Congratulations, Bulldogs. I know I may not have given you enough credit this season, but you earned it. Congratulations on your first title; may there be many more. I’d also like to thank you for scoring quickly into overtime.

And, you know, thanks for bringing the title back to the WCHA.

(best league! woo!)


    • jack C sumed it up>>> they deiivered UMD earned it big time it was not easy>to get by union OT and then deliver in the final< UMD earned it

    • I say congrats to the Bulldogs as well. Honestly, I didn’t think they would do it. I really think the UND game took a chunk out of the Michigan legs and this seemed obvious in the 3rd period and OT.

      OK, I am sitting here a week after the FF and I am still sick to my stomach about the Sioux losing to Michigan. Does anyone else (Sioux fans of course) still feel the hurt and anguish from this loss? If anyone knows how I can get over this I would love to know. And, yes, I do have a life….I am very engaged in my own business and have a great girlfriend…lol….doesn’t that mean I have a life? I love Sioux hockey and I am not willing to accept that this team was not the best team in the country. I still cannot believe they could not get that damn puck in the net…how many opportunities did they have? Anyway, I am not a sore loser, I accept what happened from a sportsmanship standpoint. I am just having a very hard time accepting this loss in my heart. Please, anyone, help….:)

      • I feel your pain Suture1. I was in grade school when the dogs should have bulldozed through the final 4 but unexpectedly lost in the greatest college hockey game ever played. The next year, we should have won again but lost to RPI in another great game (only 3 OT this time) and finished 3rd. Those 2 years, I believe 100% that the dogs were the best team in the country. This year, I still believe that ND was the best team in the country. It is not uncommon for this to happen, but I can assure you Suture1 that your broken heart will heal sooner than it did for us. It won’t be 27 years before you have another national championship so hold your heads high and be proud of all your team accomplished. I think they should bring the 3rd place game back btw, because it allows some consolation and traditionaly very entertaining. Thanks to all the ND fans who supported the WCHA in the finals, it was great to be with you and it is only appropriate under the circumstance for our team to get revenge on Michigan on your behalf.

        Yours in gopher hatred,
        A (finally) satisfied Bulldog fan

    • That excuse would look good on a t-shirt… maybe you could sell those to pay for your long ride back to Michigan… NCAA CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD!!! GO DOGS!…..

      maroon loon #10

    • REd and his team nearly ran the gauntlet of the top four WCHA teams, however, I didn’t see them beating two superior teams back to back. Face it guy, Michigan had a great season, but the better team won.

    • Love the sport not the team. Mich has a great tradition and played an almost perfect game. They were the only team to stop duluth’s PP. Hunwick played out of his mind. Don’t take away from a great game played by crying.

    • Seriously? After that brutal call that you guys got against UNO, you’re going to whine. Go back to Ann Arbor.

    • “We all know who won this game and it was won in regulation 3-2 by Michigan!!!”

      I think you’re in the minority here pal…or just crying in your beer.
      …they blew the whistle too fast
      …they called too many penalties against us

      You were on the positive side of a RIDICULOUS call against UNO and now you come at us with THAT nonsense??? LOL

      Those were legitimate calls and IMO there were several others that could have gone against the Wolverines. Coach Berenson is the epitome of college hockey…he has run a great program there for decades and brought a HELL of a team into this game. They play a great defensive brand of hockey and almost swept thru the best the WCHA had to offer, round after round.

      Show some class and give the Dogs there due…they outworked your guys most of the game which led to a lot of those frustration penalties.

      I’m THRILLED our boys FINALLY brought one home!! Congrats to Coach Sandelin and our hometown heros!

    • Michigan is a fine team. Last night it just came down to the Bulldogs being better on the ice this time around. A classic matchup, and rightful champion. Getting that first one, priceless!

    • I grew up in Detroit and was a U M fan my entire youth. What soured that ? Living in Indiana now and attending Purdue football games. Michigan fans are without exception the most snotty and arrogant. I root against them now.

    • User error.

      You need to record half or full hour beyond in any game you care about and it may go into OT or extra innings.

      Learned this painfully a few years ago.

      High-quality cable packages are now prompting you to record extra time, giving you time options.

      Congratulations WMD Bulldogs. Great effort all the way

      Yale Fan

  1. show some class Wolverines (if possible…even UND showed some class Friday night, which shocked a lot of us)…Congrats UMD!!! Now, UNH is about the only “top” team yet to win won. They’re the Lee Westwood of hockey…

  2. Great game … the only thing missing is if ESPN could get announcers who actually know the sport. Thorn amd Melrose are a JOKE and a DISGRACE……. What team is MIke Brown???? Clendending took alot of shots on hs own net,, the problem was that it was JT Brown , they have the same number… Those 2 fools ruined the game

    • I agree–Melrose knows hockey, but didn’t have a clue about college hockey or their players–better off having college announcers call the game!

