NCHC picks: Dec. 21

14 Dec 19: Kevin Conley (Nebraska Omaha - 10). The St. Cloud State University Huskies host the University of Nebraska Omaha Mavericks in a NCHC matchup at the Herb Brooks National Hockey Center in St. Cloud, MN. (Jim Rosvold)
14 Dec 19: Kevin Conley (Nebraska Omaha – 10). . (Jim Rosvold)

Matthew and I were a respectable 3-1 last week, only missing the second Denver-Colorado College game. On the year, I am now 46-32-13 (.578), while Matthew is 43-35-13 (.544). We have final series of the first half on the docket, so let’s see how we do.

Saturday-Sunday, Dec. 21-22

No. 16 Arizona State at Omaha
Candace: I got burned picking against Arizona State the last time they faced an NCHC team. However, they were home last time. This feels like a split to me. Omaha 4-2, Arizona State 4-2
Matthew: Arizona State is, ambitiously, going to keep going each week through the end of the regular season. Will that catch up with them? Maybe, but I don’t know that it will this weekend. I think Omaha gets a win but I’m not feeling a sweep. Omaha 3-2, Arizona State 4-2