NCHC picks: Jan. 16

Last week, I went 5-3 (.625) while Matthew went 6-2 (.750). On the year, I am 77-34-7 (.682) and Matthew is 74-37-7 (.656). This league is a bear to pick. Let’s see how we do.

Friday-Saturday, Jan. 16-17

No. 8 Omaha at Colorado College
Candace: CC is the cellar-dwellar in the NCHC, but nobody should underestimate the Tigers. UNO coach Dean Blais knows this. Omaha 3-2, 3-1
Matthew: CC is a much better team than its record suggests, but I’m having difficulty seeing anything other than a sweep for Omaha here. Omaha 3-2. 2-1

St. Cloud State at No. 13 Denver
Candace: This is likely a split, but good luck picking the right date for the win. St. Cloud 3-2, Denver 2-1
Matthew: I have a feeling SCSU’s sweep of Miami last weekend is going to be a springboard toward a solid second-half run, and I think the Huskies will pick up another win this weekend. St. Cloud State 4-2, Denver 3-2

Western Michigan at No. 5 Minnesota-Duluth
Candace: I’m sure both these games will be a battle, but I’m picking the Bulldogs to sweep. Minnesota-Duluth 3-2, 3-1
Matthew: Western has been hot lately, and it split with UMD when the teams met in Duluth last weekend. I think it’s going to happen again here. Western Michigan 3-1, Minnesota-Duluth 2-0

Niagara at No. 3 North Dakota
Candace: Even with North Dakota’s penchant for difficulty on Friday, I don’t see anything but a UND sweep. North Dakota 4-2, 4-1
Matthew: One loss to the Purple Eagles — let alone two — would do some real damage to UND in terms of the PairWise. I don’t see it happening, though. North Dakota 3-1, 4-1


  1. Gotta say, the “UND may be able to keep their nickname” comment shows a total lack of understanding of the issues. Just because the house passed legislation doesn’t mean the legislation will make it to the governor, and doesn’t mean he will sign. Even more importantly, it has no bearing whatsoever on the NCAA’s stance on the nickname, nor does it have any effect on the legally binding settlement the state has with the NCAA regarding the nickname.

    • That’s why the word “may” is there. It might happen, no where does it say it is a done deal or will be settled soon. Just because the NCAA is against it, doesn’t mean UND can’t keep it. What the NCAA says is that we can’t host post season events if we keep it. This isn’t a blog about the Sioux nickname, so I don’t think Theresa needed to go any more in depth on it, other than touch on a topic that is being discussed this week. It doesn’t mean she isn’t knowledgable about the topic.

      • Precisely. I try not to get too into the nickname mess (except to say that I personally support it). However, the nickname saga has been written about on the site in the past and since it’s a new bit of news, I figured I’d link to it. This seemed like as good of a place as any to do so.

        Same thing with the story about the CC team and their insane bus trip.

          • This is the only reason I like picking the nights … because on the occasions that I do actually nail them, it makes it feel that much sweeter. It also gives me teams to cheer for. ;) “No! You can’t win! I have you winning tomorrow, darnit!”

        • I think you touched on the subject as much needed as you could or should. A bit of info to people that dont know what is going on here is all you should to talk about.. Well done theresa! This is a hockey blog and not a debate over the nickname which I of course support as well. Congrats goes out the Grand Forks Red River hocky team for winning the ND high school championship last nite at the Ralph And to Medler for being the Mr. Hockey of North Dakota from Minot!

  2. This will be a test of UNO’s mettle this weekend. This should be an easy sweep. Whether it is or not is another matter.

    For as probable as a North Dakota sweep would seem, there sure seems to be some angst about playing Niagara in their season thread. And, there is NO upside to playing them at this point of this particular season.

    At least UNO is playing a conference foe.

    Clash of the titans coming up in 2 weeks in Omaha, likely to be the biggest conference series in UNO history–by a TON.

  3. Another tough non conference weekend for North Dakota. It’s not hard to figure out why their pairwise is so weak. North Dakota wins college hockey’s award for the cupcake schedule.

    North Dakota should refund their season ticket holders. Who would want to go to Die Ralph and watch games against Niagara, Bemidji, Providence and Air Force? What a joke.

    • Who would want to watch your wiscblow team? oh yeah….they cant even muster up a sell out against any team. 7th hardest schedule in the country so far……yeah, real cupcake. Time to head back down into mommy’s basement.

      • Chocker Chocker Chocker………

        I assume you live in North Dakota. I live in Chicago, but I’m in Minneapolis for the weekend. Minneapolis is a fair meeting place halfway between our respective homes. Why don’t you meet me in Minneapolis and we can discuss this like men? Let me know where I can meet you.

        • For one thing they make these schedules up 3-4 years in advance. Another thing is they went 9-1-1 in non conference which helps them get to be #4 in the pairwise. Another thing, you need a clue or 6.

          • Thanks for the “Another things.” Another thing is I think I’ve learned a lot from you. Another thing is I’m glad to see you turn off the caps lock. Another thing is it felt like you were angry.

  4. Anybody want to give an opinion as to what motivates this sort of childish behavior by wisco? Traumatic childhood experience, poor parenting, health problems, short in height, jealousy, economic problems..? Its sad to see someone’s problems turned outward and on display like this.


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