Report: Arizona State to bid on future Frozen Four?

A recent report in USA Today states the Arizona Coyotes and Arizona State officials have began talks about submitting a joint application to host a future NCAA Frozen Four.

Coyotes front office executives and ASU officials will both be attending the Frozen Four together in Boston this April.

The Coyotes have also issued the following statement:

The Coyotes contingent, including Andrew Barroway, Anthony LeBlanc and Don Maloney, met with USA Hockey leadership at the All-Star Game to express their significant interest in hosting the WJC in ’18, and plan to be a part of the bid process. Also, recent discussions with Arizona State University concerning the potential for games to be played at Gila River Arena as early as next year have also focused upon a joint application to host an NCAA Frozen Four tournament. Senior Coyotes leadership plan to join ASU officials at this year’s Frozen Four in Boston in April.


    • I disagree. Everyone (including myself) thought the Tampa FF would suck and everything indicates that it was a big success – which is why it’s going back to Tampa in 2016. I can almost guarantee the NCAA is going to give it to Phoenix sometime soon and those will probably all sell out

      • Tampa has been judged a success, but I didn’t care for it at all. I’ve only been to 3 FF’s, and Pittsburgh and Philadelphia were better, in my opinion, than Tampa. That being said, I don’t think Phoenix would be a mistake, at least they will have a division 1 team in the state, which obviously Florida does not. However, I would think the NCAA would want ASU to ‘pay their dues’ a bit before being granted a Frozen Four. I do think plenty of people would show up for a FF in Arizona, though.

      • It will not, it is not a HOCKEY city let alone a sports city, no one will show up, Tampa is not Phoenix and Tampa was lucky the teams that were there were there cause not many other teams would have shown up. This is not the super bowl, get it right NCAA!!!!

          • I’ve been to 4-5 Coyotes games while visiting family in AZ. First building had some issues, since it was built for BB. Current building is a match for anything I’ve seen in the States. Lots of interesting stuff to see/do outside of a FF too. If spring training’s still going on you can take in a game in the afternoon, then head to the rink. Finally, you won’t have to shovel your way out of the parking lot after the game.
            What’s not to like?

          • Wasn’t asking for it to be in Minnesota but somewhere closer where people are actually coming from to watch the event. I don’t not mind that hockey is expanding and I love seeing it in other places but it does not change the facts that hockey is more prevalent in the north, not just Minnesota. It just seems unnecessary and wasteful to have everyone have to go out to Phoenix to watch the game in person

        • Yeah, because Ferris State and Union College have such huuuuuuge fan bases.
          Minny & BC’s fan bases by themselves aren’t big enough to fill an NHL rink outside of (maybe) the X and Gahden. *Somebody* filled those seats in Tampa, and will again in ’16.

    • If my team makes it in, I’m there. If they’re not, it doesn’t matter where they hold it – that’s what TV is for.

      • Great one confirmed person maybe who ever you may cheer for, odds are not in your favor for your team to be there. They need people to show up not just watch on tv

          • College budgets do not allow much room for spending that kind of money to attend it but there are plenty of other hockey rich towns that would love to host this event and closer to where the teams will be coming from.

    • One more thing. Looking at Wikipedia’s attendance figures for the tournament as a whole, it sure seems to me like the NCAA has no problem packing the house for the FF – they consistently fill NHL-size buildings. *Worst* attendance I see is 14K in a 17K building at Anaheim in 1999. Since then, pretty close to sellouts every year. The NCAA’s problem is attendance at the regionals, including places like St. Paul (under 10K at the X for the 2014 West regional? *With* Minny AND St. Cloud? Seriously dude?). When the NCAA goes outside of the “traditional” hockey markets, they’ll be fine as long as they contunue to go to NHL cities, where they can take advantage of those teams’ fan bases.

  1. If ASU plays home games there, won’t it be considered a home site? I didn’t think the NCAA allowed national tournament games to be played at any team’s home rink, whether they’re in the tourney or not.

    • Notre Dame is hosting the Midwest Regional this year in its home rink. I live about 15 minutes from campus, and I’ve got my fingers crossed that Michigan Tech gets sent there.


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