NCHC picks: March 15

Candace and I both predicted Miami to sweep Western Michigan this weekend in the teams’ NCHC first-round playoff series, but Western forced a Game 3 with a win last night in Game 2. Ahead of tonight’s series-decider, here are our updated predictions.

Candace: Western Michigan has made this series very hard on the RedHawks, and could have swept had it held on Friday. I still think home ice matters, though. Miami 4-3

Matthew: I have to admit I’m impressed with the Broncos, considering I thought Miami would have the easiest time of any of the favored teams in the first round. I still think Miami goes through, though, but tonight’s game will be another tight one. Miami 5-3


  1. Yeah, I think PSU has earned some props. Splitting the River Hawks. They are a team to keep a watch on.
    And as for this quote ” I think I’ll see a lot of interesting hockey from the Spartans this season, in particular”. I ask; In what way? Continuing their lack of scoring? That isn’t interesting. Frustrating. But not interesting.
    But watching a Goal Tender that will have to win every game for them, that would be interesting until mid February when the kid is worn right out.
    This is a MSU team that absolutely must play a perfect game, not make one mistake, to win a game. They don’t have enough scoring or Coaching to comeback all the time.

  2. While Penn State splitting with UML was nice, I wouldn’t use it as much of a measuring stick. True, UML was #4 at the time, but looked absolutely horrid. No hop, no motivation. PSU on the other hand, came ready to play, & while not looking particularly crisp either. They simply out-willed the more skilled River Hawks. The first period was perhaps the single worst period I’ve seen them play under Bazin.

    Props to PSU for coming to play, I’m just saying, don’t be surprised if they drop a stinker on Friday.

    • I wonder why UML didn’t come out strong on Saturday. Very odd for a team known for relentless puck pursuit who simply does not back down. You must give Penn State some credit for splitting at Lowell, despite Lowell’s less than spectacular performance.

      • Out partying Friday? Underestimating PSU after an easy win Friday? Who knows? I do know it was ugly to watch, and no doubt a bit humbling to UML. I talk more about it in the HE Blog.

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