Mallen Receives Contract Extension

Joe Mallen, head coach at the UMass-Amherst, has reached agreement on a three-year contract extension with the school. The new deal keeps Mallen under contract through the 1999-2000 season.

A former Boston College assistant, Mallen, 40, has been coaching the team since the program was restarted in 1993-94. One year later, the Minutemen entered Hockey East, going 6-28-2. Last season, the Minutemen showed improvement, going 10-19-6.

Currently, UMass-Amherst is 7-7-0 (as of Dec. 8).

Mallen was a goalie at Michigan State, graduating in 1977. He was head coach at UMass-Boston from 1979-1985.

Including his years at UMass-Boston and the year as a Division I independent at Amherst, Mallen’s career record stands at 122-109-10.

The deal gives Mallen a base salary of $87,500 with incentives. Incentives included in the contract are a bonus equal to one month’s salary for reaching the NCAA Tournament, and $10 per season ticket purchased, up to a maximum of $30,000.


  1. The Gophers have won six-straight conference titles. They won the last two before the WCHA changes, and the first four in the Big Ten. They set a record tonight. Maybe that’s something worth knowing if you’re a columnist on the website?

    • College Hockey News congratulated the Gophs for six straight regular season championships and it was the lead story today. Get with the program, USCHO!

      • Yet you can’t help read about the big ten, can you? Doesn’t say much for the fighting hawks since they are unable to beat a big clump school. But don’t feel sad, they had some great quality shots and the fans traveled well in those defeats.

      • I’m sorry for confusing you with facts, Chockes, but journalists should report them. My comment is drawing attention to Paula’s lack of detail in her coverage of the Big Ten – not opinion like your post. Don’t you do the same? You really are a special kind of stupid.

        You were right, you definitely don’t have anything better to do this weekend. Here’s an idea. Why don’t you spend some time with your kids, and work on your relationship (if you’re even in one) to avoid another failed one. Better yet, why don’t you try to better yourself and pull yourself out of the misery that is your life? There’s no way a healthy and happy person spends this amount of time on a website trolling it.

        • Cause it takes so long to make a comment. You must not have anything better to do because you feel that you need to respond. Pot, meet kettle.

          • jafrwervfncslf

            That makes more sense than your unfounded replies. I’m done making you look stupid. You’re doing fine by yourself. Smh.

          • Actually, you are only making yourself look stupid by “not caring” yet replying anyway. Congrats on another schitt 6 title…..such a tough conference to navigate through.

          • Thanks. In addition, to fans that travel well, quality shots on goals, and strength of schedule, UND fans are proud of how well we embarass ourselves.

          • Yes — that the big joke clump 6 conference is terrible. Those teams wouldn’t beat anybody in the NCHC (aka the greateste conference in the history of conferences).

          • Yes, I hate people who post the same thing over and over. Big joke, clump 6, clump joke 10. I hate it I tell you.

          • Nothing better to do? Your the one who can’t help but read about a conference and hockey team that you said sucks. It’s because you are so obsessed with the gophers. You can’t help but read about them.

        • You should actually start charging rent inside your pea brain because I’m currently living there for free right now.

  2. Gophers won the B10…again…b/c Wisconsin has decided to concentrate on basketball. Once upon a time Wisconsin was a team to be reckoned with. Not so much anymore. But hey, all you gopher fans, enjoy the this tremendous accomplishment.

  3. I would disagree that the Gophers win over Mich. State pushed them back to fourth in the PairWise Rankings. Rather, it was Western Mich’s loss to Omaha in the NCHC playoffs.

      • Well … the Gophers win propelled their RPI from .5715 to .5723 … a gain of .0008. With Western Mich’s loss to Omaha, their RPI sank from .5721 to .5656 … a drop of .0065.

          • Bottom line is, the Gophers basically held their RPI position by not losing to Mich. State. Western Mich’s RPI would have gone up by 17 pts had they beat Omaha, but instead it dropped 65 pts by losing to them. THAT is what caused MN and WM to switch positions as #4 and #5.

          • Bottom line is I guess Western Michigan didn’t want their spot very badly or they would have put in a better effort.


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