The Long Run

How the Eagles win:


  • Keep doing what they’ve been doing. The Long Run is now at 13 games, the longest under coach Jerry York. Over that span, BC has outscored its opponents 61-23. “We’ve had some bounces,” York said. “Maybe just good Karma going on.”

“Around Beanpot time, we decided to look in the mirror and change a few things starting with how we approach practice and how we mentally approached games,” said senior Brian Boyle. “…with this win streak, we need to put the past behind us and move on from here.”

“Once we started winning games, we found a lot of confidence and consistency,” said junior Mike Brenna. “That’s played a big part in this run.”

  • Keep the game in the middle of the ice – don’t let get into a physical contest with Michigan State along the boards and in the corners.
  • Use their speed – the Rooney empty net goal was example of how BC’s speed kills.
  • Learn from last year’s loss to Wisconsin. “I think (the players) really learned a lot from it,” said York. “Not specifically the X’s and O’s of the game but how to handle yourself under that type of situation. That is our Super Bowl; that is our World Series. It’s something you can’t teach, you can’t practice.”