Weekend picks: Jan. 6

Matthew had gotten one game back thanks to picking CC over Merrimack, but I returned the favor by picking North Dakota over Union. Neither of us did well, going 5-5-1 (.500). On the year, I am 56-38-17 (.581) while Matthew is 46-48-17 (.490).

Friday-Saturday, Jan. 6-7

No. 20 St. Cloud State at Miami
Candace: Miami got a great win last week against Ohio State, and should have a lot of confidence, while St. Cloud struggled in Arizona. This should be a split. Miami 3-2, St. Cloud State 3-1
Matthew: Miami needs to start picking it up here in the season’s second half. I like SCSU to get a win here, but they’ve been so inconsistent so far. Split. Miami 3-1, St. Cloud State 3-1

Colorado College at No. 1 Minnesota-Duluth
Candace: CC might have gained confidence with its win in the Florida College Hockey Classic, but it won’t be enough to overcome a tough Minnesota-Duluth team at home. Minnesota-Duluth 3-1, 4-1
Matthew: CC is better on the road than at home, and the Tigers did just win a holiday tournament, but I don’t know if they’ll fare well in Duluth. Minnesota-Duluth 3-1, 3-2

No. 7 North Dakota at No. 18 Omaha
Candace: Does Omaha go back to being the team that struggled at home, or at least get a split? Does North Dakota build momentum from beating Union? Hmm. I’ll call a split. North Dakota 3-2, Omaha 3-2
Matthew: UND will prove to be a much more difficult customer for Omaha than Lake Superior was, but these are usually pretty entertaining games and I wouldn’t be surprised to see UNO steal one. North Dakota 3-1, Omaha 3-2

Arizona State at No. 3 Denver
Candace: Denver should get back into the win column at home. Denver 3-1, 4-1
Matthew: ASU’s offense has been working well lately, but I don’t see the Sun Devils getting a win at DU. Denver 4-2, 4-2


  1. So I saw an article saying someone calculated RPI as having an 87% chance of making the NCAA. I don’t need a computer to tell me thats not even close AT BEST they are a bubble team with a 50% change, but looking at all the talented teams this year no way they get in. ECAC will get 3, MAYBE 4 teams in, Union, Yale, Dartmouth or Cornell, Colgate if they win the ECAC, and then maybe RPI. Good luck RPI, but start planning for next year.

  2. Whoever is between the pipes tonight for the Red I assume they won’t give up much. The Red tied Darmouth at. NH and won at home in OT. So what does this mean on netural ice? I have no clue. Mello is great between the pipes but he hasn’t been as great of late. Ill take Cornell in a squeaker 2-1 and Yale 4-2

  3. I’m going to predict that our excellent ECAC reporter will go 0 for 2. Yale is a bit skittish right now about how they start out, and they expressly remember escaping with a tie on their home ice after Colgate took it to them. Whereas I had been thinking that Colgate wasn’t doing much beyond benefitting from a desperation coach’s ploy of implementing some clever stripped down neutral zone trapping, it’s turned into more than that. There is real talent there that was simply nowhere to be found just a few weeks ago. I think they have the adrenalin flow to deliver the goods. Cornell was always talented and finally is gelling. I didn’t like Dartmouth against Harvard — I was wrong, but just wrong — and so I certainly don’t like Dartmouth against a talented Cornell team. I say upstate New Yorkers will own Jersey!

      • BTW – “skittish”?

        13-2 in their last 3 games with a 2-1 shots advantage in all 3?

        As opposed to UND locked in a 2-2 game tonight? Or Michigan doing their usual (5-1 loss)?

        Get real.

        Yale’s 4th line is faster than these teams 1st lines.

        WATCH the games, then post, OK?

  4. Dear brian Sullivan, I am just posting this now because I didn’t want to jinx colgate on their playoff run. But brian who called it… i did. I said at the end of the regular season to stop saying colgate will lose (brown rule) and that they would do what brown did in the playoffs last year and go to the semis. Colgate beat rpi and union and i was right so hah.

  5. Hmmm…I thought the captain was supposed to go down with his ship, not defect to the b*stard who shot the torpedo…..

    • I’m just repeating what’s making the rounds here in mid-Michigan. If it turns out to be just a rumor, then it’s just that and several people will have a good laugh. There are television stations in Lansing reporting that the announcement will come at 4:00 today. I have no confirmation.

      In fact, I have no coffee, and I need some to finish up these NCAA regional pieces…

  6. “Anastos’s career record is 0-0. He’s spent the last 13 years taking the CCHA nowhere in particular as its commissioner. Before that he was president of the NAHL, which crumbled shortly after his departure and has been almost entirely supplanted by the USHL. According to HockeyDB his coaching credentials consist of a single season as a Michigan State assistant 20 years ago; before that he spent four years coaching UM-Dearborn’s club(!) team.”

  7. So, MSU is going to stake their program on a former college player with two years of ASSISTANT coaching experience and several years in the league office. Yeah, this’ll work…err…

  8. Earlier today WILX had reported they had “confirmed” Danton Cole would be named at 4 pm. They have since pulled that story and replaced it with the Anastos rumor. There is not even a mention of a press conference scheduled an hour and 40 minutes from now on the MSU website.

  9. And I just got a press release from MSU to confirm it. The press conference will stream on MSUSpartans.com.

    Remember: Don’t kill the messenger.

  10. If Anastos were an airline pilot, he’d ask for an ejection seat so he could bail out right before he flew the plane into the ground.

  11. Thanks for screwing over the rest of the teams you allegedly worked to look out for over the past 13 years, Captain Tom. Glad you turned tail like a rat and abandoned a sinking ship. May Sparty get trounced in the BTHC for years to come.


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