      • Melrose has openly stated his disdain for American college hockey since he began covering it after he was fired years ago. Join the Sioux in hating the NCAA and ESPN for the absolute lack of underestimating of college hockey, bcs sucks lets have a 3 game playoff for hockey. Make it real. BC and Minnesota are the only number one teams in a decade to achieve a national championship.It is tradion in college for a team to make a run for the title. UND 97, Denver 04, Boston 09, etc. It is hard in a one game series for the best teams to meet in the frozen four.

  3. Umichfan is bigger loser than Barry Melrose…

    Just one question, did the puck cross the line before or AFTER the whistle blew? I guess it wasn’t a goal then.

    Get over it, you are taking away everything your team accomplished this year with this whine of yours. Michigan had an amazing team and a great run to the championship game, but they LOST. It doesn’t take away from what they accomplished this year, but your BS does. Way to ruin a good thing for Michigan.

    • Actually, if you watched the replays and listened the puck crossed BEFORE the whistle – not sure if that was just an artifact of the slow-motion replay or not. It was stated that the whistle is not the thing that ends the play, rather it is the referee’s decision that the play had ended when he could no longer see the puck. That is, the play ends when the ref deems it should end, not when the whistle blows.

  4. Congrats to the Bulldogs! They decided to play their best hockey at the perfect time of the year. Great to see Michigan not catch the breaks they did against UND and UNO, Hunwick still played a lights out game, congrats on Michigan’s run, all coming from a Sioux fan!

  5. Props to Michigan for shutting down the top scoring line in the nation, but it just wasn’t enough! Kenny Reiter chose the right time of the year to step up his game, and Tardy chose the right game to score his first college goal.

    • Better late than never! Hahaha Tardy get it! One to remember that’s for sure. Congrats Bulldogs! And go Sioux!

    • Well, the WCHA is the best league. Are you telling me they are not? Come on, honestly, do you think the WCHA is not the best conference? I think this is a very difficult argument to make there tiger….:)

  6. As a Minnesota Hockey fan living in Connecticut, it was a dream come true that they landed in the eastern regionals, and I got to see them beat Yale. I am torn between the Gophers and the Bulldogs because I can get the Gophers on TV here and follow them, but I’m from Duluth and visit the North Shore every Summer. What a week. UCONN wins in round ball, and then Duluth wins a championship.

  7. While I don’t feel that the Gophers played their best on Saturday, I think that had a lot to do with the other team on the ice. Michigan State came out with considerably more jump on Saturday and we’re aided by two penalties on the Gophers in the first 4 minutes of the game, which sort of set the tempo for the rest of the game. Michigan State actually plays pretty well when they are able to score first. All that said I think that the most telling goal of the game was the one given up in the last minute of the first period. Despite being outplayed for a good chunk of the period, they had a good opportunity to skate out of the first period with a 2-1 lead. Instead of playing better they got super sloppy after scoring their second goal and ultimately gave up a tying goal in the final minute. Although Wilcox had a busier night the Spartans needed a miraculous save from Hildebrand in OT to not lose the game outright. What is totally missed above is the sizzling Gopher PP, which now leads the nation at 34%. The Gophers faced a PK unit that before this weekend was killing off shorthanded situations at a hair under 90% and ended up going 5 for 9 or 56%, and in reality the percentage should be higher since two of those PP were abbreviated and under a under a minute. I am concerned about the inconsistencies of Gophers. Dominant one night, so – so the next, but I would rather see then work that out in the first half of the season. In honesty what they accomplished this year at Munn is better than what they did last year. Still hoping for more level play in the second half.

    • So am I Sat 92. So am I. I just checked the records. It has been since last January 17/18 that MSU has swept a week-end opponent. Fourteen series. Not one sweep. That is about as inconsistent as one can get. Since that series against PSU, MSU is a mind numbing 8-19-5. In fact, at the same point in the 2013/14 season, MSU was 5-8-1. Eerily similar to this years 5-9-1. And this is the ‘Coach’ to bring the program back?
      One wonders………

      • Did you hear those yo-yo’s on the TV broadcast? Outside of the fact that they prattled on about nothing while there was a lot action going on and consequently missed a lot of it, they sure seem to love Anastos. They even discussed his 8 year plan. I sure understand needing a few years to get your own recruits in place that are going to play your style, but 8 years seems a tad excessive. Are Spartan fans willing to wait that long? I know in Minnesota one or two losing year generally spells the end. I think you need to talk Ron Mason out of retirement.

        • Were those yo-yo’s the Spartan broadcast crew? So now we are picking up the feed from MSU because of FoxSportsNorth’s decision to only televise 12 games this year? All these tv deals the conferences are getting is leading to less hockey being televised. Sad state of affair in college hockey.

          • Yes, it was the MSU broadcast both nights. The Saturday commentators being slightly better than the Friday night crew. I couldn’t agree with you more about the telecasts. It’s a total joke. I am fortunate enough to have season tickets, so the home games are covered, the away games, WTH? The Gophers have had away games so far at the Ice Breaker Classic, no TV, but I was able to watch an online feed with no commentators, at St . Cloud, where Gopher fans were forced to watch the St . Cloud commentators which were so bad I switched to the radio after the 1st period, at Duluth, a normal broadcast, at BC and Northeastern, no TV at all and last week at MSU, with their broadcasters. If this is the trend the Gophers or B1G need to go to online broadcasts or back how it used be, if not I may just go back to listening to the radio broadcasts.

