Picking the WCHA, Feb. 16

A couple of Tuesday afternoon games on tap here, so we’ve not much time to waste here. To the picks!

Lake Superior State at Michigan Tech

Jack: The Lakers just Swept Bowling Green. I’d say they keep that momentum going in what should e a a game. Lakers win 4-2

Daver: The Lakers come in with all kinds of momentum having just swept Bowling Green. Michigan Tech did the same with Ferris State. This should be an interesting matchup. Huskies win 3-2

Alabama Huntsville at Northern Michigan

Jack: This is a weird one. UAH is technically the “home” team in this series.Guess they have to get the games in, but it still seems strange. Either way, I’ll call a split. Chargers win 2-1 Tuesday, Wildcats win 3-2 Wednesday

Daver: You have to be impressed with how much better Northern Michigan has looked of late. The Wildcats are finally healthy and it continues to show (well, despite losing Kent). The Chargers still haven’t quite found a formula that works for them. Wildcats sweep, 5-2, 3-1