Rankings roundup: How ranked teams fared, Jan. 19-25

Boston College followed up a win over Merrimack by beating Connecticut on Saturday (photo: Melissa Wade).

Here’s how the teams in the Jan. 19., 2015, USCHO.com Division I Men’s Poll fared from Monday, Jan. 19 to Sunday, Jan. 25:

Minnesota State
Friday: beat No. 17 Minnesota 4-2
Saturday: lost to Bemidji State 3-1
19-5-1 Friday-Saturday: vs. Ferris State
North Dakota
Friday: beat Colorado College 2-1
Saturday: beat Colorado College 5-3
18-5-2 Friday-Saturday: at Omaha
Boston University
Friday: won at No. 12 Vermont 4-2
Saturday: won at No. 12 Vermont 2-1 (OT)
15-4-4 Friday: vs. Massachusetts
Friday: lost at Cornell 3-2
Saturday: won at No. 15 Colgate 6-1
12-4-2 Friday: vs. Union
Friday: lost to No. 18 Providence 7-3
Saturday: lost at No. 18 Providence 4-1
15-7-3 Friday: at Merrimack
Saturday: vs. Merrimack
Bowling Green
Friday: lost to Lake Superior State 3-1
Saturday: beat Lake Superior State 3-1
15-5-4 Friday-Saturday: at Bemidji State
Friday: lost to Bemidji State 4-0
Saturday: beat No. 17 Minnesota 2-1
14-9-1 Friday-Saturday: at Denver
Off 15-6-3 Friday-Saturday: vs. North Dakota
Friday: lost to No. 11 Denver 3-1
Saturday: beat No. 11 Denver 4-1
15-9 Saturday: at Western Michigan
Michigan Tech
Friday: beat Alaska 4-3 (OT)
Saturday: beat Alaska 3-2
18-7-1 Friday-Saturday: vs. Alabama-Huntsville
Friday: won at No. 9 Miami 3-1
Saturday: lost at No. 9 Miami 4-1
14-8-1 Friday-Saturday: vs. Minnesota-Duluth
Friday: lost to No. 3 Boston University 4-2
Saturday: lost to No. 3 Boston University 2-1 (OT)
15-8-2 Saturday: vs. Penn State
Friday: lost at St. Lawrence 3-2 (OT)
Saturday: lost at Clarkson 1-0
11-6-2 Friday: vs. Princeton
Saturday: vs. Quinnipiac
Wednesday: lost at No. 19 Boston College 2-1
Friday: tied Massachusetts 4-4
Sunday: lost at Massachusetts 4-1
13-8-3 Tuesday: at Connecticut
Friday: vs. UMass-Lowell
Saturday: at UMass-Lowell
Friday: tied Dartmouth 2-2
Saturday: lost to No. 4 Harvard 6-1
14-8-2 Friday: vs. Cornell
Saturday: at Cornell
Friday: won at Wisconsin 7-4
Saturday: won at Wisconsin 6-0
15-7 Friday: vs. Michigan State
Friday: lost to No. 1 Minnesota State 4-2
Saturday: lost to No. 7 Minnesota-Duluth 2-1
11-9-2 Friday-Saturday: at Wisconsin
Friday: won at No. 5 UMass-Lowell 7-3
Saturday: beat No. 5 UMass-Lowell 4-1
16-8-1 Friday: at Boston College
Boston College
Wednesday: beat No. 14 Merrimack 2-1
Saturday: beat Connecticut 3-2
15-8-2 Friday: vs. Providence
Off 15-8-1 Friday: at Brown
Saturday: at Yale


  1. Can’t believe the slide that Minnesota is in. I haven’t seen them play since early in the season but they have a ton of talent, at what point do you start to look at the coaching staff and making changes?

    • With the changes to the D1 college landscape the staff appears below the curve (recruiting/style of recruits). For example, Cammarata? Kid is only useful on the PP (Buttery hands, heavy shot) but 5 on 5 he is a non-entity.

      The youth of the team isn’t helping.

      • Yeah, I don’t follow them that closely to be honest but what I have seen is a team with tons of talent at all positions up and down the roster that just seems lost at this point in the season.

        And youth isn’t a good excuse anymore for the top teams, they always have youth because they all have guys that leave early. Look college hockey is at its best (imho) when the top teams are all competitive and then there are a few upstart programs each year that make it super exciting.

        • I totally agree.

          The big schools need to be competitive b/c they are stacked with talent, and a few upstarts can be good b/c they have some talent and a lot of upperclassmen.

          When that is the case, college hockey is at its most exciting.

        • I say the youth of the team isn’t helping because the younger kids haven’t developed physically (unlike playing against the 24 and 25 year olds of MN State (and MANY other teams). No excuses though, they have lapses every game where they look lost and then turn it on and show the inherent talent. As a fan it’s frustrating.

          Lucia needs to take a page from the approach other coaches employ. That is playing the top two lines more often. Other coaches use the TV timeouts to keep the best players on the ice. Lucia does that but not with the frequency of other coaches. He plays 1 thru 4 too often.

          Biggest difference I see from last years team….they miss the neutral and D zone play of Haula, Condon and Parenteau.

    • Some people have been discussing this issue for a while: why do Lucia’s teams seem to underwhelm so often, when they are usually pretty loaded with talent?
      Simple answer is that he’s not a very good coach.
      I’ve thought this, too, but at the same time, I think the problem is more complicated than that.

      For example, look at all the other coaches who tend (or tended) to have very talented teams every year: Berenson, Hakstol, Eaves, Parker, Gwozdecky, Sandelin, Woog, Sertich, Blais… the list goes on.

      All those coaches have up and down years, and it’s not b/c they ever have truly poor teams, in terms of talent. Those coaches won a lot of games over the years, but none of them won more than 3 NCs and some of them never won it at all.
      Wouldn’t we say all those guys are/were great coaches?
      So what’s the answer?

      I don’t know, that’s for sure.
      But what I do know is that the Gophers look terrible right now.
      Losing to good teams is part of sports.
      Playing uninspired, sloppy hockey is not.

      • You are right that most schools have down years but each has a different definition of down. Look I am a UND fan and very proud of it, so take this with a grain of salt when I say that Hakstol really doesn’t have down years, pretty much always in the tournament and that is about all that these coaches can be expected to do. Get into the NCAA tournament and then what happens, happens.

        At the same time if you don’t win it every now and then if you get there over and over you are going to see a coaching change.

        But overall your comment holds true that the top programs are very rarely rebuilding, they just reload and go year after year and MN is pretty much always one of them but this team came in with a lot of hype and as much if not more talent than anyone in the country and to lose some of the games they have lately, obviously something is wrong. Not that I care really, because I don’t care for the Gopher hockey team but I would think that Lucia is on thin ice if something doesn’t turn pretty quickly given the lean years they had a few years back (didn’t they miss the NCAA tournament like 3 or 4 years straight?) you combine that with this and that makes for trouble I would think.


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