Providence students find on-campus viewing party

BOSTON — For the vast majority of Providence’s undergraduate hockey fans, McPhail’s was the place to be on Thursday evening.

The bar, located in the student union’s Slavin Center, welcomed the unlucky majority who could not score a ticket to the TD Garden with free food, giveaways, a projector-screen television and — just as importantly — a place to gather with other faithful Friars fans.

Manager Tim Dannenfelser did not have a hard figure on Thursday’s attendance, though he estimated about 200, of whom “at least 95 percent were students.” While the 233-occupancy establishment will duplicate its semifinal festivities for Saturday’s finale, Dannenfelser indicated uncertainty about how many students would wend their way to McPhail’s for the championship.

“Many students will probably have their own parties, since a lot of them live off-campus,” he said.

He definitely hopes to equal the energy level one more time.

“It was really loud,” he said. “Really loud. … Definitely more than [the atmosphere there during] the Super Bowl.”

McPhail’s hopes to give away a lot more food and a lot more prizes Saturday night … and hopes that the Friars themselves don’t give an inch.


  1. Great campus, beautifully renovated new rink, this could be some great momentum that the program finally builds on campus

  2. Union moves up one spot and receives a first place vote after losing a game to SLU this weekend, and SLU only moves up two places? Why the disrespect?

      • So a win against a middle-of-the-pack Clarkson team is more profound than a loss to SLU? Beating a team that was also beat by league losers RPI is enough to totally negate a loss at St. Lawrence? That’s what moving up in the standings signifies and it is wrong.

        • you mean that terrible RPI team SLU only beat with a minute left?? Union has been flying under the radar with the poll voters who are finally waking up to how good they really are. Plus they spanked Clarkson. They lost a tough one late to a good SLU team on the back end of the road trip end of story. Had they been at home and lost they would have moved down a spot or two. In the end the only thing that matters is the pairwise anyways.

          • Also the person writing this blog should have mentioned that although SLU moved ahead by a point that Union has 2 games in hand on them

          • I didn’t call RPI terrible, I called them league losers, which they are if you look at the record. I’m not bashing Union, I’m saying it’s disrespectful to SLU to show such little movement after that win. And if you think Hayton is the only thing keeping SLU afloat, maybe take a look at who they have on the blue line.

          • oh I agree SLU should have moved up more after beating the fifth ranked team but I think the RPI game might have held them up. SLU and Union are ALWAYS very tight games and both would make teams very nervous come tourney time. I am hoping that the ECAC can get at least 3 teams in the tourney this year so hoping SLU is the 3rd instead of Cornell as Union has 2 games left against Cornell. If Cornell was in top 14 it would probably mean at the expense of Union lol

          • Cornell doesn’t worry me. I will never forget several years ago when they came to town to play an average SLU team while they were ranked #4. SLU came away with the victory, 8-1. Tough to play up here, especially if you’re the Big Red.

          • Might as well be, have you seen how many Canton people show up for that? I have a hotel booked and my weekend passes already and I’m not even sure SLU will make it.

          • Just hoping Union stays in Pairwise top 14 so they will get there but you never know where “there” will be

  3. Cornell’s loss to Dartmouth was bad officiating and bad puck luck. Hopefully both will improve going forward. Next weekend’s game against Union I think will be very telling as to whether Cornell will be likely to get an at large berth or not.


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