Quick Turnaround – Wolverines and Fighting Irish

And after only a 50 minute break, we’re back in action with Michigan and Notre Dame underway.

Here are your lineups:

Notre Dame Fighting Irish (Visiting Team)



Thang–Ryan-Van Guilder









Michigan Wolverines (Home Team)












And as I type this, Notre Dame has scored two goals in a 42 second span. With exactly five minutes gone in the opening period, Calle Ridderwall, with just three goals on the season to date, scored a goal scorer’s goal, beating two defenseman and then Michigan goalie Billy Sauer to make it 1-0.

Just 42 seconds later, Mark Van Guilder put a wrist shot on net that appeared to change direction on Sauer, beating him under the glove arm to make it 2-0.

As we stand now, there’s 7:50 to play in the first and it’s still 2-0 Notre Dame. Michigan has successfully killed off a couple of Notre Dame power plays and is trying to swing the momentum its way.


  1. It’s so cute you two think MSU will split or sweep.Don’t see it happening (stranger things have happened though) UNH 3-1. Both nights with the third being an empty netter. Jake will play well, but it won’t be enough.

          • From the Lansing State Journal:

            “The Spartans were 1-10-3 last season, and Tom Anastos’ teams are 13-37-4 in true road games over the past four seasons”.
            That ain’t good.

          • Yeah I know. Surprised I am. But out shot 45-20. That isn’t good! If not for Hildebrand………..

          • Satriani92, UNH is not that awful. They had a very rough weekend against UML, a team that has owned them over the past few seasons anyways. Other than that, they had a nice win and tough loss at Yost , a close loss at Union (defending NC) and a solid win over CC. They looked very good last night, minus a couple of defensive breakdowns and with 3 true freshmen, 2 sophs (1 of which only played the 2nd half last year) on D, and a frosh in net, that will happen. The offense looked great last night and Hilde definitely stole one for them. Congrats and good luck all year, Decatur Spartan.
            I think it’s safe to say DeSmith is done but he is still listed on the roster.

  2. Interesting picks this week. First, it will be interesting to see how the Gophers match up with Notre Dame as Notre Dame has potent offense and the Gophers have an inexperienced defense. Many people point to an inflated GAA for Wilcox, but most of the goals given up have been shorthanded or the result of major defensive lapses in their own end. The loss of Skeji, their best defensive defenseman doesn’t help. Additionally, the Gophers may be able to capitalize on some average goaltending on the part of Notre Dame however the loss of Boyd on the #1 PP unit doesn’t help either. It will be good experience for the young D of the Gophers this weekend. I also think that the Gophers played a very good game last Saturday despite the comments above. Without the defensive lapses by the Gophers it would have been a 3-1 regulation win. Still they showed good resolve pulling out the win. No Dak will sweep, until sonny can figure out how to score they will continue to slide. Don’t see the offense getting any better against McIntyre. The Spartans will sweep. They be 1-0 OT games, but they still sweep. UNH is awful Hildebrand will be difference yet again.

    • This will also be Notre Dame’s first series on the road this year, against a very good Gopher team. It’s possible that the Irish will split, but they’ll have to be at their best. The Gophers have a fine offense themselves and I don’t think the injuries will be THAT damaging…

      • I am mainly concerned about the gaffs in the defensive end, all the penalties we are taking and with Boyd out two of the four forward lines have been juggled. Also Warning being a total non-factor in the scoring department to date.

        • Changes due to injuries: Justin Kloos will be on the power play for Boyd. Vinni Lettieri will center Reilly and Ambroz. I’m looking forward to having a better look at one of the freshman defensemen…

          • Collins has played the best so far Johnson looks good too, but it takes awhile before to adjust to this level. I have no doubt they will be very good in time.

          • And Sam Warning is now a factor! The young defensemen looked fine. Notre Dame will have to cut down the ice somehow on Sunday to salvage a split.

          • Warning is streaky, so this is a good sign. Wilcox bailed out the defense big time in the 1st period, after that they looked good and the offense and depth took over.

  3. Paula, if you are going to continue to fawn over past CCHA teams than please do us all a favor and don’t cover the B1G. You spent a paragraph talking about notre dame and gave us next to nothing on the Gophers…You are a B1G blogger not an ex-CCHA blogger. It is getting ridiculous. I think as a whole you are a solid hockey writter but cover the teams you are supposed to cover.

      • Wrong. Paula would have to improve to even suck. Her reporting is slanted or totally absent. My 11 year old makes better observations. If you can’t see that you are part of the problem.

        • I went back and read the last dozen or so of her articles. You are correct in that she makes very few meaningful observations, and when she does they are about teams from the ex CCHA. I recant the solid writer bit.

          • To be fair, the weekly picks don’t usually present any in-depth analysis or anything; it’s more of a forum for humor and trivia. And we did get to learn about Tim Connor and his gooey stuff. Maybe USCHO can find Paula an assignment covering the teams she knows… Nothing wrong with that.

          • That is fine as long as we can get someone competent to cover the B1G. The issue isn’t the gooey stuff, but the fact that she never has ANYTHING to say about the Gophers other than their all-time record against the team they are playing and the TV schedule. If she did that for everyone else too, fine, but that is not the case.

          • If you follow this blog, you know I’m a Gopher guy, but Paula’s coverage of Wisconsin is equally lacking. For cryin’ out loud, there are only 6 B1G hockey teams.

          • Unless you are an old CCHA team Paula doesn’t give you the time of day. Wisconsin, which also has a rich hockey history, is also left in the dark as you mentioned jd. All we hear about are MU MSU and OSU it blows.

          • I don’t think most readers are looking for in-depth analysis, but it’s not too much to ask for to get some explanation of the picks in my opinion. I mean, she picked Wisconsin to sweep UND and gave no reason why.

          • To be honest, I gave her more than a year to stop being lame. I didn’t say a word last year. I figured new league, new teams, it will take some time to familiarize herself with the new teams. It isn’t just that she isn’t knowledgeable about all the teams in the conference she covers, but she doesn’t care that she isn’t. After more than a year of that, she gets the sucks label.

          • I stand by my comment I made on one of her previous articles. Please change jobs with Candace. You NCHC followers won’t like that, but this is getting so lame.

    • If you look at her capsules for the games above, until you get to Notre Dame, there is basically nothing other than looking up the teams’ head-to-head stats, stating what they have done the past weekend or two, and whether or not the games are televised. Paula, several people in these comments have been asking you to step up your game over the past few weeks. It seems like you either haven’t read thsoe comments or simply don’t care to put forth more effort into these articles. College hockey fans are a small, but passionate group and I, for one, think we deserve better. It’s clear that you love college hockey, so let that love show in your writing for all the teams you are supposed to be covering.

      • All of the schools have Athletic Dept. spokesmen like the gentleman from Notre Dame that Paula misses. They would be more than pleased to feed her the inside info to jazz up her gameday columns. Has she just decided to snub Gopher and Badger followers?. I like old conference matchups too, and the Gopher/Irish and Badger/Whioux series bring former WCHA rivals back together.

    • “Next to nothing” is pretty generous. She mentioned the Gophers 1 time and that was just to state the all time record between the two teams. She literally didn’t say 1 word about the Gophers.

    • Well said GopherMan23. Paula – you are a solid writer – there is so much to write about on the B1G hockey teams, you could write a daily column chock full of terrific analysis and information. If you have access to the sports information folks at each of the league schools, contact them and put the info in your blog. College hockey fans are a rabid bunch. Many played the game or still do. Insightful analysis on all B1G schools would not only be welcomed but enthusiastically embraced. There is so much you can write about that we would love to read.


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