Big Ten hands Wisconsin’s McGuire one-game suspension for kneeing

The Big Ten announced Monday that Wisconsin freshman forward Corbin McGuire has been suspended for one game as a result of an incident that occurred in a game against Minnesota on Jan. 31.

The action was taken by the conference after reviewing McGuire’s five-minute major penalty for kneeing that occurred near the 2:59 mark of the second period.

McGuire is ineligible to play in Wisconsin’s next game on Feb. 6 against Penn State.


  1. This guy is a total jerk. He blatantly sticks out his knee to knock the oppositions leading goal scorer out of the game and then laughs about it in the penalty box. Someone needs to teach this punk that type of play can end someone’s career and doesn’t belong in hockey.

    • First, the fact that C. Reilley is the Gophers leading goal scorer speaks loudly to the Gophers problems. (Not to say Connor doesn’t have a heavy shot….cuz he does.)

      Next, did ya read this?:
      “That’s a tough play. I’m not the kind of player that goes out looking to do stuff like that or anything,” McGuire said of the hit. “I want to start off by saying my prayers are with Reilly. I hope that he’s OK and he can get back to playing soon if he is injured.”

      • First, Gophers scoring problems aren’t this issue here, but even so the leading goal scorer on the Gophers last year only had 16, so that isn’t the major issue this year.

        Next, anyone can be contrite after the fact, even Todd Bertuzzi, did you see the replay? It holds very little water to make a statement like that after a purposeful act like this and then to be laughing about it. This kid would be best served by learning to keep his knees where they should be and to act like it bothers him when he doesn’t. Actions speak louder than words.

        • You’re right. McGuire comes off as churlish. As ‘sioux rule’ says below, 5 game minimum suspension is warranted.

  2. One game for a play that could end a career? That’s not the worst
    joke the worst that he didn’t even get a game misconduct. Minimum 2 game suspension is needed.

  3. The NHL saw fit to suspend Matt Cooke for 6 games in the playoffs last season for identical knee-to-knee contact that caused serious injury. Why does the Big Ten treat it so casually? Furthermore, I don’t understand why the perp wasn’t DQd from the game. Last question, what on earth does it take to get a serious suspension, three or more games?


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