Three things: Dec. 4

Denver sweeps on the road…
Top-ranked Denver will likely hold onto that ranking through Monday after picking up a pair of road wins this weekend against No. 16 Minnesota Duluth.

Both games were tight, but in the end UMD came away empty-handed from a NCHC series for the second time this season. Logan O’Connor scored Friday’s only goal for Denver 2:51 into the second period, and the Pioneers got another game-winner Saturday with 4:04 left, this time from Jake Durflinger.

Neither team found much offensive success. They went a combined 0-for-10 on power play chances in the series, and UMD came up short again Saturday despite limiting Denver to just 15 shots.

Denver is currently tied with Western Michigan for third place in the NCHC standings. UMD is nine points back of a home-ice playoff spot.

Same with St. Cloud…
The only team below Duluth in the conference standings is Omaha, which conceded 12 goals this weekend as the Mavericks were swept at home by second-ranked St. Cloud State.

The Huskies went 0-for-2 on the power play Friday but hit often 5-on-5, winning 7-4. SCSU was busy at its own end of the ice, too, with goaltender Mike Smith making 40 saves.

On Saturday, SCSU moved into sole possession of first place in the conference thanks to a 5-0 win. Five different players scored, and David Hrenak matched Smith’s 40-save mark from the night before.

The Huskies’ (11-2) offense has been very impressive so far, scoring at least five goals in nine of their 13 outings. UNO has conceded 25 in its last league games.

Hawks defend home ice
After being held to a loss and a tie at home against Union on Thanksgiving weekend, sixth-ranked North Dakota bounced back with a sweep of No. 10 Western Michigan.

The Fighting Hawks’ 4-3 win Friday came after a hectic five-goal first period. Collin Adams scored the game-winner midway through the second, and Cam Johnson ended up with 18 saves and a victory in his first game back after a lengthy injury spell.

On Saturday, he stopped 19 of the 20 shots he faced in a 4-1 victory. Western’s Austin Rueschhoff opened the scoring eight minutes into the second period before UND scored four unanswered. The winner came from Cole Smith just seven seconds into the third period, tying a school record for the fastest goal scored in said frame.

After sweeping the Broncos, UND sits one point behind SCSU. Western, now 1-5 on its travels this season (but 8-2-1 at home), gets Miami next in Kalamazoo, Mich., prior to the holiday break.


    • What was it you said last week… The best UND will do against Western was split if they were Lucky. Haha

      Please keep making these predictions!

        • No, UND is not a top 3 team….not by a long shot. They are good, that is about as far as I will go. Look for UMD to make a big move in the second half….ppl are discounting them too soon. They have incredible forwards and half of them have been hurt heretofore.

          • I’m basing it on what they have done on the ice. Sooner or later you are what your record says you are.

          • And a goalie that “steals” a game means that team wasn’t dominated in your world….any other brain busters for us today?

          • UMD is very solid defensively, all four forward lines come back to cover. Goaltending is consistent, no soft goals. They do need some offensive punch, but should be in every game.

    • It would be awesome, but I would be astounded if it happens. Like it or not UND is a very good hockey team.
      I haven’t heard UND referred to as Flickertails before? Where does that come from.

    • Let me think about that for a while, very hard question. I have a feeling we will find out when her TMQ column has no team except for Notre Dame mentioned. Paula is about as transparent at they come, total homer. Notre Dame fits her double-favorite bill, current B1G and old CCHA. Only hope is if Badgers take a game from them next week, she will be forced to refrain from her nonsense.

      • I think Wisco can split. Notre has had a 1-0 win for, what, 4 weekends in a row? So they’ve had lack of scoring and good goaltending. Cant keep up that pace, will come back to bite you.

          • One would think that UMD could handle Omaha this weekend and WMU could at least split with Miami, but, obviously, no easy games in this conference. DU/CC games should be good. Tigers seem to always provide fits to everyone, and seeing as they are vastly improved from the last few years to this year. I was thinking of going to one of the games this weekend in St. Cloud, but I didn’t feel like sitting in probably the worst arena in the conference, possibly the country. Worst seats possible. Not even sure that barn is worthy of a bantam game.

