoint?

    Also, Brady Hjelle for goaltender of the year? You must be joking. Tremendous player, but the best? Talk about bias alert. Have fun covering the Big Ten next year – then again that’s what you’ve covered for the last few years anyway so it shouldn’t be a change for you.

  3. Hahahaha.
    The “first” to declare intentions to leave the CCHA after the BTHC was announced? So in other words, Miami was the first to jump overboard after Ohio State, Michigan, and Michigan State already torpedoed the ship. How terribly thoughtless of Miami.

    So angry Paula! It doesn’t become you.

  4. Let me get this straight, Paula. Hjelle was named POTY, yet you don’t think he can lead his squad to a single win this weekend.

    Your ‘team of the year,’ based off the final predictions, will finish in 8th place…exactly where the coaches had them in the preseason poll.

    I won’t even get into the ludicrousness of the ‘first to declare’ statement.

  5. If all the hot chicks jumped off my boat I wouldn’t stay and mess around with the ugly ones either. I would go find hotter chicks than the ones I played with earlier…
    Your player of the year is going to get embarrassed this weekend by the way…

  6. After reading the last couple of Paula’s additions, I didn’t think her opinions could be any more unfounded or ignorant, but then I read this. This really takes the cake. Yes Paula, it’s Miami’s fault the CCHA is no more.

    Good luck in your fantasy world Paula.

  7. I’ll bet if you go back and re-examine how the league began to crumble AFTER the Big 10 stuck a knife in the gut of the league, you’ll probably remember that Notre Dame was pretty much leading the charge elsewhere too. As speculation ran rampant, most believed that Miami would follow the Irish to Hockey East. It was more than common knowledge that Notre Dame was not going to be back to the CCHA, post B10 hockey. Miami only beat them to the punch with a deal that was too hard to pass up. Get off their back!

  8. “given that Miami was the first team to declare its intention to leave the CCHA after the formation of the Big Ten Hockey Conference was announced”. Yeah….what’s your point? You upset that Miami is in position to win the league? Stick with reporting and keep your “feelings” to yourself.

    That’s like saying your beloved Ohio State is in first place…right behind Miami, Western, ND, and Ferris…hahaha

  9. “…given that Miami was the first team to declare its intention to leave the CCHA after the formation of the Big Ten Hockey Conference was announced, but I digress…”

    Yet another viewpoint from Paula, who apparently cannot see without her B1G glasses on

  10. Sooo the way I look at it, Brady Hjelle wins the Paula Weston best CCHA player on a Big 10 team award? Really must have been tough to pull that one out since all B1G teams can do is beat each other. Hjelle gave up 10 goals to 10th place Michigan at home in a series where they were battling for a home playoff series, and even got pulled on Saturday! Are you freaking kidding me!?

  11. So let me get this right. Miami’s arch rival and nearest CCHA opponent, OSU, was leaving. Two other high profile opponents with relatively short bus rides from Oxford, Uof M and MSU were leaving, What was left besides BGSU, ND, and WMU were long, longer, and longest bus rides from Oxford, 358 miles to FSU, 543 miles to LSSU, and 652 miles to NMU, plus the flight to Alaska in a lower profile conference. …and you think Miami should have “taken one for the league” and stayed?

  12. The ridiculousness of the “Miami was the first team to declare its intention to leave the CCHA after the formation of the Big Ten Hockey Conference was announced” comment notwithstanding, I find it very hard to believe all 6 series will end in sweeps this weekend…

  13. Paula, why is it that the only time you ever mention the #1 team in the league is to incorrectly blame them for the demise of the CCHA or to give a backhanded compliment? If you’re upset about the end of the CCHA then place credit where credit is due; Michigan, Michigan State and your beloved Buckeyes. I’m really looking forward to not reading your articles next season about how wonderful the mediocre teams in the B1G are. It’s probably the best thing to come out of the demise of the CCHA!

  14. I have been trying to figure the tiebreakers for seeding the last few minutes. This is what I have for Saturday’s games.

    If Miami wins, they are #1, if they lose and WMU wins, they are #1, if ND wins they get #1 if both Miami and WMU lose. If Miami wins, ND needs to win and have WMU lose to get the #2 seed, If Miami, WMU and ND all win, the stay the same with Miami #1, WMU #2 and ND #3.

    The #4 and #5 spots are pretty clear cut. If OSU wins they get the #4 seed. If OSU loses and Ferris wins, Ferris is #4 and OSU drops to #5. If both lose OSU is #4 and Ferris #5.

    Alaska has locked up the #6 seed and will host #11 seed MSU in the first round series.

    7-10 are still a royal mess.

    If Michigan wins, and BGSU loses, Michigan is the #7 seed. The winner of LSSU-NMU would jump to the #8 seed and BGSU would drop to the 9th seed. If BGSU wins, and Michigan loses, BGSU is the #7 seed. LSSU-NMU winner is 8th, Michigan is 9th and LSSU-NMU loser is 10th.

    If both BGSU and Michigan win then BGSU is the #7 seed and Michigan is the #8 seed. This is based on tiebreaker of goals for and against among the tied teams. BGSU won 5-1 and lost 1-3, for an aggregate of 6-4. The LSSU-NMU winner is 9th and the lose 10th.

    If both BGSU and Michigan lose, then the winner of the LSSU-NMU game moves to the #7 seed, BGSU would be the #8 and Michigan the #9, followed by the LSSU-NMU loser as the #10.

    MSU has already locked up the #11 spot and will head way west for first round playoff action in Alaska.

    I have to calculated ties and shootouts into these calculation, as they would create another entire mess for seedings.


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