NCHC picks: Feb. 27

Matthew is fading in the rearview mirror, as I correctly picked Denver to sweep Colorado College. I went a measly 4-4 (.500), but Matthew went 3-5 (.375), so on the year, I am 106-45-10 (.720) and Matthew is 99-52-10 (.677), a healthy seven-game lead with two weeks left.

Let’s get to this week’s action.

Friday-Saturday, Feb. 27-28

Western Michigan at Colorado College
Candace: Somehow, I think CC finds a way to lose when it should win. Besides, I think the Broncos are playing for position. Western Michigan 3-2, 3-2
Matthew: Is this the weekend that CC gets back into the win column and starts its stretch run in earnest? It wouldn’t surprise me. Colorado College 3-2, Western Michigan 3-2

No. 5 Miami at No. 7 Denver
Candace: Yes, this is a split. Miami has to hope it can stay within striking distance of North Dakota. Denver 3-1, Miami 4-3
Matthew: This series has “split” written all over it, but the difficulty is in predicting who wins which night. Denver 3-1, Miami 3-1

No. 8 Omaha at No. 6 Minnesota-Duluth
Candace: I feel like I should pick an Omaha sweep, just to strike terror into the heart of @RedArmyUNO, but I’m not that cruel. Neither team has been setting the world on fire of late. Minnesota-Duluth 2-1, Omaha 3-2
Matthew: UMD’s results have been pretty up-and-down of late, but Omaha has lost four of its last five and I’m wondering what’s going on with the Mavericks. Minnesota Duluth 3-1, 3-2

St. Cloud State at No. 1 North Dakota
Candace: A few weeks ago, I’d have picked North Dakota to sweep. I’m still tempted to, but I think the Huskies get a split. St. Cloud 2-1, North Dakota 3-0
Matthew: SCSU has won five of its last six games, and UND could be for its first regulation home loss in almost two months. Split. St. Cloud 3-1, North Dakota 2-0


  1. “Is this the weekend that CC gets back into the win column and starts its stretch run in earnest?”

    What on earth are you referring to?

    Stretch run? To what? Is this some inference to CC being your favorite in the upcoming conference tourney and playing in, or something?

    Because no matter what happens, they are finishing in last place in the regular season.

  2. I think the best chance for SCSU to get points this weekend is tonight and with a tie. I just can’t see UND losing this weekend. It is senior weekend and they have been on a roll. I know that SCSU has been playing well lately so they are a scary matchup for sure, but I think that UND is healthy and ready to grab the top spot in the PWR and this is the weekend to do it. If MN St can split and UND can sweep or get 4 or 5 points out of the weekend I hope they jump to the top PWR spot.

  3. The Huskies are out for blood. I hope North Dekota doesn’t get Chay Genowayed. Man, Aaron Marvin delivered a beat down. That’s how you define old time hockey…

          • I’ve never seen a useful turd or stool, (see what I did there?) so your statement doesn’t make sense.

            I remember a *Gopher* defenseman that was destroyed by Matt Frattin and all I heard from North Deekota fans was that he needed to keep his head up, he was a wimp and blah blah blah… Your son Chockes still talks about it. Too bad Clay Genowayed was hurt, but that’s North Deekota, old time hockey.

            Get over it!!!

        • Please, do explain how my screen name is racist. I’d really love to read on your explanation. Be sure to be accurate in your attempt to soften your very own poor choice of words.

          • You have yet to explain yourself. Do I need to type the definition of racism to you? Or are you more of a picture guy….

          • I think ‘Stool is a pictures and inflatables sort of “fella”…

            *Stool. See what I did there?

          • The definition of racism is the belief that one group of people are better than another group of people. If you think dressing up somebody and parading him around, and using a group of people as a mascot for a sports team is cool, great – you got me. Why aren’t other groups of people being used as mascots?

            I also find it odd how a lot of North Deekota fans are quick to use homophobic slurs on this site. Your boy Chockes is classic.

            I think Aaron Marvin should’ve been jailed for what he did to Chay Genoway, but it’s funny to watch all the NoDak clowns believe somebody could actually find that funny.

            I Googled the Gopher player. It was Kevin Wehrs . Funny how most people that night in Grand Funks took pride in that…

          • Wow……….Nobody here at North Dakota “dresses up” a nation of people. Other schools??? Notre Dame and Florida State, how about that? I’m not here to defend anyone on this site, so try and stay on topic here. You feel it’s okay to openly applaud on serious injury to players(Genoway) so you really have no right in criticizing others on this site. Marvin should not have been jailed, it’s hockey and cheap shots happen. He is a goon and will forever be remembered for it. Both hits on Kevin Wehrs were legal. Frattins size and strength lifted off the ice on contact. Wehrs was much smaller and had his head down. Frattin was gliding into Wehrs, and that is not charging. Malone just hits like a truck.
            There was so much wrong with your statement. Why do I even bother…

          • Allow me to add to your comments…

            As usual, ‘Stool (Wisco) has it wrong. There has been NO MASCOT since the 60’s at UND. There have been many artfully done LOGOS depicting the proud Sioux Warriors.

            Nobody reveres the American Indian and the struggles they have endured more than UND. If you believe today’s Native Americans do not like the Sioux logo formerly used at UND visit a high-school on the Reservation. I HAVE. 25 percent of kids wearing sports memorabilia wear SIOUX apparel…

          • I thought NORTH DAKOTA had a MASCOT – my bad, still doesn’t make it RIGHT.

            Can YOU cOmmENt for the 75% that weren’t wearing North DEEKOTA apparel?

            The ALL CAPS is kind of lame, yo.

            Do YOU know this GUY?

          • Nice try on twisting my words.

            Leaving the ice to hit another player is in the definition of charging. If you think Frattin’s hit on Wehrs was legal, you’re wrong.

            I thought North Dakota had a mascot – my bad.

            I’ll return to pictures, because my sarcasm was too thick.


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