Weekend picks: Jan. 15

Matt and I picked the games the same last weekend, and did pretty OK, going 4-3-1 (.562). On the year, I am 77-34-11, while Matthew is 73-38-11.

Friday-Saturday, Jan. 15-16

Western Michigan at No. 14 Denver
Candace: Western usually splits with Denver, but somehow I think DU builds momentum from last weekend. A tie wouldn’t surprise me at all. Denver 3-2, 3-2
Matthew: I’ll probably get proved wrong on this, but I see Denver keeping up their good recent play in this series. Denver 3-1, 3-2

No. 5 St. Cloud State at No. 17 Minnesota-Duluth
Candace: Can Duluth keep some momentum from last weekend? I think so, but it won’t be enough to sweep. St. Cloud 3-1, Minnesota-Duluth 3-2
Matthew: SCSU will want to get back on track after their home loss to Colorado College last Saturday, and I think they will. Ish. St. Cloud State 3-2, UMD 3-2

No. 9 Omaha at No. 1 North Dakota
Candace: The hardest series of the weekend to call for me. I have to think this is a split, unless Omaha is starting a second-half swoon. North Dakota 3-1, Omaha 4-3
Matthew: Really tough series to call. UND gets the upper hand having only one loss at home so far this season, but I don’t know if the Hawks win both of these games. North Dakota 4-2, Omaha 3-2

Saturday, Jan. 16

No. 16 Bowling Green at Miami
Candace: Bowling Green lost twice to Western Michigan this year. Perhaps Miami can make it an NCHC three-peat? Miami 3-2
Matthew: I want to take the RedHawks here, but BGSU has been decent on the road this season and I can see the Falcons stealing this one. Bowling Green 3-2


  1. It never ceases to amaze me that people post such rude comments. For the record, I haven’t exactly been thrilled with all of the USCHO content either, but is the appropriate and mature means of expressing your frustration to publicly ridicule someone?

  2. I’ll give it a try…   I think that Air Force and Ala-Huntsville are interchangable in this list, but I will try it the way I would like to see it.

    Atlantic Hockey:

    American International
    Holy Cross
    Robert Morris
    Sacred Heart


    Ohio State
    Penn State


    St Lawrence


    Boston Coll
    Boston U
    New Hampshire
    Notre Dame


    Colorado College
    Miami (OH)
    Minnesota Duluth
    St Cloud State
    Western Michigan


    Air Force
    Bemidji State
    Bowling Green
    Ferris State
    Lake Superior State
    Michigan Tech
    Minnesota State-Mankato
    Northern Michigan

    Wouldn’t be suprised to see some moves between AHA and ECAC also after one of the teams moves to HE…

  3. Paula- Small Update.. The Gophers tied UMD (not SCSU) before winning the shootout in the inaugural North Star College Cup.

    • Paula was probably 800+ miles away during last years NSCC but everybody was soooo nice. Hugs for everyone!
      (Wonder if anyone cops a feel?)

      No matter UM or MSU the championship game will be a great game (thinking Bemidji doesn’t stand a chance vs. UMD but…..any given ‘Friday’)

      • Paula will look like a genius after the gophers win tonight. I think it will be a high scoring affair gophers winning 5-3. Mark my words, the gophers are turning it around and will once again hoist the North Star cup!

        • I will be there for all four games and hope to see the Gophers beat MSU and the other winner.

          No senseless defensive lapses (like Friday vs. WI), skate hard and get to/pound the net.

          MSU hasn’t faced a team with the speed/skating skills of the Gophers (maybe Omaha).

          Gophers win.

          • I hope you are right. They better be prepared to play a full 60 minutes instead of the 50 they played Friday against WI.

          • Brian/ Let’sPlayHockey- Don’t the Gophers seem to thrive when games are wide open and the are players are allowed to show their speed and skill (Think BC)? Or am I just grasping at straws here..? I like there chances against Mankato compared to teams that just park the bus.

          • Yes they absolutely have. UMD is faster than any team MSU has faced all year and will face. Yes, that includes Minnesota.

          • Agree to disagree. I have attended six UMD games this season, top to bottom they don’t have the speed of MN.

          • Definitely agree to disagree. I also don’t think it’s even close in favor of UMD. Watched both teams several times, including the series sweep of the Bulldogs over the Gophs.

  4. Paula, I wish I could share your optimism about the Gophers this weekend. Unless they play their “A” game, and that might not be enough, I just don’t see them beating Mankato. That being said, the game still has to be played so anything can happen.

  5. If Michigan State doesn’t get at least 5 points this week end, they can almost kiss any chance of a top two finish good-by. I’m going out on a limb and say MSU sweeps. And Drew, you are incorrect about MSU not being swept this season. Kind of. They lost to U-Mass Lowell and BU on the same week-end. I count that as being swept.

  6. Man. Another Wisco sweep on the horizon boys. GREAT weekend knocking the goofs out of the rankings last weekend. Now I need the goofs to start winning to ratchet up that pairwise! We’re tracking toward making the tourney now boys!!! #ONWISCONSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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