          • DU-CC games are always intense. If you went to SCSU, you might run into Tipsy. That would be a blast if UND wins, he would leave early.

          • If they started serving beer in the arena, that would be a plus…..take you mind off the fact that you shouldn’t be paying that much to sit in crappy seats.

          • Wonder if it is a state, or local, law preventing alcohol from being sold. I know it is not and NCAA or NCHC rule.

          • I believe it just comes down to the school. UND is a dry campus, and I’m pretty sure The Ralph is on campus property, but they would have been foolish to not serve beer there. Huge money maker.

          • And I know I’m setting myself up for the ol “you’ve got nothing better to do in Grand Forks than drink” or “need beer to get through the fact that you’re watching that team play” blah blah blah.

          • I was just waiting for the UND haters that like to point out that apparently there is nothing to do in Grand Forks except drink…….because we don’t have a pro team or some other BS stuff.

          • As you know, about 16 beer brands (including micro-brews) and any mixed drink you could want at Magness. Same goes for World Arena, as you also know.

          • DU if SCSU gets a dominant sweep (whatever you consider that to be) of UND would you consider them the best team in the country?
            I changed my opinion on best team when DU got the sweep over SCSU, but other than that one weekend at DU SCSU just continues to obliterate their opponents. I think if SCSU can dominate UND I will consider the Denver weekend a fluke. Of course that is pure speculation. I would not be surprised at all of a split and I would not be shocked if UND got the sweep.

          • Ha, I was sitting in the seat back chairs… beef was that the chair doesn’t fold up and leaves very little room to squeeze by

          • Did you ever go there before they had the renovation a few years ago? You literally couldn’t even tell where the front of the building was.

          • I did go there before the renovation….definitely couldn’t tell where the front was at all. They made the outside look pretty nice….I was just hoping they’d do a little more with the interior.

          • I used to skate on that ice three times a week and went to every game. I loved it. That was before the upgrade, but I can’t imagine they made it worse.

          • The upgrade was nothing around the inside of the arena. It was the main entrance area and outside.

          • No, you still stating that because a goalie has a hot game means that his team was the dominant team is the only evidence that anyone that has commented here needs to know that you have lost. Again, don’t be an idiot.

          • Once again you have falsified what I said. I said that if the goalie does not allow any goals he has dominated the opposition. That is absolutely true. However if he doesn’t allow any goals yet his team only scores one and gets completely outskated my statement was that neither team dominated the game. Go back and read and quit lying/falsifying what I say.

          • Neither team, really? Again, and its been said by others here: YOUR TEAM CAN BE DOMINATED IN THE COURSE OF A 60 MINUTE GAME AND STILL WIN. End of story.

          • And I am pointing out without resorting to all caps that it is impossible to be dominated and win. Because if your team is dramatically outskated and still wins then your teams goaltending must have been sensational and kept the other team from scoring. Once again goaltending is the most important part of the game and should never be disregarded when it comes to determining domination.

          • No holding back now. YOU’RE AN IDIOT. So what if the only reason the other team scored was because there was a delayed penalty and you accidentally put it in your own net? By your logic, the other team dominated. Get out of here.

          • Don’t try to come up with logical conclusions when you don’t understand logic basics such as if A and B then C. You can’t make a logical argument from my statements that comes to the conclusion you came up with. If you can then show me.

            I have stated that it’s impossible for the winning team to have been dominated. I have never stated that the winning team is always dominant. Most of the time neither team is dominant. However if a team puts the puck in their own net during a delayed penalty that is far from a dominating play. If that same team can’t get one shot past the opposing goalie it sounds like either their shooting/skating was weak or the opposing goalie dominated. Not that team dominated, but that goalie dominated.
            Now I know what it feels like to be El Guapo talking about Plethora’s to Jefe in The Three Amigos.

