NCHC picks: March 5

Well, I don’t see any way for Matthew to catch me, so I think I’ve won our season picks race. Last week, both Matthew and I went 1-4-3 (.312), as the games we picked differently ended in ties. On the year, I am 107-49-13 (.671) and Matthew is 100-56-13 (.630).

Let’s get to the final weekend.

Friday-Saturday, March 6-7

North Dakota at Miami
Candace: I think this is a split, though if UND wins Friday, they probably sweep. Miami 3-2, North Dakota 3-1
Matthew: UND gets what it needs to win the NCHC regular season title outright, but this will likely end up in a split. North Dakota 3-1, Miami 3-1

Denver at St. Cloud
Candace: The Pioneers swept the Huskies at home back in January. I don’t think that happens again, but which night does St. Cloud win? Denver 3-2, St. Cloud 2-1
Matthew: I’ll take Denver to win both as the Pioneers work to lock up home ice next weekend. Denver 3-1, 3-2

Colorado College at Omaha
Candace: @RedArmyUNO probably will have a coronary, but even after CC picked up another league win last weekend, I have trouble seeing them get another. The Tigers haven’t won a league road game yet this year. Omaha 4-2, 4-1
Matthew: It wouldn’t surprise me at all to see CC give Omaha problems again. I’ll go out on a limb and call a split. CC 2-1, UNO 4-1

Minnesota-Duluth at Western Michigan
Candace: The Broncos gave the Bulldogs fits in January in Duluth, but I like UMD to exact some revenge. Minnesota-Duluth 3-2, 2-1
Matthew: Tough to see UMD slowing down here, even if the Bulldogs are on the road. Minnesota-Duluth 3-1, 2-1


  1. The travesty of a season will continue tonight at Munn for the home team. BC-5. MSU-2
    Anastos just said on his pre-game show that he is “optimistic for a good effort” tonight. All he is looking for is a good effort? How about saying he expects a win.

  2. Paula – don’t weep. At least you had the chops to pick Penn State winning at least one game. They are for real but I am a little surprised by the way that they lost on Friday night. More interesting is the way the bounced back on Saturday night.

      • It wasn’t meant to be critical, just some good-natured ribbing. When the article originally got posted, she had her description for the series, but not her picks. That is what I was alluding to, that she was so confident in her lead that she was just not even going to pick the series and give Matthew a chance at 2 free ones.

        I actually look forward to the various articles every week, and if you look back I have never once said anything critical of Candace (in reality I don’t comment much at all).

  3. If UNO splits their series then my hopes for them beyond this point are zero. That would show a complete lack of focus to me and call into question the furtherance of Dean Blais coached teams late season collapses here.

    UNO has a chance to be a number one seed in the NCAA tourney. All they need to do is sweep CC, win their home NCHC playoff games and then win at least a game in Minneapolis.

    They also can have their season end, entirely, NEXT weekend, if they got swept this weekend and and made a 2 game exit in the NCHC tourney. If this season is really going anywhere, at this point, and these guys have their heads on straight, they not only sweep CC, they pound them. I’d be unhappy if they split. If they play like they did when North Dakota was here in late January, CC is toast gets swept aside. Which UNO team will show up? That one, or the one that looked utterly ridiculous on New Year’s Eve, at home, against New Hampshire, that had fans leaving the building at the end of the 2nd period of that game?

    • Yeah I sure hope UNO does good we need as much support in the NCAA as we can. Hope to see you guys in the conference next weekend. GO SIOUX!

    • UNO has the same chance to be a #1 seed as almost every other team in the top 10 in the Pairwise. You keep stating this scenario about getting a #1 seed that is ludicrous. This guy who “ran the numbers” for you has no credibility, according to many bloggers. I am sure when he “ran the numbers” he did not account for how the rest of the teams fare. Just worry about UNO staying in the Top 12, to be assured of a Regional bid. You need to chill, your NCAA record is (to put it nice) not good. UNO made the NCAA tourney twice and got knocked out both times in their first game.

      • There is nothing ludicrous at all about this scenario at all. If they sweep CC and their home conference tourney games and win at least one game in Minneapolis, along with Miami and North Dakota playing this weekend, I’m pretty sure that will be enough to get them a number 1 seed. So, too, did Jim Dahl think this was plausible.

        So, how is this “ludicrous”? And, what do the other top 10 teams have to do with my discourse about UNO? At #5, UNO pretty much controls their own destiny in this regard.

        And, Jim Dahl’s Pairwise work has been and is cited in and by numerous individuals as well as other web sites (including this one) for a long time. I have never seen anyone, anywhere, REALLY take something he has said to task. I get the impression you don’t who he is. You don’t, do you? Type “Jim Dahl Pairwise Expert” into Google and get ready to read a ton of links citing his work.

        • I did read some links citing his work. Most “experts” have made comments like, “a lot of pretty charts that are too generalized to be creditable”, and “way too early for anyone to predict final Pairwise rankings”. If you have to ask “what do the other top 10 teams have to do with my discourse about UNO?” then you obviously know nothing about how PWR works. EVERY game changes a teams RPI. If BU and/or Michigan Tech win out they could easily move past UNO. BU would beat ranked HE teams and Michigan Tech would beat Minnesota State. Like I stated, worry about making the Regional and trying to win your first game ever.

  4. The diehard in me says sweep this weekend, the realist says split…but hey it doesn’t matter…either way that Penrose is coming back to its rightful home, Grand Forks! GO SIOUX!


    **Insert dumb Wisco comment below**

  5. Chockes!
    Has your driver’s license been reinstated, or do you need a ride to Joe Black’s tonight? Is your dad Kenny coming? Yee-haw!!!


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