ECAC Conference Call Scheduled For Monday

Many of the questions now being posed regarding Vermont’s cancellation of the remainder of its regular season will be answered on Monday morning.


ECAC Commissioner Phil Buttafuoco has set that as the time for a conference call with the athletic directors of the ECAC to decide what will be in store for the 11 other ECAC teams.

Among the questions that may be answered are:

• How will the canceled ECAC league games involving Vermont be handled in the ECAC standings?

• How will the ECAC league games that Vermont has played be affected in the ECAC standings?

• Will teams be able to schedule other games in place of the ones that are being canceled?

Buttafuoco said that the situation is still up in the air at the moment, but that Monday’s conference call should clear some of the questions up.

“There certainly are some things to be discussed,” he said. “We’ll just have to wait and see.”


  1. Not looking to get anyone’s tires pumped but no mention at all of the Beavers clinching the McNaughton? That seems like fairly important news.

    • It is, and presuming you’re a Beaver fan, congratulations. However, remember that the Cup didn’t get Michigan Tech into the national tourney last year.
      Question for WCHA fans: Should the McNaughton Cup be awarded to the playoff champion, with the Broadmoor Trophy going to the regular-season champs?

  2. I do have a BSU bias, but I also work in the news media, which is why I thought it odd that there was no mention of the regular season championship being decided. I would have brought it up no matter who won The McNaughton except maybe Huntsville ha ha. Whoever wins The Broodmoor is the only team from the WCHA going to the NCAAs that is a given. I like the trophy set up as it is. I feel like it is easier to replace a regular season trophy if necessary. Doesn’t The McNaughton go wherever Tech goes?


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