          • Jefe: I have put many beautiful pinatas in the storeroom, each of them filled with little suprises.

            El Guapo: Many pinatas?

            Jefe: Oh yes, many!

            El Guapo: Would you say I have a plethora of pinatas?

            Jefe: A what?

            El Guapo: A *plethora*.

            Jefe: Oh yes, you have a plethora.

            El Guapo: Jefe, what is a plethora?

            Jefe: Why, El Guapo?

            El Guapo: Well, you told me I have a plethora. And I just would like to know if you know what a plethora is. I would not like to think that a person would tell someone he has a plethora, and then find out that that person has *no idea* what it means to have a plethora.

            Jefe: Forgive me, El Guapo. I know that I, Jefe, do not have your superior intellect and education. But could it be that once again, you are angry at something else, and are looking to take it out on me?

  1. Not that its a big issue, but my two sources indicate opposite information for St Cloud and Denver in terms of who is #1 in the pairwise. My CHN app says St Cloud is 1, but my Uscho app says Denver is 1.

    • I’ve seen the CHN app do some funky stuff sometimes. Remember is saying a team won 4-0, when they were actually the ones that were shut out. Has happened a couple of times.

          • You didn’t answer my question. Was SCSU dominated in that game that they won 5-0. Basing it on your previous statements regarding shots on goals I would suspect the answer to be yes.

          • Did I say every time a team was outshot and won they were dominated? Go back a few weeks and read all the comments from that time and get back to me.

          • Just messing with you. I still hold to my belief that Goal tending is a huge part of the game and should not be discounted when talking about somebody dominating a game or not. If one team has a massive advantage in the skating but the other has such a massive advantage in the goal tending that they still win then they could not have been dominated. You obviously put way less value on the goal tending aspect than I do.

            Also quality of SOG should be considered. Maybe one teams goalie only saves 10 out of 15 because the quality of opportunities was superb. While the other saved 40 out of 41 and played no better because his save ops were easy.

          • I refer back to the 2011 game between UND and Mich. UND controlled the game, skating, zone time, etc. Because a team scores a goal and wins with great goaltending, doesn’t mean they weren’t dominated. What if that was Michigan’s only shot on net and that was their only zone time of the game? That is being dominated and yet they still won.

          • Yes it does mean they weren’t dominated because their goalie stopped all the opposing chances. If they were dominated the goalie would not have stopped all the other opportunities. Once again you completely disregard the goal tending when determining dominance.

            You can say they were dominated in skating shots on goal and zone time and be accurate, but when it comes to the overall game when you take the goal tending into consideration they clearly were not dominated.

          • “they weren’t dominated because their goalie stopped all the opposing chances”, “If they were dominated the goalie would not have stopped all the other opportunities.”? Are you kidding me? What does one have to do with the other?

          • If The GOALIE Stops every shot obviously the goalie is the one doing the dominating. Not the other team. How hard is that to comprehend.

            You both disregard the goalies part in dominating. Goal Tending is the most important aspect of the game and you are both completely disregarding it in determining dominance.

            How is it possible you don’t get this. I would understand it from Golden Chokers, but I thought you had at least some rational thought going on in your brain DU.

          • When a team wins because of a goalie its called stealing a game not dominating a game. It’s pretty easy to understand that.

          • My point exactly. I used the same term of a goalie “stealing” a game but this idiot seems to equate one player (goalie) with a complete team dominating a game. Kind of pointless to argue with the feeble, better to ignore him from now on.

          • My point which you Sioux and Golden Chokers seem to completely throw out is that goal tending is part of the game and if your team is goal tending well enough to stop the other team from scoring against you then you weren’t dominated. Why is that hard to understand.
            I’m not saying the team that won dominated the other. I’m saying they got dominant goal tending so in the end neither team dominated.
            DU calling me FEEBLE since you have no argument to counter mine and you refuse to acknowledge mine was unbelievably low class.

