What The … ?

A moment later, winger Chris Donovan’s stick snaps, leaving NU with three and a half defenders, effectively. Fortunately, BU tried to jam the puck through Thiessen, who took the opportunity to cover up for the whistle.

Just as Rassey emerges, BU gets a one-timer opportunity on par with the one Northeastern scored on.

A huge pileup forms around Thiessen as BU takes numerous whacks at the loose puck in Thiessen’s crease, but not only was there no whistle, but the puck trickled out and the white-shirts cleared the zone.

But when the clutter cleared, Thiessen was lying flat on his stomach, Brandon Yip was trying to pull his stick from underneath Thiessen, to no avail: it was stuck in the goalie’s chest/arm pad. The Dog House (NU) brayed for a penalty, but there was none to be called … until the officials called Tyler McNeely for a 10-minute misconduct and a game misconduct, ostensiby for something he said rather than something he did. The game misconduct banished him from the contest, but did not lead to any man-advantages.

Thiessen eventually shook it off and dismissed his trainer; the fans commenced verbally assaulting each other …

1:15 on the board, and we’ve got ourselves a full-fledged tilt.