Pickin’ the Big Ten: Dec. 19

There is a single game to discuss this weekend. First, a look at how Drew Claussen and I have picked the league to this point.

Last week
Drew: 1-4-0 (.200)
Paula: 3-2-0 (.600)

Drew: 44-26-13 (.608)
Paula: 47-23-13 (.645)

Poor Drew was bitten by the wrong-way split bug last week, something that plagued me for all of 2014-15.

This week

The only team that plays this week is Michigan State. Play resumes Dec. 28 when holiday tournaments begin. First up then will be Ohio State vs. Boston College in the Florida College Classic and Penn State vs. Robert Morris in the Three Rivers Classic.

Michigan State at Northeastern

Drew: I’m sure both of these teams are hoping for better results in 2016. The Spartans picked up a conference split last weekend, but needed a late goal to get the victory Friday and then were shutout by Wisconsin the next night. Northeastern has yet to pick up a Hockey East win and has only won once in its past 16 games. The Huskies have had more success at home compared to on the road this season, but not much (one win compared to zero wins). Michigan State’s season has been rather unimpressive so far, but I’m going to pick the Spartans over a 2-12-3 team.

Paula: After the sour taste that last Saturday’s shutout loss gave the Spartans, I would be very surprised to see them fail to be competitive in this game. These teams last met Oct. 27, 1996, a 6-5 win by the Huskies. The game starts at 7:00 p.m. Saturday and will be televised by NBC Sports Network. (It should be noted that I edited to correct the omission of television information early the day of the game.) I feel like I’m going out on a limb by picking the Spartans in this one.

Drew’s pick: Michigan State 4-2.
Paula’s pick: Michigan State 3-2.

Happy holidays, everyone!

Look for our holiday tournament picks Monday, Dec. 28.


  1. “They saw it in the net.” Huh? If they saw it go in the net, they would’ve said so instead of using phrases such as “reasonable evidence.” Hopefully, CC keeps rollin’ along and it won’t matter.

  2. I don’t think the camera angle you keep referring to, Paula, exists.

    Where is it? Why hasn’t the whole world now seen this phantom video?

    CONCLUSIVE video evidence my you know what.

  3. The puck was at least 6″ over the line and the goalie knew it as he was kicking it back out. The officials did the right thing and used review as it’s supposed to be used. The right team one.

  4. You should all learn to read English — the “reasonable evidence” is what led the officials to stop play and conduct a review. They determined that it was a goal based on “conclusive video evidence,” which is what is required. As for me, the overhead angle showed the goalie’s leg and pad totally within the goal and no view of the puck. Then, you see the goalie’s leg and skate move forward and the puck emerge from the net. What conclusion do you reach from this?

    • Turns out they did lose. I’ve seen tom izzo multiple times at the barn in Minneapolis, the little man has quite a presence, maybe just let him show up on game days basketball isn’t playing? Couldn’t be worse than anastos.

  5. The best part of a poor weekend from North Dakota is Chockes’ disappearing act. He must be under his bridge suffering from all his issues.


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