          • You are right, I shouldn’t have called you feeble. I apologize, got upset at your lack of understanding.I just should have pointed out that one player being the best on the ice, in no way relates to the actions of the other 18 that participate. Sioux-perDrunk put it in simple terms you should understand.

          • This guy sure is dull. I’d still love to see where I said a goaltending is not part of the game.

          • I know what that term means. It means that the goalies team was outskated by the opposition, but the goalie played well enough that his team won anyway. Quit trying to act like I don’t know things that I do know.
            Golden Chokers certainly acts like the play of the goalie has nothing to do with dominance because he completely throws it out the window when deciding who dominated a hockey game.
            I seem to be the only one in this conversation that recognizes the importance of goal tending in determining who dominated who.

          • No one is throwing it out, but because a goalie is dominate in stopping the puck, doesn’t mean that his team wasn’t not completely worked the entire game. Obviously that is proof in how much work the goalie had to do.

          • The team may have been outskated, but if the opponent can’t get the puck past the goalie they weren’t dominated. This is simple.

          • I never said that you said goaltending is not part of the game. You continuously try to attribute statements to me that I never made. I did state that you completely disregard goaltending when determining which team dominated the game and that is obviously correct.

          • Apology accepted, but I still can’t understand how you don’t seem to understand my point which is 100% factual and logic based.
            I totally understood what Sioux-perDrunk was saying. I just don’t agree with the idea that a team that gets dominated in the skating, but dominates the goal tending was dominated in the game. The team that wins the game had the overall better play regardless if that overall better play was dependent on just one player.
            Goal Tending is the single most important element in a hockey game and should be given its full consideration when determining which team played better or dominated the game.

          • My point which you DU and Golden Chokers seem to completely throw out is that goal tending is part of the game and if your team is goal tending well enough to stop the other team from scoring against you then you weren’t dominated. Why is that hard to understand.
            I’m not saying the team that won dominated the other. I’m saying they got dominant goal tending so in the end neither team dominated.

          • Do I really need to explain this to you. OK here goes. A goalie that stops all the shots is dominating. A goalie that is letting all the shots in is not dominating. Does that help. DU it seems like you just want to argue with no basis in reality.

          • What is it that you don’t get about being dominated in the entire game yet still winning? Did you just escape from a mental institution? Ask anyone on here and they’ll say the exact same thing about dominating a team and still losing.

          • You really need to see the game to qualify who outplayed whom. I agree with you on the quality of shots. Last weeks Minnesota-Notre Dame was perfect example, SOG was a valid measurement of how the game flowed. Irish goalie was best player on ice, “stealing” win for ND. Gophers had a lot of “quality” chances. Look at Regional, and FF, games where the “best” teams often lose to great goaltending. There is no team in CH that will not get beat during the year by a hot goalie.

          • And in those games where a hot goalie steals the win as you want to call it that player was by far the most important player and prevented the other team from dominating his team. Unless you are like Golden Chokers and don’t consider goal tending to factor in to which team dominated the other. I personally think if a goalie doesn’t allow his opponent to put a puck in the net he dominated them not them dominating him no matter how many shots they take.

            Another factor I haven’t gotten into is the quality of the shot itself. Not the opportunity but the actual shot. How hard was the shot how accurate. Some players are snipers and can score on lesser opportunities.

    • You are right, not a big issue. Either #1 or #2 gets a regional top seed, only difference is possibly being sent closer to home.

      • Denver gets a massive boost in the pairwise by virtue of beating SCSU. Since SCSU has won every other game against a strong schedule in mostly dominant fashion that makes Denver equal with SCSU despite Denver not having as good a record.
        This is much like SCSU getting the large boost from beating Minnesota State and Minnesota state going on to have big wins.

        • Not that complicated, very simple. The only reason DU is now ahead of SCSU in PWR is that they beat UMD, and SCSU beat UNO this past weekend.

          • Denver probably does get a larger boost by virtue of squeaking out two wins over UMD than SCSU got for obliterating Omaha. However, Denver gets a massive greater boost by virtue of their victories over SCSU than they get from their victories over UMD.


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