          • I’ve been listening to the enemy radio broadcasts this season, which makes me appreciate Wally Shaver even more. The MSU radio was terrible; listeners had the impression Friday that the Spartans dominated the game, but were the victims of a few bad breaks. It seemed to have little to do with the TV broadcast, which I watched with the sound off.

          • I used to do that very same thing, but someone caught on to that and there seems to be an approximately 8 second delay between the TV and radio broadcasts, which is also annoying, but given level of the broadcasting I am not sure which is worse. What would be great would be to get Wally back on TV!

          • Believe it or not, the Friday telecast crew consisted of Ken Daniels and Darren Elliot. Daniels calls the Red Wings games with Micky Redmond. Elliot does Wings studio work and does FSD college broadcasts. As I don’t get FSNorth. I don’t know who called the Saturday game. MSU does not have a regular TV broadcast crew that I know of. Just those on the B10 network and FSD. I don’t really care for the radio guys, but it is all we have. If you think these guys are bad, you should hear the homers that call UM games. Makes one think they are in love with the players.

          • I knew the guys Friday night and I know they are hockey guys, especially Eliot, but they were pretty bad. They must be unfamiliar with the college game. Not sure who the play-by-play guy was Saturday, but I know Fred Pletsch provided color and if they were supposed to be neutral, they failed miserably. They were more for MSU than the Friday night crew.

          • Daniels does 10-12 college games a season. But he loves to talk about things other then what you see on the ice.

          • MSU does not have a dedicated TV crew. Just radio. Unless you have the local cable for E.Lansing/ Lansing, you have to rely on FS-Detroit or the B10 network.

          • Comcast 900 (Michigan) crew on Saturday, not MSU. I had both of these games on Fox Sports Channels. Brian, as for College Hockey games not being televised, on Friday night I had my choice of 5 games. 3 on the Fox Sports Regional Channels, 1 on the B1G Network and 1 on NBS Sports Network. The Fox Channels are not expensive…

          • There were plenty of games, but Brian was referring specifically to Gopher broadcasts. A few short years ago we had every single Gopher game, save for when visited UAA on TV, with Gopher announcers. No we can’t even get two weeks in a row. I don’t mind watching BC/UNH or PSU/Wis, but not when I could and should be watching the Gophers.

          • I guess we have been somewhat spoiled in being able to watch most of the Gopher games in the past. Not the case anymore. I liked the crew of Frank Mozzocco and Doug Woog. I liked Doug McLeod better when he was calling the Gopher games on radio many years ago.

        • Some people will be happy with 8 years. I, however am not. And as for Mason, I keep hearing that he see’s a lot of MSU games. For example: Friday night Daniels mentioned that Mason had stopped by to see them. Other games, the radio guys say that “I talked to R Mason just before we came on the air”. So I beleive he is spending a good amount of time with the program. And not just because his grandson is a D.Man at MSU.

  8. It is refreshing to come to the B1G board and find real hockey fans discussing issues relating to our favorite sport. I have but one question: Can one of you B1G fans tame your poster “#1 Wisco SportsFan”? He/she/it has multiple screen names and is destroying the experience on the NCHC board. The moderators apparently don’t have time to rein in the drivel that the National board is subjected to by “#1 Wisco SportsFan”. It would be a shame if he/she/it came here and posted the same inane ramblings…

    • I agree.. It’s funny how you come here and read comments and can’t even see his two cents on his own team’s conference blog. He/she/it is out of control over there.

      • I recognize many screen-names as I surf the boards for opinions and perspectives on other teams as North Dakota does play an OOC schedule and, inevitably, these teams will be in the Regionals and NCAA’s… However, I rarely post on boards other that the NCHC’s as I haven’t observed the games being discussed.

          • I like reading the NCHC blog because most of those teams were part of the old WCHA. Even though I’m a diehard Gopher fan, I still follow those teams. When I saw there were 148 comments on that blog, I didn’t even bother to check it out as I’m sure most of them were nonsense.

    • He has his moments on here as well. I think he just likes to stir it up with the NoDak fans. What is Hakstol doing right this year? NoDak is usually only a .500 team in the first half of the season.

      • I wish we knew? It is refreshing, tho. That said, the injury bug bit ’em hard. Christmas break will be a welcomed recovery period. (Do not let my screen name offend. I raised my kids in the Cities though I myself attended UND. As a Sioux fan in Minneapolis I am nogofer!)

    • You’re welcome here anytime nogofer! Don’t really see he/she or their dozen or so screen names being tamed any time soon though. It was kind of enjoyable last year (from our perspective anyways since he went after you guys just as #1) but now it’s gotten a little absurd. Best thing is for everyone to simply not respond ever.

      • He/she finds ways to respond to themselves by creating new names then uses all those names to like the posts so they jump to the top so everyone can see it. It’s a little weird.

    • I think He/she/it is a basement dweller in mom/dad’s cellar. Just comes out to see if it is daytime or nighttime. A sad, sad life form.


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