Weekend of October 29-30

Well, we all know the main story of this weekend, but let’s leave that for last, shall we?

– This series marks the closest the Bulldogs have been played all year.
– Bemidji seems to be struggling a bit to assert itself in the WCHA.
– That being said, getting that point is still a good thing: “We have been close to winning this season and our guys were nervous, and by the end of the game, I thought both teams were gassed,” said coach Tom Serratore on Saturday. “It was a big point for us. Anytime you get a point in the conference, there’s a smile on your face.”

Minnesota/Colorado College
– Holy offense, Batman! Especially for the Gophers.
– CC coach Scott Owens knows his team is in dire defensive trouble and has a lot to sort out before this weekend’s series with Denver.
– Despite the important sweep and gain of league points, Lucia sounded only cautiously optimistic after the game … probably because he knows it’s a long season.

Minnesota State/Alaska-Anchorage
– In the battle of the basement, MSU taking three points was about expected.
– I know UAA fans wanted the win on Saturday and thought the team deserved it given their play. From the sounds of things, the Seawolves are close to figuring it out.
– That being said, it’s always good to get that first league point.

Wisconsin/Michigan Tech
– One could say this series brought Tech back down to reality, but I wouldn’t go that far. Instead, I think it exposed things Tech needs to work on.
– Namely, how to hold a lead once they get it.
– That being said, this weekend was good for the Badgers getting points they needed to get.

St. Cloud State/Quinnipiac
– All this split says is that we’re still waiting for the Huskies to assert themselves. They’re getting closer, but still not to the team we all expect them to be this season.
– I have started to hear rumblings of the term “overrated” used in connection with the Huskies, but I think they have at least another couple weekends for that to be decided.

Denver/North Dakota
– Let’s save the best discussion for last, shall we?
– The split was about the expected result for the weekend.
– Friday was an amazingly clean game, given the participants involved.
– It’s official: DU is a goalie factory. Coach George Gwozdecky said that he wasn’t too worried with how the situation would play out this year, but from talking to him, it seemed he was talking more about Adam Murray. But since Murray got injuried, Sam Brittain has stepped up  in a big way and truly asserted himself this weekend. If what happened to Jesse Martin hadn’t happened, all we’d be talking about today would be the outstanding play of Brittain.
– But, Martin did get hit by Brad Malone, so we have to discuss that, too.
– I’ve seen the video. In my opinion, it’s too inconclusive to say anything definitively. Martin was skating with amazing form. If you watch, he’s so low that his head’s below the dasher. So, as a result, his textbook skating form makes it worse for him when Malone comes in. Malone didn’t need to go high to hit him; just given where Martin was, it probably wasn’t going to end up too pretty.
– The issue now floating around the internet  is now not that Malone was called for the hit, but rather when the penalty was called – after Martin had been wheeled off the ice. Fans have reacted with frustration regarding officiating yet again despite all that the league has done to supposedly prevent stuff like this happen. It’s been asked, what if the Sioux had scored before the whistle was blown? Would the goal have stood then?
– Bottom line, Jesse Martin’s career is (undoubtedly) over, barring a Robbie Bina-like miracle, and we wish him the best in his recovery.