BC and Harvard practice at Fenway Park

Boston College and Harvard practiced early Monday afternoon in preparation for their Tuesday night game at Fenway Park.

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    • This is what Blue Ice (The story of Michigan Hockey) says about it:

      “Berenson and his buddies wrote letters to a handful of schools, which resulted in Berenson visiting North Dakota in 1958 as the pilot fish for his friends. Berenson was favorably impressed by North Dakota and the caliber of players the former coach, a man named Al Renfrew, has lured to Grand Forks before Renfrew returned to Michigan the year before. But soon after Berenson’s visit to North Dakota, Dale MacDonald, a Saskatoon native playing for Renfrew at Michigan, told his coach that Berenson was the rare player worth going out of his way to get.

      “Al called me and said ‘North Dakota’s great, but you gotta come see Michigan,'” Berenson remembers. Renfrew scraped together enough money to fly the young phenom to Michigan, thereby making Berenson the first hockey player to ever receive a free recruiting trip to Ann Arbor. It also marked Berenson’s first trip on an airplane.

      The extra effort was worth it, for both parties. “Once he was on campus,” Renfrew says, “we didn’t have to sell him on it.”

      “After I came down on a visit,” Berenson confirms, “I came back and told the other guys, ‘This is where we’re going.'” And just like that, a pipeline of hockey talent was created between Regina and Ann Arbor”

      In the next 6 years (1958-1964), 14 players from Regina played for Michigan primarily because Red chose Michigan over North Dakota and they followed him down to Ann Arbor


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