NCHC issues one-game suspension to North Dakota’s Stecher after illegal hit against Minnesota-Duluth

The NCHC has issued a one-game suspension to North Dakota junior defenseman Troy Stecher, stemming from an illegal hit during UND’s game against Minnesota-Duluth on Feb. 20.

Stecher was suspended after the review of a play in which a hit was delivered to the back of a Minnesota-Duluth player at the 20-minute of the third period Saturday at Ralph Engelstad Arena in Grand Forks.

A major penalty for checking from behind and a game misconduct were assessed on the play.

Stecher will be required to serve the suspension during UND’s next game on Feb. 26 at Nebraska-Omaha. Stecher is eligible to return for the Fighting Hawks in the series finale with the Mavericks on Feb. 27.


    • Because the players scoring chance from the corner was impeded? Idiot. Terrible call anyway. Guy slid into the boards after he was already off balance while turning. Boarding penalty, yes. Getting a suspension, no. We’ve all seen worse happen in front of the net during the game with absolutely no call.

      • I was making fun of the very borderline PS call on Friday night, of course. I don’t actually believe that a penalty shot should have been awarded. Not a smart play to hit a guy from behind, especially with basically no time on the clock. I was at the game and UMD did not have a chance once the puck went behind the net. It was a completely unnecessary and dangerous hit on a player, from behind.

        • From where the ref was and at full speed, it was the correct call. If the ref was on the other side of the ice, its only a tripping penalty.
          Still don’t think it was a checking from behind. Should have stayed a boarding. guy slid into the boards on his knees. So if that whistle is blown with 5 seconds left and he is kicked out, then there is no game suspension? I remember 3 or 4 years ago Carter Rowney gets checked from behind with about a minute or two left in the game. Duluth guy doesn’t get a game suspension. Where’s the cut off then?

          • Just because the player slid in on his knees does not remove the possibility of injury. Any hit from behind is dangerous and should be penalized. As to the penalty shot call, yeah it’s a tough call, but when the players are even at the blue line, even at the point when the foul begins to occur, and one player maybe gets his nose ahead (bodies still overlapped) as the foul is occurring, I think this goes against the spirit and letter of the rule, which states that the foul must occur from behind. Since the players were even the whole way, and it is unclear whether the forward even clearly got ahead before the foul, it probably should not have been called.

          • He was well past the blue line, was more top of circle when he was basically on top of him.
            I’ve seen actual boarding calls that looked way worse than this one with nothing more than a two minute penalty.

          • Yeah, my point about the blue line was just establishing that the players were even all the way down the ice, and that the defender didn’t come from behind to foul the opposing player. I agree that if he stays on his feet he probably would have been OK, unless he grabbed on or something. I don’t know why he dove for the puck rather than playing the body, other than desperation, being that it was overtime. Players leave their feet all the time to make that play though, and a PS is rarely called, even when the player comes from behind.

          • All depends on if you get the puck first or not. He definitely took out his legs. But its all about where the ref was. That was key. From there Anderson was, looked like Pogo had a step on him. Much different perspective from the other side of the ice


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