Weekend picks: March 3

Picking North Dakota to sweep last weekend panned out for me, as I got the night the Hawks won when Matthew picked Miami. I went 5-1-2 (.750) while Matthew went 4-2-2 (.625). I don’t see him catching me in our season race, so that beer he owes me is going to taste yummy. On the year, I am 91-54-24 (.609) while Matthew is 74-71-24 (.508).

It’s the last weekend of the regular season, so let’s get to it.

Friday-Saturday, March 3-4

No. 15 North Dakota at Miami
Candace: This is likely a split, but maybe UND’s desperation will help. North Dakota 3-2, 3-1
Matthew: A UND team that’s. 500 on the road visits a Miami team that’s .500 at home. Can UND do enough to hold on to its home-ice spot for next week? Miami 3-2, North Dakota 3-1

Colorado College at No. 19 St. Cloud State
Candace: St. Cloud didn’t look terrible last weekend so much as Denver looked good. I think St. Cloud gets back on track, particularly since CC doesn’t do as well on Olympic-size ice. St. Cloud State 3-1, 4-2
Matthew: SCSU had a nice roll going before hitting Denver last weekend. I like the Huskies to start a new string against CC. St. Cloud State 4-1, 3-1

No. 1 Denver at Omaha
Candace: Omaha’s Dean Blais threw down a gauntlet, saying “Not in our building” about Denver winning the Penrose. However, the Mavericks don’t match up well with the Pioneers. Denver 4-2, 5-2
Matthew: I like DU to win the Penrose on Friday and for Omaha to then finish the regular season strong. Denver 3-1, Omaha 3-1

No. 3 Minnesota Duluth at No. 8 Western Michigan
Candace: Duluth will once again be in a couple of one-goal games. I see them taking one, though it’s a crap shoot picking which. Neither team loses on a Friday much, adding to the pick drama. Minnesota Duluth 3-2, Western Michigan 3-2
Western has been very good at home so far this season. I don’t see that changing this weekend, but UMD will push the Bulldogs all the way. Western Michigan 3-2, 3-2


    • You are most welcome, Justin!

      What I said was that if the same Colorado College team showed, then Michigan had no chance. No team would have had a chance.

      The same CC team that beat BC 8-4 did not make an appearance in the West Regional title game. Like the RedHawks, they had been clicking, and clicking, and clicking…and then — within the span of 24 hours — they were not.

      Always glad to oblige Michigan fans. *grin*

      • regardless the fact remains you picked cc to beat michigan and they didn’t. if you watched the game between cc and michigan, you would have seen that michigan’s line with matt rust almost completely shut down the schwartz line. defense wins and michigan’s defense proved that. the bottom line is michigan outplayed cc and you cannot deny that by saying that cc didn’t play how they did against bc. bc played almost absolutely NO defense whereas michigan did. end of story.

        • Dominic, I said this after the regional semi. I have been a BC fan 43 yrs now. The fact CC beat BC in the opener, was NOT so much about CC being that good, but mostly about BC just NOT showing up!! I watched BC all yr like I always do. We just played AWFUL !! end of discussion. CC was never that good.

      • Paula, you are dead wrong!!! I have been a BC fan 43 yrs now and I know my college hockey. It was NOT that the same CC team that beat BC did not show up for the regional final. It was that the BC team that played all year didn’t show up vs CC. I had a bad feeling back in late Jan when we clobbered BU in a 2 game series. As I said I KNOW my Eagles! and my concern (even though I was glad to pummel BU) was that unlike most Jerry York coached BC teams, THIS one was peaking too early. Turns out I was correct. Watching BC struggle past Northeastern in the HE semi finals I knew we were not clicking on all cylinders as we usually are in March. CC lost EIGHTEEN games this year. “you are what you are” CC ain’t that good.

  1. Hockey is one of the craziest games in the world. Any one of the top 16 teams can beat anyone on any given night. Can’t say BC didn’t come out ready to play with a goal 30 seconds into it. Its just that everything that CC did was right and the were very hot. When you see a team like CC come out and route a team like BC, you know its just one of those nights. Lets just say it made me as a Michigan fan feel really good because I knew that it wouldn’t happen two nights in a row. Michigan saw what CC did to expose BC’s defense, and all they had to do was shut down the neutral zone. Not really hard for a team that has 9 National Championships to figure that one out.


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