Sabres to help Canisius get new rink on campus?

Canisius could be on the verge of getting a new rink on campus, according to the school’s student newspaper, the Griffin.

Canisius and the Buffalo Sabres have started discussions recently regarding the possibility of building a new arena that would double as the Sabres’ practice facility. 

“I think we’re closer to having a solid discussion,” said Canisius athletic director Bill Maher in the article. “(Sabres front office personnel) left for the summer, during the draft there was some activity because a lot of folks were in town, and then it’s kind of shut down for a little while.

“With them opening training camp here shortly, I would expect that the discussion will again pick up a little bit of steam and hopefully come to some level of getting the right parties around the table to determine what everybody can do in making this project work.”

The project is nowhere near finalized, but Maher said the costs involved will be “north of $20 million.”

Maher said the school plans to put the rink on the corner of Main Street and East Delavan Avenue.


  1. Sounds like Canisius is serious about joining the WCHA. They might be a good fit for the new WCHA. Hope to see them apply to play in the UP and Alaska.


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