To all readers:

I’d like to offer a belated welcome to another season of USCHO’s women’s hockey coverage. As I am sure you have noticed, our coverage continues to evolve every season.

On the positive side, we’ve added two regular women’s columnists — Terese Karmel for D-I and Matt Rennell for D-III. Look for new columns every Thursday afternoon. Brian Schulz’s Game of the Week broadcasts continue to be the gold standard of women’s hockey coverage, and the addition of videocasts should offer the game greater exposure than ever before. I also encourage everyone to listen to the archived intermission interviews whenever possible to get to know the athletes and coaches from this sport.

On the negative side, we’re unable to provide the editorial resources to continue the women’s Arena Reports of the past two seasons. We hope to make up for this with improvement in other areas. One is the regular columns I mentioned. A second is to have more women’s features from other writers from across the country — about two per month. The third is this blog. Overall, we hope for greater depth and quality of coverage than ever before.

What will be role of this blog exactly? Like our coverage, I’m sure that will evolve over time. I can see a few possibilities right away. One is to provide immediate reactions to a given day’s events – this is where the women’s page suffers the most from the loss of arena reports. Another is to provide additional commentary on all other information and media available — whether it’s USCHO content or not. I can’t make any promises about regularity, but I will be sure to post whenever I can.

This is now my sixth season with USCHO, and one thing I’ve enjoyed about working for the site is that my role in covering the sport has changed every season. Some changes are a result of my conscious effort to improve coverage, some are a result of new technology, while others are simply a result of working around my own schedule. I hope that this blog will be a useful addition to this site.