NCHC picks: Feb. 6

I put a little more distance between Matthew and I in our picks race last week, thanks to correctly picking Denver. Last week, I went 5-1-1  (.785) while Matthew went 4-2-1 (.642). On the year, I am 94-38-9 (.698) and Matthew is 87-45-9 (.648).

It’s a light weekend of action, but let’s get to this week’s picks.

Friday, Feb. 6

No. 10 Denver at Colorado College
Candace: I don’t think this will the blowout it was last time, but I also don’t see CC winning. Denver 5-2
Matthew: CC will want to exact revenge for the 8-1 drubbing it got at Denver earlier this season, but I think the Pioneers will sweep the regular season series. Denver 4-2

Friday-Saturday, Feb. 6-7

Northern Michigan at No. 7 Minnesota-Duluth
Candace: The Bulldogs have been in something of a holding pattern, winning one and losing one, but I’m going to be an NCHC homer and pick a sweep. Minnesota-Duluth 3-2, 4-1
Matthew: Northern hasn’t been awful away from home this season and I wouldn’t be that stunned if it steals a game in Duluth, but I don’t really think it’ll happen. Minnesota-Duluth 3-1, 3-2

Saturday, Feb. 7

Western Michigan v No. 8 Miami in Chicago
Candace: Eh, I’ll be contrary to Matthew, even though the RedHawks haven’t looked too spectacular of late. These two tied last weekend in Kalamazoo. Miami 3-2
Matthew: There’s something about Western in neutral-ice situations that I’ve liked over the past couple of years. Going to stick my neck out here a bit and take the Broncos in an upset. Western Michigan 4-3


  1. I picked a few weeks ago (the AIC radio guy), so I’ll pick again:

    AIC at RIT: RIT has been slumping, they’ve been away from competitive hockey for two weeks, and AIC has found its offense. That’s a recipe for disaster. AIC in 3.

    Sacred Heart at Air Force: Long trips are tough to win, and the Falcons have too much scoring punch. Air Force in 2.

    Canisius at Holy Cross: Even with the week off, the Crusaders are the hottest team in the AHA right now. They’ve been firing on all cylinders and I expect that to continue. Holy Cross in 2.

    Mercyhurst at UConn: In the playoffs, goaltending is what matters. I think Garret Bartus, who has a good chance at being a Second-Team All-Star in the AHA, will ultimately be the difference in the series. UConn in 3.

  2. I think it’s important to remember that all 3 of RIT’s last 3 games meant nothing to them, with the possible exception of senior night. They had already clinched 1st and with it the bye, they had nothing to play for. AIC found their offense against a mediocre team, not against Shane Madolora.

    RIT in 2 big ones.

  3. i also picked weeks ago (the army fan) so like u ill pick again also

    AIC at RIT- true RIT has been slumping and true AIC has found offense but its one thing to beat army its another to beat RIT at home in the playoffs i think they will give them a challenge but still going with RIT in 3 however if AIC pulls it off it will be the upset of the century

    Sacred Heart at Air Force- agreed with the aic radio guy long trips are tough and considering this is a team that was at the bottom of the conference all season i dont see an upset here air force in 2

    Canisius at Holy Cross- tough call on this one holy cross is no doubt the hottest team in the AHA but canisius also has momentum after going on the road to rival niagra last week and winning 6-3 i dont have alot of confidence in the canisius goaltending so im going holy cross in 3

    Mercyhurst at UConn- another home team falls as mercyhurst goes to UConn and wins in 3 the big difference i see is goaltending plus mercyhurst is 3-1 against UConn this year and have outscored them 15-5 in those games

  4. get one more non D-III in that last paragraph conference and they get an AQ into the Women’s National Collegiate Championship.

  5. The CHA has an open invitation to Holy Cross and Sacred Heart to join. The league shares a commissioner and staff with Atlantic Hockey and is run out of the AHA office. The CHA already has Mercyhurst, Robert Morris and RIT so that would make for five AHA schools and every women’s D-I program would have a home. The two Eastern schools have cited travel costs as a concern, as the CHA also includes Syracuse, Penn State and Lindenwood. I think that if St. Anselm stepped up both men and women it would give the CHA three eastern teams and help to balance out the travel. It would also give the AHA 12 teams again after UConn departs.

  6. Under SUNYAC bylaws the conference can offer a championship in an NCAA sport where 60% of their members field a team in that sport.

    If Canton becomes a full member that would make only 54% of teams in the conference playing Women’s Ice Hockey. It would take 7 teams at minimum to start a SUNYAC conference, which is how they designed it to keep the autobid.

  7. DU and CC play 2 more times after this weekend. Don’t you think it’s a little premature to call it a season sweep for DU? This is gonna be a tough game for DU, CC got drubbed last weekend and will be looking to rebound and should be especially fired up given they were hammered the last time they played DU as well.


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