Women’s D-I picks: Feb. 19

It comes down to the final weekend. Arlan and I both went 18-5-5 (.732)  last week, moving to 277-104-41 (.704). Will one of us finish on top?

Thursday, Saturday, Feb. 19, 21

Boston University vs. Boston College (home-and-home)
Candace: Yes, both games will be close, but BC has proven better at key moments of the season. Boston College 3-2, 4-2
Arlan: When teams with great players clash, a lot of different story lines could emerge, but because they have better balance throughout, more of them favor the Eagles. Boston College 6-2, 5-3

Friday, Feb. 19

Clarkson at Dartmouth
Candace: Picking the Big Green has been a dangerous proposition. Clarkson 3-2
Arlan: Perhaps the game where a ranked team is most likely to fall to an unranked opponent, but I’m just not feeling it. Clarkson 2-1

St. Lawrence at Harvard
Candace: Watch the Saints earn at least a point to make the final game of the year even more interesting. Harvard 3-1
Arlan: Maybe this one won’t even be this close. Harvard 4-2

Cornell at Rensselaer
Candace: The Big Red haven’t been the epitome of consistency, but I like them in this game. Cornell 4-1
Arlan: The Engineers don’t have a good answer for the Jenner line. Cornell 5-2

Quinnipiac at Yale
Candace: It doesn’t matter if the Bulldogs are home or away; Quinnipiac is better. Quinnipiac 3-1
Arlan: The Bobcats won the first two meetings this season by three goals; I doubt they do so again. Quinnipiac 2-1

Friday-Saturday, Feb. 20-21

Mercyhurst at Lindenwood
Candace: The Lakers don’t really have anything to play for, but it won’t stop them from getting a sweep. Mercyhurst 3-1, 4-1
Arlan: In the big picture, these games aren’t as important to the Lakers, but I still don’t think Lindenwood gets more than a tie. Mercyhurst 3-1, 2-1

Robert Morris at Penn State
Candace: I could flip a coin 10 times and stand a better chance of picking this correctly. Penn State 3-2, 3-1
Arlan: Looks like a couple of games where sometime after the second intermission, somebody will score a goal to win it. Penn State 3-2, 2-1

RIT vs. Syracuse (home-and-home)
Candace: The Orange haven’t lit the world on fire away from home, so I’m calling a split. Syracuse 3-1, RIT 3-2
Arlan: The final opportunities for the Orange to add to their program-record 10 ties. Syracuse 3-2, RIT 1-0

Minnesota at Bemidji State
Candace: To paraphrase Taylor Swift, “They should keep in mind, they should keep in mind, there is nothing we do better than revenge.” Minnesota 4-1, 4-2
Arlan: It’s been more than three years since the Gophers lost to a team that wasn’t wearing green; BSU wears green. Minnesota 3-1, 2-1

Ohio State at Minnesota-Duluth
Candace: Do the Bulldogs wake up for a critical series? Sure, why not. Minnesota-Duluth 3-2, 3-1
Arlan: If the Buckeyes get swept, sweep, or take five points, they don’t have to return to Duluth in a week; any other outcome, and they’ll probably be back. Minnesota-Duluth 1-0, 3-1

Minnesota State at North Dakota
Candace: How many goals will UND rack up? North Dakota 4-1, 5-1
Arlan: The last time the Mavericks visited Grand Forks, they stuck a huge monkey wrench in UND’s season. North Dakota 5-2, 4-0

St. Cloud at Wisconsin
Candace: The Badgers’ offense has been disturbingly absent of late, but there you go. Wisconsin 4-1, 3-2
Arlan: This is just a dress rehearsal for the WCHA quarterfinals. Wisconsin 5-1, 6-0

Saturday, Feb. 21

St. Lawrence at Dartmouth
Candace: It’s been hard to get a handle on the Big Green, but the Saints have been more consistent. St. Lawrence 4-2
Arlan: Whoever loses will request a recount. St. Lawrence 3-2

Clarkson at Harvard
Candace: The Crimson claim the top seed in the ECAC. Harvard 4-2
Arlan: The Crimson are the hottest team in the country in February. Harvard 2-1

Colgate at Rensselaer
Candace: The winner gets to finish ninth in the ECAC. Colgate 3-2
Arlan: The only game before the national championship where both teams know it is their final game no matter what happens. Rensselaer 2-1

Princeton at Yale
Candace: Yale is very frustrating to pick, and even though the Bulldogs are home, I like the Tigers. Princeton 2-1
Arlan: What’s the hockey equivalent of a photo finish? Princeton 3-2

Saturday-Sunday, Feb. 21-22

Connecticut at Maine
Candace: I keep wishing I had picked Maine against New Hampshire a few weeks ago. Maine 1-0, 2-1
Arlan: I think that Maine has come back to the pack a bit. Connecticut 2-1, Maine 1-0

Vermont at Providence
Candace: I’m going with recent results, just like I should have when Yale faced Dartmouth a couple of weeks ago. Vermont 3-1, 4-1
Arlan: I’m not sure if either of these teams won a game that I picked it to win all year. Vermont 3-2, 2-1

Northeastern at New Hampshire (home-and-home)
Candace: The Huskies continue their renaissance, just in time for the postseason. Northeastern 3-1, 3-1
Arlan: The Wildcats’ three-game unbeaten streak matches a season high. Northeastern 2-1, 4-2