Hockey East picks: Mar. 17-18

The good news is that I clinched the picks title against Dave. The bad news is that I did so on undoubtedly my worst picks week of the year. My 3-6 record was enough to beat Dave last week. So I know.

But the reality is that you’ll get very authentic picks from both of us this week.

On to the Garden:

Jim last week: 3-6
Dave last week: 2-7
Jim to date: 161-93-32
Dave to date: 155-99-32

Friday, March 17

Hockey East Semifinals (at TD Garden, Boston)

No. 4 Notre Dame vs. No. 1 UMass Lowell
Jim’s pick: Really difficult pick here as I think either team has the ability to pull this game out. I’m going with the River Hawks based on their all-time record, which probably isn’t smart.
UML 3, ND 2
Dave’s pick: Can the Irish fail on St. Patrick’s Day? I believe they will. My faith in the River Hawks wavered a bit after watching them fall to New Hampshire on Friday, and Cal Petersen could very well be the decisive X factor, but only a fool bets against Norm Bazin and his boys.
UML 4, ND 3

No. 3 Boston College vs. No. 2 Boston University
Jim’s pick: If I’m picking trends here, I go with the upset. If I use my head, I go with the favorite. My record shows that I’ve rarely used my head this year.
BC 4, BU 3
Dave’s pick: Will the Terriers dig themselves another first-period 2-0 hole they have to crawl out of? If so, I don’t like their chances. But there’s a reason they’ve swept the three games they’ve played against BC this year. Sadly, the Eagles’ season ends.
BU 4, BC 3

Saturday, March 18

Hockey East Finals (at TD Garden, Boston)

We will pick all scenarios here:
Jim’s pick: Honestly, I think all four teams could win this. Plenty of reasons to believe in any. That said, I’m going with Lowell because of the experience in the situation.
UML 3, BU 2; UML 4, BC 2; ND 5, BC 4; BU 4, ND 2
Dave’s pick: I, too, believe any team could win it. As a Hockey East Homer, I’d love to see BC pull it off, since that’s almost certainly their only route to the NCAA tournament (it would appear that the other three are safe). I’d also just as soon Notre Dame fell short. It’s been an amicable divorce, but I can’t quite wish the Irish a Hockey East title as they prepare to say good-bye. I’m just not that magnanimous. BU? Very talented, but inconsistent. Give me the River Hawks.
UML 4, BU 3; UML 4, BC 2; ND 4, BC 2; BU 4, ND 2


  1. Solid performance by Malcolm in goal was the difference tonight. Q had plenty of quality shots but Jeff had perfect positioning. Several 1-on-1 changes were just turned away. Hartzell played well, but I am sure he is not happy with his performance. He had a great year and I thought he would be the difference tonight. Q was trying to skate off the end of 2nd period and then a turnover – a nice Yale shot and deflection to score. That second goal was so out of character for Eric to let in. Once again, Miller scores on a nice breakaway and you could tell the game was basically over then. Miller also gets an Assist and now owns the Yale school record for career assists at 114. Congrat’s to Coach Allian and all the players who made everyone believers in their abilities.

  2. St. Patty’s Day or not, the Irish and their stupid helmets never belonged in our conference and should not be allowed to leave with a championship. If my River Hawks can’t kick them out, than I’ll cheer for any team that can.

  3. When we went to the Frozen Four in Pittsburg, the analyst from ESPN predicted Lowell to win the National Championship. I hope these guys aren’t jinxing us…….. Leaving soon to stop at Kelly’s Roast Beef in Saugus on our way to the Garden. GO RIVERHAWKS!!!

    • I’m okay if Barry Melrose picks against us. That guy is a clown. I remember he said Wisconsin would win it all one year and we smoked them 6-1 in Manchester, NH.

  4. C’mon River Hawks! You can send those shiny helmeted posers out of our league in style. Then keep BC from the title which all but guarentees I’ll be spending next Friday in Providence with my Friars.


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