Hockey East picks: Oct. 20-21

Jim and I were both putrid last week, but he was one game more putrid than me. We’ve got to be better this week.

Dave last week: 6-8-1
Jim last week: 5-9-1
Dave’s record-to-date: 14-14-3
Jim’s record-to-date: 14-14-3

Here are this week’s picks:

Friday, Oct. 20

UConn at Boston University 
Dave’s pick:  I expect the Terriers will take out their frustrations from last week’s losses.
BU 4, UConn 1
Jim’s pick: UConn’s offense seems to be clicking, but I still have a difficult time picking against BU at home.
BU 4, UConn 2

UMass Lowell at Clarkson
Dave’s pick: My instincts are always to pick the River Hawks to win, but this is a tough trip and the 3-0-1 Golden Knights have opened the season with a bang.
CU 4, UML 2
Jim’s pick: I thought this might be a game where I could differentiate myself from Dave. But I agree that Clarkson is likely the better team right now AND playing at home.
CU 4, UML 3

Miami at Maine 
Dave’s pick: Miami is coming off a tough year and has started 0-for-2, so I’m going for that Alfond home cookin’.
UM 3, MU 2
Jim’s pick: I think that Miami is a good enough team to win against Maine.
MU 4, UM 2

Quinnipiac at Northeastern
Dave’s pick: I’ve gone back and forth on this one, but I do like Quinnipiac just a bit better.
QU 5, NU 4
Jim’s pick: At least one night one, I like the NU offense to explode.
NU 6, QU 4

Providence at St. Lawrence  
Dave’s pick: The Saints have lost their first four. I don’t see them getting back on track against the Friars.
PC 3, SLU 2
Jim’s pick: I agree with Dave that Providence should be the better team, even on the road.
PC 4, SLU 2

Ohio State at Massachusetts 
Dave’s pick: I want to go with UMass here. I really think the program is on the way up. But the Buckeyes are just a bit too tough.
OSU 3, UMass 2 (OT)
Jim’s pick: UMass is better than we thought before the season, but OSU is a pretty good team as well.
OSU 3, UMass 1

Colorado College at New Hampshire
Dave’s pick: Here are two programs rebounding from down years with impressive starts. I’ll take Dick Umile’s boys.
UNH 4, CC 3
Jim’s pick: I think that UNH may come back to Earth at some point, but it won’t be against Colorado College.
UNH 5, CC 2

Vermont at Michigan
Dave’s pick: In this battle of .500 teams, I’m going with home ice.
Michigan 3, UVM 2 (OT)
Jim’s pick: I think Vermont can win this game, but won’t pick team on the road.
Michigan 3, UVM 2

Boston College at St. Cloud State
Dave’s pick: This has the feel of a split. I’ll take 3-0 St. Cloud in the opener.
SCSU 3, BC 2
Jim’s pick: This is a pretty good early-season clash. I’m going with the Huskies at home.
SCSU 2, BC 1

Merrimack at Minnesota Duluth 
Dave’s pick: Duluth hasn’t gotten off to a good start, but the Bulldogs still feel like too tough a foe.
UMD 4, MC 2
Jim’s pick: Tough schedule to start for the Warriors. And given that they couldn’t beat Wisconsin at home, I’m not optimistic against Duluth on the road.
UMD 5, MC 2

Saturday, Oct. 1

Boston University at UConn 
Dave’s pick: The Terriers power to a convincing sweep of the weekend’s only league games.
BU 4, UConn 2
Jim’s pick: This is so much of a much-needed sweep for BU, if for nothing but to boost confidence.
BU 4, UConn 3

Vermont at Michigan
Dave’s pick: At Gutterson, I’d be picking the sweep the other way.
UM 3, UVM 2
Jim’s pick: I agree 100% with Dave. Don’t be surprised to see us get both of these games wrong.
UM 3, UVM 1

Miami at Maine
Dave’s pick: Here’s another sweep I’m basing on home ice.
UM 4, MU 3
Jim’s pick: And here is a sweep I think Miami is capable of, even on the road.
MU 3, UM 2

Quinnipiac at Northeastern
Dave’s pick: Finally, I’ll pick a split.
NU 5, QU 3
Jim’s pick: I agree on the split, but and taking risks on the order.
QU 4, NU 3

UMass Lowell at St. Lawrence 
Dave’s pick: The River Hawks salvage two points on the long trip, keeping the Saints winless.
UML 4, SLU 2
Jim’s pick: UML could take both of these, but this is the game I am more confident in.
UML 4, SLU 2

Colorado College at New Hampshire 
Dave’s pick: I sure didn’t project a 6-0 start for the Wildcats, but that’s where I think we’re headed.
UNH 4, CC 2
Jim’s pick: And good for UNH for getting off to such a start. Time to catch Wildcat fever!
UNH 5, CC 3

Providence at Clarkson
Dave’s pick: The Friars, like their travel partner the River Hawks, will have to settle for two points on the weekend.
CU 3, PC 2
Jim’s pick: I’m not sure how strong this Clarkson team is. But at home, I’m okay to pick them to earn two wins.
CU 4, PC 2

Ohio State at Massachusetts
Dave’s pick: I feel like a hypocrite, believing in the Minutemen yet picking them to get swept. Hey, I just like OSU better.
OSU 3, UMass 2
Jim’s pick: I think it’s fair. Mass might be a pretty great team, but they need to prove it against an opponent like OSU before I pick them.
OSU 4, UMass 3

Boston College at St. Cloud State
Dave’s pick: It feels like a slow start for the Eagles.
SCSU 3, BC 2
Jim’s pick: It’s probably not fair to call this a slow start, but I agree that two tough games against a top 3 team will be difficult for the Eagles.
SCSU 4, BC 2

Merrimack at Minnesota Duluth 
Dave’s pick: This is just too tough of an early-season matchup for the Warriors.
UMD 4, MC 2
Jim’s pick: Merrimack will be a middle of the pack team come year end, I would think. But this tough schedule doesn’t do many favors for the confidence.
UMD 5, MC 2


  1. wowzer – more people thinking Q is going to give up 9 goals on the weekend. i think they are going to be one of the better defensive teams in the country this season.


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